New Rulings


Captain and Items

While the Captain is in charge of the station, this does not entitle him to job specific or hard to replace gear such as the Warden’s Krav Maga gloves, budget cards, the Head of Security’s energy gun, the Bartender’s shotgun, the CMO’s hypospray, etcetera.

Your account, your responsibility.

Your account, your responsibility. “My little brother did it” will not excuse you from broken rules.

Polymorph, Simplemobs, Ghost roles, Transformations


Category Option Definition
Validity Valid You can attack and kill them freely
Validity Not valid Treat like normal crew
Validity Lavaland Not valid but you can escalate conflicts to lethal
Escalation Normal See normal crew escalation rules
Escalation Lavaland You can overescalate any conflict that occurs to lethal, as long as you weren’t the initiator
Escalation Antagonist Can freely kill crew, and on MRP are encouraged to RP and do so

Transformations and Simplemob Ghost Roles

Creature type Validity Escalation Modifiers
Monkeys Valid Lavaland
Syndicate Cyborgs Valid Lavaland
Simplemobs e.g. xenobio critters, slimes Valid Lavaland Antagonist if anomaly slime
Morphs Valid Antagonist
Xenos Valid Antagonist Lavaland escalation if merely polymorphed

Humanoid Ghost Roles

Humanoid type Validity Escalation Modifiers
Hotel Staff Valid Normal
Ashwalkers Valid Antagonist
Lavaland Syndicate Valid Antagonist
Hospital Doctors Not valid Normal
Beach Bums Not valid Lavaland Normal escalation with Beach Bartender
Beach Bartender Not valid Lavaland Normal escalation with Beach Bum
Hermits Not valid Lavaland
Charlie Station crew Not valid Normal
Free Golem Lavaland Lavaland
Crew Golem Lavaland Lavaland Master’s orders are superior to escalation rules


Common, easily replaced items can be stolen from another player without escalation to self antagonising behaviour and are an IC issue.
Uncommon items that can be quickly replaced should not be escalated to OOC, but if it is a direct inconvenience or they have no purpose to steal said item, it may be treated as self antag.
Rare or unique items such as the Wardens krav maga gloves, compact combat shotgun, or traitor objectives, are always self antagonising when stolen from someone or for no reason, unless there is an immediate purpose or need to steal said item. If the player cannot provide a valid reason, it is self antagonising behaviour.

Antagonist Tokens

Antagonist tokens cannot be spent on custom made admin antagonists, only on base game antagonists available through in game means that are not round ending. In the event a server wide admin event is occuring, they can use an antag token to become the antag for that event. In addition, antagonist tokens cannot be used on round ending antagonists, also known as conversion antagonists, xenomorphs, wizards, nuclear operatives, blob, etcetera. For a more loose definition, this is any antagonist that poses such a threat it forces an immediate shuttle call, or would literally end the round such as a blob. Antag tokens are also only to be given for admin fuckups, not crashes or in game bugs. They also cannot be used during conversion rounds or when there are other round-ending antagonists present, and may be refunded.

Becoming an abductor team costs only 1 token for both players.

Breaking and Entering/Trespassing and Escalation

If a crewmember trespasses into your workplace/office, you may escalate it in the following order:

  1. Tell them to leave.

  2. If they refuse, contact Security.

  3. If Security is not coming, try to non-lethally remove them (shoving, cuffing, stunning, disabling, flashing, Chef’s CQC, bartender’s shotgun with beanbags, pepperspraying).

  4. IF 3 fails, you may crit them and get them to medbay and make sure that they get healed.

  5. IF they go completely hostile (Attacking first and non-stop), they use a weapon or come back to your workplace for a 3rd time (or with a weapon such as a baseball bat), you may validly kill them.

Escalation may ‘speed’ up or outright be skipped to step 3 to 5 IF:

  • The trespassing occurs in highly secure areas (Vault, Armory, AI Upload/Core)

  • Trespassing into areas which are vital for the station’s wellbeing (atmos, SM)

  • Trespassing into areas that are part of Command areas (Bridge, EVA, Teleporter and such. This includes head of staff’s offices) or are isolated from the station (No one goes to viro, let’s be honest).

“I didn’t read the rules.”

Admitting to not reading the rules is grounds for a 30 minute - 1 hour ban so that you have ample time to read them.


Whoever accepts an application must post that they did in the application thread. Headmins can also choose to deny an application even if it has a positive score.


Killing Ian makes you valid to be killed by all members of the ships crew.

You must have witnessed the event and not use hearsay or communications, and in the event that Changelings are on the station, it is advised to use caution for obvious reasons.

SM Shard

Due to the fact it emits radiation, is incredibly volatile, creates anomalies and plasma, and automatically instakills someone if they touch it; Dragging around an SM shard container, unlocked or locked, without an IMMEDIATE need for it, is self antag, human harm, and worthy of a ban if you do so without a legitimate reason. Ordering it without approval of the CE or Captain can be considered Grand Sabotage and blatant self antag if the normal supermatter still exists, and at worst may result in a permanent ban.

tl;dr don’t order it unless you are expressly setting it up and have already created an area for it, and if you are, drag it around with the crate completely locked, and attempt to go through space. Or, just don’t order it unless the current supermatter is missing.

Ghost Roles

Do not leave the hotel as hotel staff or leave the Syndicate Lavaland Base.
Other ghost roles may do so, but those two should not.

Space Law

Space law is a guideline, however, in terms of fairness, we should enforce brig timers to reasonable amounts to keep people from being removed from the round for unnecessary or extended periods of time.

Examples include putting someone in brig for 10 minutes for slipping the Head of Security once, or permabrig for a similar crime.

Shuttle Ping-Pong

Constantly calling and recalling the shuttle or lowering the alert level so it takes longer to arrive, whether as an antagonist that “still needs to finish his objectives”, or as a non-antagonist crewmember that just wants to be annoying when the shift has been going for an extended period of time (keeping the round hostage, in a way) will make you valid for both players and admins (adminbus) alike and can lead to punishments in the form of notes, kicks or even bans.

Example: Changeling hasn’t done any of his objectives in a 1 hour long round, so he decides to create a Communications Console and constantly recall the shuttle so he can keep doing whatever he wants.

ID Consoles

Heads of staff who indiscriminately distribute access without good reason will be bwoinked, and potentially receive rolebans if the behavior persists. This does not include HoP/Captain granting all access for reasons like Nuke Ops or other stationwide crisis, but does include HoP opening line and granting AA to anyone who walks by for no reason. The most likely outcome of doing this is that you will aid antagonists and contribute to people getting killed when they greytide into places they shouldn’t be. This is considered to be self-antag

Roleplay Infractions

For severe roleplay infractions on Sage, admins are free to take you out of the current round or apply <1 day bans for it.

Some examples of this might be:

  • Repeatedly ock icking e.g. referring to “admins” or similar rather than an IC-friendly term like centcom or gods
  • Repeated metaing of the round talking about how there “can’t be” a particular antag in this shift because another antag type has already been confirmed

Changeling Checking

Murdering people to test if their brain goes in an MMI on MRP and LRP is banned due to it being incredibly meta and entrusting Heads of Staff the power to kill anybody along with being easy to abuse.

Devil Crew Status

Devils are never considered crew members as they have a “True Devil Name” and are not on the manifest.

Romerol Zombies

  1. Romerol zombies should attack living crew, but are not required to moment to moment.
  2. Romerol zombies should assist other romerol zombies in killing and eating the rest of the living crew.
  3. Romerol zombies shouldn’t kill other romerol zombies. Attacking other zombies as a romerol zombie will be handled adminstratively. Self-Defense is fine.
  4. Romerol zombies may not seek treatment for their ailment. Others may force the cure upon the zombie however.

Constructing An AI

On the LRP (Golden) server, constructing an AI without the Captains permission renders you valid to be killed by all players.
On the MRP (Sage) server, constructing an AI without the Captains permission is considered subverting the chain of command or mutiny, and you can be arrested.

Council Conduct

Council members are held to a higher standard than other players. Repeatedly breaking the server rules or similar can result in your position being removed.

Promoting Replacement Captains and Heads

Captains may only designate a head or captain as an “acting position” when the previous person filling that role enters cryo sleep or otherwise leaves the round. If a new player joins the round as a captain or head, they are appointed by Centcom and have the true and sole authority of position. Credit: Kasual

Romerol Zombies

Romerol zombies are counted as crew members, but killing them is not harmful as they are already dead.

Last update made by @Lagomorphica on June the 14th, 11:13 AEST.

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Xenobio Lings

Xenobio lings are valid at all times. They follow normal escalation against crew members and others, however. Furthermore, while you are allowed to become one on MRP, you are not allowed to validhunt or do similar rule breaking activities while aided by your powers.


Praying makes you valid to Adminbus. Do it at your own risk!


Making ridiculous engine setups (anything over one singulo/tesla/SM is excessive and unnecessary) that fail will result in you being held responsible, and bwoinked if not an antag. Obvious antag sabotage not applicable.

Antagonists who murderbone on lowpop, lowpop being defined as the server population being 20 or below, are liable to have admins send in varying degrees of “reinforcements.”
i.e. Inspectors, Interns, ERT, or even a death-squad.


Xenobiologists who mass-spawn sentient mobs or golems are to be held responsible for the immense greytiding and rampant murder done by said mass-spawned mobs.

Note: this only applies to mass sentinece and “grief.” One or two disobedient golems or mobs are the fault of the mobs themselves.

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There are a number of shuttle classified as “dangerous shuttles” (I.E anything with a high mortality rate or high chance of killing you - such as Oh Hi Daniel, Disco Inferno, Hyperfractal Gigashuttle and The Arena).

On LRP each makes you valid, with the exception of buying the shuttle after majority approval from the crew.
On MRP each is self-antag.
On both servers The Arena is always self-antag and makes you valid.

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The murder contract drop from Bubblegum can be used by non-antags on both LRP and MRP.


The bottle of mayhem drop from Bubblegum can be used by non-antags on LRP but not on MRP.


Mulligan change your identity to the AI


Proven changelings are not crew.

Ash Walkers can murder and plunder as they please on both servers. They are automatically valid though, and can be killed at any time for any reason.

Mimes are valid if they speak on either server. (Not changed)

Planting Shadowshrooms on either server makes you valid.

On MRP, the CE is exempt from “you should not be in your hardsuit all round.”

Additionally, the antag conduct on MRP has been updated to include the following:
If you’re able to assassinate security with a low collateral damage method, then you’re allowed to do so preemptively before they’ve shown that they’re a direct threat to you. For example e-swording them in maint would be okay, but maxcapping the brig would not. Abductors already have different rules regarding murder (i.e. avoid it) which applies to them above this rule

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Some walls of text have been ported to the wiki for ease of reading

Antagonist Conduct Pages:

Silicon Policy:

Virology Policy:


On Golden/LRP SSD Players may be stripped of any items they own at any time

On Sage/MRP SSD players should never be stripped or searched for items and instead be taken somewhere safe if possible

Bans for erotic content that is not ERP may now be appealed on the forums once. Violation of the rule a second time or after it has been explained is still grounds for permanent ban.