Guilleco 1 week ban by Rodboward

CKEY: guilleco

Admin’s CKEY: Rodboward

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: LRP

Ban Type: Server

Ban Length: 1 week

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 12/28/2019

Round ID: 10774

Ban Reason: Killed the HoP after going into his office. Tried to valid him after HoP killed Ian who he was using as a shield. Authed by moccha.

Appeal Reason: The reason im apealing is because i belive Im innocent and that i did not break any rules and that 1 week ban is excesive.

Additional Information: From here i will write a wall of text explaining what did i do, what hop did and why do i think i did nothing wrong. (Map is MetaStation)

-Round starts, i shove the clown and then walk arround because i had nothing better to do as i didint roll antagonist, i try to get my present but tree in theatre dosent work so i go to the chapel, see an atmos who climbed the roboticist table leaving his id there, then i shove him and take it (i assumed he was getting borged and didint need it anyways (nobody speaks of this event, afterwards so i assume that he got borged)) then i make my way to eng hallway and see tech storage open i go in take some gloves a multitool and a screwdriver, i leave. At this point i was thinking about going to cap room and getting the spare id, then i go buy a crowbar and im ready to go, i walk down the hallway and i see for the first time the hop closing the door to his office. (here is where everything happend)

-As he closes the door before i could get in behind him i grab my tools and begin to hack the door open, as soon as i use the crowbar to open it he fires a lethal shoot at me with his energy gun, (what i usually do when i play as the mime is that i try to find a 1 by 3 space where i can place a wall that shields me from any range attacks and anyone from getting twoards me but in his office there is no place i could do that) after he fires his gun i run arround his office searching for a safe spot and hide in a corner where ian was on the strapped on the bed 1 tile to my left and then i make a wall 1 tile under me, at this point the hop cant shoot at my direction because he could hit ian, (at this point you could say i was using ian as a shield to not get shot, i was not intending for hop to kill ian, i was just taking the spot where he would’t shoot me and kill me) at this point i grab ian and try to move him downwards but he was buckled down so i get him off his bed, grab him again and move him 1 tile donw, then hop not being albe to shoot from any point he decides to use his flash for the first time, he uses the flash AoE twice and sucessfully blinds me, at this point i couldn’t see anything, (i still have my game with the round open when i got banned so i can see everything that happend) while i was blinded, hop takes grabs ian and takes him away from my grip, and then he begins to shoot at me again with lethals, instead of changing to disabling rounds or just keep flashing me, anyways, after he shoots 1 round to my chest he fires again but i shove him and make him loose the grip of his gun and he shoots ian, killing him dead on the spot. After he shoots 2 more times (missing me) and i throw a soap somewhere in the office and i try to run away, but i run into my own wall that was 1 tile bellow me (i still hadn’t move from that corner) then another round hits me in the chest, at this point he could’ve killed me but stops shooting the people in the line start saying Chat “HOP KILLED IAN.” Chat “Hop killing mime.” “HOP SHOT IAN.” “MIME IS ROGUE BEWARE!!!” at this point i see he dosent have sunglasses and that i can stun him if i use my spray can (quirk tagger) as i run twoards him i slam into the wooden table at this point i hop has put the energy gun in his leather satchel and grabed his telescopic baton and hits me once with it, then i move myself on the ground twoards his open locker and i close it this is when i realize hop killed ian at some point during the fight.(Ian body was 1 tile to the right of the holopad in his office) (at this point he could’ve also locked it locking me inside) Then i equip myself with my spray can and i spray his face stunning him, then i grab his baton and hit him once with it after that i see this is my chacne to take his id and get the All Access so i panick for a little bit not deciding between tabling him or looting him first so i grab my spray can and hit him again to make sure he stays down, then i let go of him and go for his id as i begin to take it i hit him again canceling the first action, and then i sucessfuly take his id, then the chaplain walks in and hits me twice with his hypertool then i run and make a wall 1 tile before the airlock so it closes itself and once my wall is gone nobody else can get into bridge.

-Once i am safe, i begin to heal myself, ocne i finished, i go to the comand console and try to make an annoucnement but realize his id cant make captain announcements, so i go to the id console in bridge and give myself captain access and change my job name to mime, then i make an announcement saying “Hop killed ian btw.” then i walk back to the hop office and throw his id at him, then i make my way to captain room to get some quality stuff (i grab headset, energy gun, caprace, spare id and command door remote, oh and a captain beret) hop says in comms that i broke into his office and that i used ian as a shield, (again let me clear out that i didint inted for hop to kill ian, once he flashed me he grabed ian and i was exposed so i didint have him as a shield, thats when he shoot at ian by accident, but still killed him) then i see someone saying i talked and that i killed ian, so i go and make an announcement saying " 1 i never talked i can prove it with my wall that i still have, 2 hop killed ian by shooting at him with his energy gun when trying to hit me.". after that i go back to bridge to get the axe (i was not thinking about validhunting hop, i was just taking the axe because its a great and one of the best mele weapons you can get without being an antagonist) see that someone says that im valid for speaking in announcement so i go to the command console in bridge and say “Im only valid once i break my bow and speak with my voice.” as soon as the message goes out, i see the hop shooting at me with his energy gun on Lethal mode and shoots at me, he misses the first shot and as i had also an energy gun i decide to shoot at him with mine on Disalbe mode, after getting hit 2 times i manage to score more hits on him and got him down, after this i wait for a few seconds and think to myself, "well, he did kill ian, so he is valid, so there is nothing wrong with me killing him right now, right? " then i begin to axe his neck untill his heads flies off, after this, i take his head and grab his body as fast as i can due to being chased by several other people (not sec) and i take his head to robotics and drop it and point at his head and at the operating table, that way at least he gets to be on the round, then i take his body and cremate it seeing that he wouldn’t need it anyways anymore. some engieneer keeps chasing me so i run my way to bridge to make an announcement and say: “Stop chasing after me as if i were an antagonsit i am not one, i killed the hop because he was valid, i took his head to robotics so he can at least become a borg.”. (from this point on is when i got bwoinked and when i start to speak with the admin about the situation)

-After this the someone says in comms “Cult in cargo!!!” and then i get bwoinked and asked “Why did you decapitate the HoP in his office?” the engieneer who keept chasing me now has both of the energy guns because i sliped and after realizing this actually how important this is i decide to stop resisting and begin to answer the ticket and say “He killed ian” then soeme stuff happens the engi cuffs me and takes me to sec as i get bwoinked again with “You used Ian as a shield from the HoP shooting you for tiding into his office”, then he says “In fact… 20[12:05:47] Guilleco/(Mimo) (Head of Personnel’s Office (98, 134, 2))#has grabbed no key/(Ian) passive grab (NEWHP: 20)” (thats when i moved ian and moved him 1 tile downward) then i replyed with “he started using lethals on me and i had nowhere to hide so then i got into a corner, made a wall and in the other side, i had ian wich was strapped to his bed, then i unbuckled him and moved him away but hop shot him after i moved it” then he says “So you valided the HoP for you using Ian as a shield after you broke into his office?” wich i reply with “yes i grabed ian to move him after i got stuck in the corner, it was also part of hop fault for dealing with the situation with just shooting at my direction with Lethals, he flashed me once and i got stunned, then he coudl’ve done anything but he decided to keep shoting his laser gun” (i have to clarify that if hop saw that he could risk shooting ian and killing him he allways could’ve changed to disabling round with would not hurt ian even if he shoot at him by accident (also he killed ian after he took him away from me so i wasn’t using him as a shield anymore)), then he says “Yeah you were valid for breaking into his office.” (i must say that there is nowhere in the rules that says you are valid for breaking in to bridge, or any head of staff office, Major treaspass wich is a major crime not a capital one) then i said “i didint want to kill the hop, after i broke into his office and anfter he killed ian, i went to get stuff at captain room and then i went to make an announcement saying he killed ian alll of this after i gave his id back, then he came back and shoot at me with lethals again, so as i saw he killed ian and thus was valid, i decided to behead him and take his head to robotics” " his brain is still there or mabye in a borg but he can still be cloned, and as far as i know breaking into high risk places doesent make you valid" " its a MAJOR CRIME" then i went back to see the breaking and entering rules and answered saying " Escalation may ‘speed’ up or outright be skipped to step 3 to 5 IF : Trespassing into areas that are part of Command areas (Bridge, EVA, Teleporter and such. This includes head of staff’s offices) or are isolated from the station (No one goes to viro, let’s be honest)."
(i’d like to make a point here, if you were to say that i also commited the crime of B&E of a Restricted Area and that adding that to the major treaspass were to be combined and be a capital crime then i would appreciate that in the rules it can change the name of that section to just Trespassing and Escalation and not Breaking and Entering/Trespassing and Escalation, because everything that’s stated there is in the case they WALKED IN by their own and not BREAKING IN wich would be VALID, Why is not stated in the rules that if you BREAK IN somewhere in high sec area it makes you VALID when the name of it is BREAKING AND ETERING/TREASPASSING ESCALATION, THERE IS NOWHERE IN THAT PART THAT SAYS WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU BREAK IN ONLY TREASPASS)
Then i answered with " he used the flash a few times after he shot at me in the corner and after he killed ina, and it worked, i didint have eye protection and coul’ve easily been killed or restrained afterwards, but he just killed me even tho i never did anything to harm him (5. IF they go completely hostile (Attacking first and non-stop), they use a weapon or come back to your workplace for a 3rd time (or with a weapon such as a baseball bat), you may validly kill them.)" (if he were to crit me and then heal me (step 4) in wich case i can’t tell if he was going to kill me and put me out completly of the round or not, i was not going to let myself get critted because once he started fireing LETHALS at me i assumed he wanted me dead.) then he said “I mean, you did basically cause the death of Ian. Not only that, while he did shoot you in his office. You killed him when he was trying to disable you on the bridge.” (i will not negate that if i hadn’t breaked in to his office, ian wouldn’t have been killed, but at the same time i never intended for him to do so, and he never tried to disable me in the first place, he allways used lethals and when he coulnd’t he flashed me but decided to not kill me nor restrain me letting me get the advantage of moving to his lokcer and do what i did (he did use his baton once on me but given how useless the telescopic baton is i managed to resist and hide in the locker wich he could’ve locked)), then the admin resolved the ticket, so i assumed that everything that happend was okay, and i went on with the round now with cult having halo stage then after nar-sie awokened he PM’d me with “To be fair, what you did made you valid. Also he can use lethals on you in his office. You barged into a high sec area.” and “There was literally zero reason to kill him” wich i answered with “i killed him because he tried to kill me once he attacked me again with lethals as i made an announcement” (so if the hop were to kill me for being valid in this case then after he killed ian i assmued he also were valid, so when i had him dissabled in bridge, i assumed it was okay for me to do what i did) i also said " if breaking into high risk areas just makes you valid instatnly then change the breaking and entering/treapassing escalation rules" and " as far as i know, hop wasn’t following this New Rulings" (i was trying to show he didint follow the treaspass escalation rules but because there is nowhere that states that you are valid once you break in to a high risk area i still assumed i was indeed not Valid.) then he said “He had to way to restrain you, so he was going to crit you and heal you. So that’s valid.” (he had many ways to restrain me and to disable me but he began with lethals and i assumed he was going to kill me so i acted as if he were to do so) and then as the credits had rolled he said " Anyway, week ban. You can appeal on forums.".

-So yeah, here i am appealing, even if this gets rejected i would appreciate if someone could change the Breaking and Entering/Trespassing and Escalation and just add a little line of text saying “if you break in to a high risk area you are valid” or something simmilar, anyways sorry and thank you for you read this wall of text and i hope whoever is reading this can understand what happend.

Yeesh it really be a wall of text now that i look at it

What? 1 Week for killing someone who repeatedly tried to kill you, simply because during the attempted murders you grabbed Ian once?

Even if you’re in the wrong, one week is waaaay too severe. I’ve seen Alfred Collins only get a note for worse.

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Apparently i was “valid” for breaking into his office from then on out they said i used ian as a shield even tho hop took him away from me and i was exposed but he shot ian instead of me and that i had no reason to kill the hop after he killed ian and then came back at me fireing lehtals in bridge

Killing Ian makes you valid to be killed by all members of the ships crew.

You must have witnessed the event and not use hearsay or communications, and in the event that Changelings are on the station, it is advised to use caution for obvious reasons.

I was the HoP in this round.

In my view, trying to follow me in my office the minute i joined the round and then hacking the door after i shut it makes you valid, because every time anyone ever does this and I don’t immediately shoot them I either wind up dead or with my ID stolen. Big shock, you were after my ID to give yourself all access, and were therefore self antagging and valid by trying to break into a secure area and steal an all access ID, which you then used to make captain announcements and tell the crew that I was valid, which resulted in people coming through the still open door you hacked and griefing me because you used cap announce to tell them I was valid for killing Ian. I also tried to move Ian out of the way and you then grabbed him and moved him back in front of you, which is when I shot him. I also don’t know how moving onto the one tile in the meta station office layout that would cause me to hit ian if I shot you and then moving him around when I tried to get him out of the way could be considered doing anything other than using Ian as a shield.

I went to lethals immediately because I didn’t have any cuffs or any gear other than my baton when you broke into my office, since I had literally just joined the round. I grabbed my egun from my locker after I saw you screwdriver the panel. I grabbed the flash after you started hiding next to ian, but still didn’t have cuffs. You weren’t moving so weren’t getting stunned, so I kept using lethals instead of going for the zipties that were still in my locker.

Decapitating me, dropping my head in robotics, and cremating my body are all super rude, considering being borged actually sucks, force borging people is considered murder, and there were people on bridge who would have cloned me if you had just left my head there.

So yeah, you greytided HoP office for an AA ID, tried to use Ian as a shield and got him killed, then stunned me, gave yourself all access, used captain announce to tell crew I was valid for a situation that was your fault to begin with, and then killed me, took my head, and cremated my body when I shot you for being a mime breaking into command areas in a round with no captain.

If anything you’re lucky this ban is as short as it is considering your notes.

To begin, i’d like to say i didint know you just arrived to the station by the time i had finished buying a crowbar and had everything ready to go to the captain office to get his spare, i happend to see you closing the door to your office and i realized we have an hop, and that it would be easier to just go in take the id in the console and leave, as soon as i hacked the door open (i did not touch the bolt wire so the door would’ve closed a few seconds after the chaplain came in and attacked me) you shoot at me with lethals wich i responded by finding a place where i couldn’t get killed at thanks to my wall, and seeing there wasn’t i place where you couldn’t walk twoards me or shoot me i went to a corner where ian was by my side and then i made a wall bellow me so you wouldn’t risk shooting at me once you knew there was a wall.
The one time i grabed ian was to move him downwards and have more space once my wall was gone, but then you flashed me and i got knocked down in the corner, after that you grabed ian and while i was blinded and knocked down you missed and shot at him killing him, i said many times even do i were valid for breaking into your office with the intent of taking all access, you could’ve used disabling rounds wich not only slow me down to be an easier target and when you land enough shoots i cant even move, or when i was hiding in the corner just switched to non lethal to not risk ian getting hit or just keep on flashing me after you saw it worked twice, after i were knocked down you could’ve executed me or whatever you wanted to do with me, but you dididnt and ended up killing the dog, then when i got all access i made an announcement that you were the one who killed ian, so nobody would say it was me, (someone said i spoke and killed it but i made another announcement saying otherwise) then i came back and gave you your id, after i had looted the captain room i went to make an announcement saying that i was not valid for speaking in the announcement and then you came to bridge engaging combat with me with lethal rounds, and as you had previously been the one to kill ian i asumed you were valid and killed you, then i took your head to robotics so you wouldn’t be completly out of the round and as i didint want anyone else getting all access i decided to take the body you werent going to need and cremated it.

If when you took ian away from me you would’t have shot ian or killed him in any way even after you shot at me with lethals in bridge i still wouldn’t have been able to do anything else but disabling you, but because you were the one who killed it i assumed it was okay for me to do what i did. I never intended for you to shoot ian nor to kill it, i was just hiding in the corner so you wouldn’t even risk shooting him, but you took him away and missed me hitting him while i was blind and knocked down, at that point i wasn’t using him as a shield anymore.

hm yes, I shall ban someone who decided to defend himself from multiple attempts at being killed by a boomer
mime started it doe but HoP could have atleast used nonlethal egun rounds and not try and hurr durr valid the mime

thats what im saying, i would’ve been fine if he killed me after flashing me because i kinda asked for by breaking in and trying to get aa,(i got killed once for walking into an open bridge by the captain and told it was IC) and i would’ve just moved on and went for next round, but he killed ian and then came back to kill me again when i finished making an announcement, if the second time he would’ve used non lethal at me i dont think i would’ve killed him even tho he was “valid” but because he tried to kill me again i just chopped his head so he wouldn’t do it again

“thinking about going to cap room and getting spare id” so you admit you were self-antagging.

Breaking into HOPs room in itself is Major Trespass, which will not warranting on execution it’s fine for him to crit you for.

Using Ian as a human shield and then using it as an excuse to valid him? This whole appeal is mega cringe.

As i said, i did not intend for him to shot ian, i hid in the corner where he couldn’t shoot at me and then moved ian downards to have more space once my wall was over, but before that he flashed me and took ian away from my grip he then moved back with the dog and started shooting at him, one fo his shots hit ian and killed him while it was not with me, i was not using it as a shield when he killed ian, the only reason i killed him is because 1 he came back to kill me once i made an announcement about me not being valid and 2, because i thought it was okay to do so after he killed ian, and i had nothing to do with it, and i say nothing to do because he killed it after it wasn’t with me in the corner, but rather in the middle of the room. (cant tell exactly where because he took it after blinding me and me getting knocked down by the flash effect)
and i don’t think in all the rounds in low pop where there is no captain or when there is even one and people still break in to get all access is considered as self antag.

He grabbed Ian to valid the HoP for killing him. He was using Ian as a shield while tiding in the HoPs office.

i did not, its true that i tied into his office without knowing he just arrived and once i got in i started to get shot with lethals so i ran and hided in a corner, in wich ian was straped to the bed to my side, i unbuckled him from the bed and grabed him and moved him 1 tle downwards so i could move better once my wall effect was over, as the hop couldn’t shoot me because he would risk htting ian he flashed me wich blinded me and then i ran into my own wall making me fall to the ground in the corner then he grabed the dog and took it away, he then shoot at my direction while grabing the dog and missed and hit ian, killing him. i never intended to validate the hop or kill ian in any way, i only broke in to take the id from the console but as there was not one then i stunned and took the hop id to get aa.

4 days have passed, 3 since last answer, at this point i would like for someone to just tell me if this gets accepted or denied.

If there is any doubts about the situation just ask and I will answer it, also if someone says the time i grabed ian was to move him twoards where the hop was shooting to want him to hit the dog its wrong, i did it so i could move from the corner and have more space since i was trapped in between my wall and ian strapped to his bed, then the hop flashed me and took the dog and missed me while i was knocked down and shoot the dog after he took it away from my grip.

Gonna deny this. You’ve basically admitted in this thread that you were self antagging on top of basically ruining the HoP’s round for something that you were directly responsible for. If you had cloned him instead of cremating his body and forcing him to get borged, it’d be a bit different. You’ve been on the server long enough to know this probably wasn’t going to be acceptable.

i sent his head to robotics because i knew if i cloned him he would try to kill me again, and i burned his stuff so nobody of who were chasing me could get all access

breaking into high sec areas is considered self antag? then why so many people do it and nobody says anything, besides this entire probelm isint because i broke in its because i “Validated” the hop for killing ian, when i didint even try fro him to do that

and besides, i only killed him because he tried to kill me again for the second time after i had given him back his id, and when i had him disabled i thought it was okay for me to do kill him because he validated himself, by killing ian when i was knocked down in the corner and tried to kill me but hit the dog instead

As requested by RodBoward, this appeal is denied.