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This is the “Guide Guide”. I’ll curate a directory in the OP of this thread, indicating guides that contain sufficient detail to help inform players on the subject they cover. This will include only finished guides, not those that are a work in progress. I’ll try and favor guides that are more general (for example, a guide to plumbing rather than a guide to making one particular chemical factory). If you think I missed a good guide, or just finished one, post a link ITT so I can update the OP.
If you’re writing a guide, and need some particular bit of code-diving done, I’m happy to translate for you.
I’m not really any kind of authority, I just thought it’d be nice to collate a directory. I certainly found some guides I didn’t know existed.

tl;dr - Guide Directory, and Questions/Thoughts about Guides.










Development, Coding, and Staff

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I feel the need to make a guide directory directory now

(Twenty characters, what you typed isn’t a sentence, and so on)

why i got linked this

Not a clue.

Oh - and by the by, if anyone has guide requests, feel free to post those too.

erp guide how to not get caught

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Make anti guide that’s all the worst things to do for various situations

@Ruko I think it would be great if this would be pinned

Agreed, done and done.


After I finish up with Botany, thinking of doing Cooking - but I’m open to other suggestions. I see we lack a Command guide, so… Any guides that anyone would like to see in particular?

Oh wow I’d never of seen some of these if it wasn’t for this

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That’s very much the idea! People have invested the effort in writing some great information down, seemed a shame for so much of it to get buried. I was all set to start in on a coding/GitHub guide, only to discover they already exist!

Also, the link view tally lets me stealthily collate which guides people are most interested in, so I can steal the author’s internet fame by reworking guides that could use more detail and/or more cohesive formatting (looking at you, species-specific medical treatments :stuck_out_tongue: )
I’m also going to pop up the question of what’s up with the Wiki in staff chat today, and see if we can’t work some of the valuable information in the above guides onto it, in a more accessible way.
The stumbling block is getting the information out to the masses - along those lines I’ll also explore how we can unbreak in-game books, so that they properly link to the wiki - maybe even adding a ton more, that deal with more specific areas (in effect, instead of one book on engineering, break it up into several books). Might make the Librarian less of a meme role. It’s disappointing to realize how few people actually read the wiki, let alone on-forum guides.

If anyone has thoughts on how we could make information more readily available to players - or, more importantly, motivate them to review that information, please post up!

Oh, and again - if someone has a guide they’d like to see, post up as well. The current coding guide is alright, but I was a little generous in calling it a “tutorial”. Cooking was next on my list after finishing up Botany, and completing Chaplain/Prayer, but IDK. Might do a “Coding for SS13 for smooth brains” instead. Thoughts?

I need that coding tutorial bruh, I can read code but I have no idea how to write it. Like did so much diving its silly but I wouldnt even know where to start.

Good enough for me. Here’s my itinerary.

  • Finish Botany
  • Finish Chaplin/Prayer
  • Circuit Guide second draft (spelling, grammar, updated information, fact checking)
  • Coding for SS13 guide
  • Recheck the existing GitHub guide, add to it or rework as needed
  • Cooking
  • Medical Doctor (Treating patients, might wrap in the info from the species-specific guide)
  • Research Trees (Science)
  • Chemistry/Plumbing
  • Clown/Mime
  • Traitor Items/Strategies
  • …?

More for my reference than anything, since I can lose focus at times.

I’d love to see a clown jokes and pranks guide

Sure, I’ll put it on the list. Not a position I usually play, so I’ll grab some Clown/Mime experience, review code mechanics, and so on.
Guide will probably manifest as a more complete guide to both Clown and Mime, since they have a lot in common.

EDIT: Throwing traitor guide onto the pile as well

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This guide is unvalid and it failed to get the based medal because it doesn’t have a link for the ultimate guide:

I prefer real erp guide Erp guide, read untill the jannies delete it