PowerfulBacon Mentor Application

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How long have you been playing ss13?:

I have over 125 hours (130 - 150) of playtime on BeeStation, and play for most of the week. I am extremely active and spend a lot of my time on Space Station 13 already, which is why I am applying for the mentor role (since I play most of the time anyway, so I might as well try to help out a little bit extra).

So far I think I have done pretty well with my time, using it to learn the game and have fun without causing absolute chaos and getting banned. I have a single 1-day silicon ban, for running over people with a pAI mulebot, but I have not got any other bans since or before. I respect the need for new players to learn, but dislike when people run around killing everyone in sight because “they didn’t know the rules”.

I’m a relatively new account but have been absolutely binging the game and have enough playtime to know my way around the ropes of most of the game, but just like everyone I’m still learning, mainly in engineering since it’s pretty rare to see Singu and Tesla generators being setup.

I am an EU player and a lot of the times I play there are fewer admins and mentors online than usual, hence my application.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:

Haven’t actually asked anyone specifically, to vouch for me but have been playing beestation regularly on EU time zones as of recent and have met a lot of players, some of which I think would vouch for me as a mentor due to my helping them in sectors like atmospherics and medical.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

The departments I have the most experience as are: Command, Medical, Silicon and Supply, and most of my playtime are in these areas, although I still have a decent understanding of the mechanics involved with the other departments, the main experience I have with the game is in them sectors.

My high playtime with command has meant I have already had a lot of players to help/give orders to as a regular player, and I think that in the majority of rounds most players would consider me to have done a decent job at the role, despite the base negativity towards command roles (especially those who don’t give AA to everyone as HoP). Playing command roles has given me a very good understand of then game knowledge required to not only being able to know how to complete tasks that most players will need to do but being able to teach them to other players that may be new and need help understanding the experience. I commonly play head of personnel and am generally liked by the crew despite not giving out all access and ruining the station.

I have a good chunk of experience with the Chief Medical Officer and related roles such as the geneticist. I can do all the things required to keep the medbay running (Surgery, Cloning, Genetic modification, Chemistry etc.) and often lead other newer medical players through the ropes of dealing with the massive amount of patients when things inevitably go awry.

As for the silicon roles I often play the AI, and although it can be tedious sometimes to act as a door opener for greytidal assistants, overcoming challenges set by the crew vs the laws is quite enjoyable on most rounds.

I have experience with all the other departments too, but I think acting as a command figure on the station is my most notable game experience, as that is what has allowed me to understand and teach different aspects of the game.

Currently, I am focusing on learning some of the more advanced elements of engineering, as I have neglected most of engineering so far. I know atmospherics pretty well from my experience with AI, but I still need to work on dealing with super matter related disasters and primarily counteracting sabotage.

Finally, as for my game experience with antagonists, I would consider myself pretty decent. I greatly enjoy playing as a nuclear operative despite how frustrating it can get and have gotten pretty good at using my syndicate items effectively. The only antagonist role that I don’t really enjoy playing is the Blood Cult, mainly because of the difficulty of staying hidden with large groups of people, but I don’t mind the challenge of dealing with security witch hunts as an antagonist.

How I would rate my experience with the roles

Command: 8/10 (I think I do a good job at commanding other personnel)

Silicon: 8/10 (Do a decent job at performing menial tasks and interpreting laws)

Supply: 9/10 (Pretty easy to do supply)

Medical: 7/10 (Know how to perform medical things, but still need to learn a lot of the chemistry recipes by heart without using the wiki)

Engineering: 6/10 (Know how to set up basic SM and turbines and things, but still training on setting up Singu and other reactors without needing wiki help)

Science: 6/10 (Pretty good at robotics, researching and genetics but I could get faster with virology)

Security: 6/10 (Alright warden but not as good as security officer)

Examples (Some generally pretty simple but commonly required bits of information needed for new players)

[How should I know when to mindshield?]

"Against gangs and revolutionaries, the most effective counter is mind shielding which will deconvert the victim (unless they are a head rev), and prevent them from being re-recruited (With the exception of mind breakers and other similar equipment).

Against the 2 cults, holy water can be used. These will cause the victim to spout chants before deconverting back to regular again. Mindshields will not deconvert cultists but will protect them from being converted in the first place."

[How do I do surgery, I keep attacking and killing my patients (victims)]

“To perform surgery you should first remove any clothing that could block the surgery, such as hardsuits and jumpsuits. Then target the limb you want to perform in the bottom right of your game screen. Go to grab mode, but changing the green icon in the bottom right of your screen to the yellow icon (grab mode) and grab the patient. Then click them again until you are aggressively grabbing them and click on the surgery table to put them onto it. Once they are on the table you must find surgical drapes and put them onto the organ you are operating on. If you do it successfully a dialogue box should open with the options for surgery. You can search on https://tgstation13.org/wiki/Surgery for easy access to the different orders and tools you need to perform the surgery in for success.”

[my limb got cut off, HELPPP!!!]

"To replace a limb you should first get the replacement limb from robotics, or have the spare limb ready to be inserted. Perform surgery as useful, choosing the Prosthetic Replacement option. Perform surgery, by activating help intent and clicking on the patient with a scalpel in hand, then a hemostat and then the retractor at which point the robotic/old limb will be ready to install.

To repair a robotic limb you use wires and a welding tool instead of the standard medical patches as even cryosleep will not repair robotic limbs."

[How do you know who you should give access to as Head of Personnel]

“Generally, you should consult the head of department before giving a random assistant full access to an area. If someone has a reason that you deem valid for needing to access an area (Engineer needs EVA access because all the engineering hardsuits have been stolen), then you should grant them access but I would deny anyone asking for All Access as they usually can’t be trusted, especially if they don’t have a good reason for needing access to the captain’s room. I usually grant access to people for simple jobs, such as janitoring and cooking as the HoP is the direct head of these areas, and they don’t give people access to high-risk areas. I never give access to Security or Command without permission as this is dangerous for you and for the target but each HoP is different.”

[I spawned as a golem; can I teleport over and kill everyone on the station, putting my golem leader in command]

“As a golem, you must follow the general escalation rules assigned to lavaland ghost spawns. You cannot just teleport in and kill everyone, as this breaks the server rules and breaks the in-character rules to. On the golem ship there is a statue of the research director, your leader, and teleporting to the station to murderbone everyone would harm your leader and subsequently cause you to fail your orders (and get banned for not following Lavaland escalation).”

[I am an antagonist, can I just kill everyone I see because I am an antagonist]

"No, antagonists have their own rules to follow. You should ensure completion of at least one of your antagonist objectives before you start killing innocents as Blood Brothers, Traitors and Lings (Unless of course, you have an elimination objective). As a nuclear operative, your ultimate goal is to kill everyone with a nuke and you are encouraged to cause damage if it’s what your leader says the plan is. As cultists tell goal is to convert people rather kill them all and as a revolutionary, we must work towards overthrowing staff rather than rampages and killing non-supportive crew (If they aren’t mind shielded and aren’t attacking you they can be converted by your heads).

Ghost spawned antags, accessed from the spawned menu must follow the antagonist rules described in the menu. Hotel staff should not invade and kill nanotrasen personnel, as despite being antagonist your role is to be hotel staff, not an invasion-ist.
For the full set of council rulings about ghost spawner antagonists see Council Rulings"

Just remember everyone wants to have fun, and being killed 5 minutes in by rogue hotel staff is not fun.

I hope you read and consider my application and allow me to become a Mentor. Thanks.


Oh you too play cmo thats pretty cool, mind sharing nicks you use ? Maybe we met in game just curious
Tbh cmo is the only thing i play since it can get very complex and there is so much you can do, and if u are extremely bored you can just buy bunch of bee crates

Wow, this is a really thought out application. I don’t think I’ve had the honour of seeing you in game, but I’m sure if what you say is the truth you’d be great mentor material. I loved all the content you put into simply the application, and that alone, I think, makes me think you should get a +2.

I used to use random names but recently I started using the name Burnard Silkwind.

Anyone with scruffy yellow hair? That could have been me.

+2 You seem to know a lot and we could use with more mentors in the EU timezone.


also there’s no trial mentor, just mentor.

Holy shit, what a good mentor application! That’s a 2+! Also, might I add, I like your question answers. I’d love to see you on some time.

+1 for maximum effort

I am on with you right now!

No sorry, you don’t exist. Existence is a lie created by crossed to keep us playing.

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Damn it, I think I’ve been fooled. All day they tell me I exist, and I keep going because of it

+2 good effort put into application and yeah we do need a few extra active mentors.

reeee i actually have to write alot in my mentor app to become a mentor, , ,

Writing a decent bit and being descriptive really helps with any application you go for…

Thanks for the support so far!
Just wondering what the time limit is for voting, thanks.

There’s no time really, just jannies forgetting to accept them sometimes.


Ah ok, thank you for quick response