Make Bee Med great a... err for once

Greetings space nerds. Decided to give something back to the community and make a vain attempt of pushing the state of our medbay past the fucking meme it is right now and vomit out this little guide.

It will consist of several posts that build upon the previous steps. The experienced player might find this basic and incomplete at start.

If you are absolutely new to med I strongly recommend that you read the wiki basics for doctoring found here:

The last two you should bookmark for reference if you get stuck in surgery without an operating computer or something.

So ok. You are new to medical, maybe new to SS13 and just wanna help out. You sorta kinda read the guides above but still need a primer on what the hell to do.

Here is the base minimum you should do to be fairly helpful, albeit inexperienced:

Medical Doctor:

  • Spawn in medbay or get to medbay from the shuttle. Go to the medical storage and grab yourself a medical HUD scanner obraz . This bad boy will provide you with a constant overlay over fellow spessmans that will indicate their health status:


Example: Two smothbrain geneticists that apparently nearly lost a fight with their lab monkeys. While injured they still have some healthbars left so their total damage does not exceed 100, which put you in critical state.


Living teratoma that is not so living right now. Notice the icon changed from blue cross to one indicating that the person is dead but has died recently - so it has potential to be revived. More on that later.


This person is dead AF, husked, but you too can learn how to save them. But thats assuming this fucker will ever be found and I can tell you that we wont be. Oh well.

Flashing Cross indicates that the person is in critical the faster it flashes the closer they are to being perma-horizontal.


This dude has a touch of space aids in him. Make sure you are wearing gloves and internals when you deal with such patients to minimize risk of spreading.

Now that you have your scanner and you can tell how badly people are fucked, consider yourself having THE BASE MINIMUM TOOLSET to actually help people. Again this section is for absolute begginers so we will save setting up medbay and tools for future posts.

if you have read the wiki you should know the:

  • obraz medical sleeper, that can inject people with chems, and has an infinite supply of them

  • obraz Lifeform stasis bed - that VASTLY decreases they metabolic rate and body decay rate. It doesnt stop it entirely but nearly freezes the patient state in time. Why does it matter? if anything it gives you time to think and to act. They may be close to death, they may have died recently and this will give yo ua chance of actually reviving them before their heart or other organs decay for good.

  • obraz cryotubes - hopefully someone set them up for you by now. If not just put the two blue beakers inside the tubes, wrench in the oxygen canisters and set the freezer to lowest temperature available. other mixes are viable too but it is out scope for now.

Now here is the important bit for you new guys: You have to correctly decide what is the next step for a patient before you do anything. I have seen people put corpses into cryo or sleepers way too many times. It is only a waste of not just your time, but the patient, and rest of your team that might need those tools.

Random example: person can be revived or cloned, he has pale skin and is bleeding which already suggests very low blood levels. Body is naked and unrecognizable - severly mutiliated face.

So general order of operations is like this:

Some dude walks in or gets dragged in, take a glance at them and check their health status:

Some hit points lost and they are standing: should be easy, use your medical scanner to see whats wrong with them:

  • Brute damage - Drop into sleeper apply 20u of bicardine. Since they have been dealt brute damage it is possible that they are bleeding. If so stop the bleeding first by applying a medical gauze. Dripping blood is a DAMN GOOD TELL that they are bleeding. Deal with bleeding first as some spessman will just fuck off after you use the sleeper on them.

  • Burn damage- Drop into sleeper apply 20u of kelotane, they can fuck off at that point.

  • Toxin damage- Toxins can be a bit tricky as they can be gradually released into their body due to serval reasons. Things to check first are: damaged organs or inflammated appendix, harmful toxins in bloodstream (click on your scanner to switch to chemical scaning mode). If you find some nasty chems you may want to ask them what happened and notify sec if needed. Otherwise apply antitoxin (do not overdose) or charcoal if needed. If the sleeper is not upgraded and you dont have meds on hand, you can put them in cryo but it is important that flush the nasty chemicals (if any) before you let them go and cryo doesnt to that. Also check if your scanner does not show that the patient has a virus in them.

  • Suffocation damage- if the patient lands in crit it will generate this type of damage. If your patient is standing and is just randomly taking suffocation damage you should investigate. Look for harmful chemicals in the bloodstream, check for damaged organs like heart or lungs. Finally you may wanna check if they are not wearing internals that just ran out and they are stupid enough to keep them on. Lastly a virus may be the issue as well - and frowning face on the scanner indicates a harmful virus (except sleathly viruses)

Whenever you perform a health scan take a good look at other things and info. Abnormal state is usually in red. The scanner can tell you if they are irradiated, suffered brain damage, have traumas, are exhausted or even starving. It is best to deal with all ailments before letting a patient go, if you do not feel confident performing say brain or heart surgery just yet, simply ask someone for help, I will explain other situations later.

Local methcook failing at life

Patient horizontal, likely in critical: Same as above applies, except it is good practice to stab them with epinephrine and if you even suspect they may be bleeding; medical gauze. THEN use your scanner and see what are you dealing with. If the patient is stabilized and you have more bodies rolling in, you can consider just chucking the fucker into cryo and hope it wasnt anything serious, if you have the time follow the steps above to fix the dude up.

Patient horizontal, dead but can be defibbed: Grab the sucker onto a stasis table and drag his sprite onto it - the death timer will be nearly frozen and should give you time to think.

There are several things you need to perform before even THINKING of using the defib. Treat this as a checklist:

  1. Soul status: if the scanner the soul has departed, or that they commited suicide - remove from table pack into a bodybag and moge over to the morgue whenever you have the time. Remember to steal any gamer loot you find on them (dont).
  2. Brain status: examine the body and see if the head and brain are still there. If not morgue the body. Technically you could draw blood from it and bring it to botany if you feel like it, there always is a chance.
  3. Blood status: See people kinda need blood to live. Very often people are DRAGGED across the station bleeding like a pig and you end up with someone at about 20% blood left. You have a single blood bag type of each type (tho you can combine some types - check the table in the guide to medicine on the wiki) so you really have to consider if you want to transfuse your entire departments worth of blood into this dude, or just give up and throw them into cloning - if you decide to make a blood transfusion, please fix the holes first, which brings us to:
  4. Body status: ideally use synthflesh (if available) to fix the body by either splashing a bottle on them, or by using a patch. Remember since the patient is dead no other chems will be processed in their body as they have no metabolic rate as they are… dead. You can also use the tend wounds surgery to bring them up to zero damage. If the body has leftover toxin damage you will have to be prepared to stabilize them and purge after reviving. The patient cannot have more than 180 total of brute and burn damage. Keep fixing until they have less, ideally fix them fully.
  5. Organ status: you can attempt the revive if the patients heart is still in a usuable state. If you have wide range or damaged or dead organs you may want to reconsider revival as their life may be just absolute hell. Transplants of organs can be done on a dead body, you can also use surgery to do a coronary bypass to give a SHORT WINDOW where you can try and defib the patient. The operation is once per heart only so if it fails the chance is gone.

If all of the above is true you may grab yourself a defib. Someone will either put it in a mount on a wall so can just click it, click on the paddles and help intent their chest. If not put the defib on your backpack slot THEN click on it and do as above. If you want to make sure they have best chances of sruvival you can inject them with some epineprhine - especially if you will be left with some chemicals to purge or have less than ideal atmos in medbay. Then either perform CPR and let them walk it off or drag them to the sleeper and inject with perfluorodecalin which will fix their suffocation in no time.

Defib failed: what do?

  • no brain activity - future attempts may be succesful - give it 10-20 seconds the player needs to return their ghost to their body
    if they fail to do it 3 times, fuckem, throw them on the cloner pile. It sucks to find out at the last step that they elected to NOT get revived but such is life in the medbay.
  • no brian activity - future attempts futile - at somepoint the ghost/player left or spawned as something else, lost cause morgue the asshole
  • failed - incorrect body state - redo the checklist - too much damage, or heart detoriated too much are the common issues.

Aight this should be the most BASIC guide for medbay operations - it does not cover surgery if you need that just follow the steps in the wiki guide. Remember the surgery computer should provide you with steps. Now for the:


Your job is to get the dumbasses that hurt themselves to the medbay. You have to find them, move away from danger, stabilize and either treat on the spot or move to medbay for further processing.

You now start with the crew pinpointer and crew monitor. Use it to figure your who received the bad touch and move to their general location. Sometimes some idiot may space themselves so you may need to do a spacewalk. Never had an AI that refused to open EVA for me as paramedic so you should have no problem with that.

Tools you should consider taking:

  • Roller bed. Drag one roller bed onto your sprite. Congrats you have a bed in your pocket now. Use them to move patients quickly and safely. Do not drag people unless you drag them from immidate danger. Use the roller bed, or the fireman carry (grab aggressively then drag sprite onto yourself) More often than not people will be bleeding and dropping a blodless body in medbay as a para is a bruh moment.

  • Body bag. If they ded you can move this instead as it is a bit less fiddly. Also stops the bloodloss too as well. It can carry multiple bodies too, the bluespace variant can pack a whole bunch of people and fit into your pocket (please do not pocket alive people this suffocates them)

  • Syrginge, charcoal bottle, epinephrine bottle, extra burn and brute patches extra bandages. Later whatever healing chems chemistry felt like doing. If any. This will help you stabilize the patients on the field and in some cases to a point where you can tell them to go to medbay themselves

  • Cable restraints. Im serious, some people can prove hostile even though you are trying to help them. Some may have brain traumas that will make em hurt themselves or others. Use only as a last resort, or if you find someone that seems very sus and they happen to be lying on the ground injured, you may want to help sec sometimes if you feel like it.

If you continue doing good consider asking HoP for more access, super easy if you actually save HoP’s ass at some point. Molest chemistry for healing and stabilizing chems. If they ask what you can ask for simple shit like tricord pills, atropine, perfluorodecalin.

And that should be it, you have the tools to perform wound treatment surgery. You should also consider doing ghetto surgery on people with embeded objects so they dont die on the way to medbay (or just keep that bed on hand) You can also consider carrying a few iron sheets so you can make a closet to pack extra bodies or items from the scene. People will appreciate you keeping their shit safe.

Thats enough for the basics. If you can do the above reliably, dont get in other people’s way, correctly prioritize emergencies you should be able to deal with 90% of the situations already. There ways to handle literally almost everything the game can throw at you, as well as make the whole experience quicker and easier. More on that later.


Now that you know how to make tending wounds and toxin stupid easy its time to look at revival. Defibs are all good and fun but there is one thing that is even better than that.

Strange reagent.

Just 1 unit of that thing is enough to revive a person (and possibly a mob) provided they have less than 180 combined brute/burn damage, so be sure to apply that synthflesh before hand. Whats even more interesting is that you can have strange reagent… pretty much at round start. Combine that with a quick synthflesh and antitox fab and you got yourself a (near) god tier medical bay.

In order to make synthflesh you need - Unstable mutagen, Omnizine, Holy water in 1:1:1 proportions.

Here is how you can make it happen in just a few minutes.

  1. Rush to medbay kitchen, put all the donk pockets into the microwave and heat. Put the warm pockets into the box and put it to your backpack for now.

  2. Grab a crew pinpointer and have it track the chaplains location. Get yourself a water tank and drag it to him. Whine until he smacks it with a bible. Once done drag it to chemistry. Tell the chemists you got holy water and they should accept your offer and let you in.

  3. grab a large beaker. Grind all the donk pockets, Eject the beaker and move it to the chemmaster. Remove everything but the 18 units of omnizine you should have.

  4. Remove the beaker with omnizine, add 20 units of holy water by clicking the tank with it twice. Put it into a chem dispenser. Add 10 units of radium, chlorine, phosphorus.

  5. Eject the beaker and put it into the chem master. Remove all the chemicals except strange reagent.

Congratulations you have 54 units of strange reagent at round start. You only need ONE unit to revive so grab yourself a dropper on your way out. Click on it until it is set to dispense 1 unit. Whenever you have a dead patient fix up the body with syntfhlesh. Do not worry about damaged organs. Remove any eye protection the body has. take out the dropper, pull in some strange reagent from the beaker, switch intent to harm and target the eyes. You will squirt 1 unit into their eyes which will start the ressurection process.

The body will convulse for few seconds and then they will just stand up like nothing ever happened. Remember to deal with any harmful chems or toxins. They will not have any suffocation damage using this method.

Now im sure there is a ton of other tricks, especially as a CMO, but I dont have much experience with that yet. So if any of you have something to share please add it to the pile.


19/09/2020 Update: Synthflesh mix was changed couldnt edit the post so redoing it here.

Some extra stuff for people that feel confident in their basics.

At round start the CMO can bring the defib wall mount near a sleeper bed, be sure to put a defib unit into it so you have quick and easy access without the need to take off your backpack. Science might research some upgrades for surgery as well as equipment so go to the tech fab in the medical storage, synch the research and check for following goodies:

Defib wall mount - if you still need one

  • Operating computer - you can place one next to a stasis bed which will grant you access to advanced surgeries and better wound treatment. Do remember that a stasis bed is NOT a surgery table, which introduces a chance to mess up surgery steps. Not recommended for delicate stuff like fixing someone’s brain. If you are adding a computer near the default stasis bed on Delta, be sure to remove the reinforced window first, use screwdriver/crowbar/screwdriver/wrench/wirecutters
  • Lifeform stasis bed if you have any experience you probably noticed that bodies like to come in waves, building extra beds will freeze the patient and will allow you to finish whatever it is you are doing.
  • Sleeper bed - one is usually enough as you put people in, inject and remove but sometimes you may want to have a second one just to avoid congestion.
  • Autodoc - requires tools that need high tier materials, check if you can make a laser scalpel first before trying to build this. The autodoc can automatically insert implants into people, consider implanting yourself with sec scanner implants and a surgical tool arm set to free up your belt or backpack.

Upgraded surgical tools also speed up the process and alien tools raise the surgery chance too. Speaking of surgery chance, the medical vendors come with sterilizer sprays, use it on people to raise the success chance by 20%, this is important for brain surgery as it has an inherent chance of failure with default tools on a surgery table. Check the guide to surger on wiki for specific %s.

At round start you may also ask the AI to set the medbay door to emergency access. This will allow anyone to enter, since most people know to at least put people they drag in on the stasis bed, or in the sleeper. If they can enter they wont bother dragging them in and most likely you will be dealing with a dead body at that point.

If after 20ish minute mark you havent seen anyone from science and you have time to kill, go to their lobby and ask for an RPED (or a bluespace one) full of parts for medical and upgrade your machines. The higher tier cloner uses less synthflesh and deal less cellular damage, top level one gives beneficial mutations without damage.

Plumbing & Synthflesh.

Some of you probably seen people build those fabs all around medbay, a working syntfhlesh fab makes the shift super easy to handle as you can apply synthflesh to heal wounds instantly and it even works on dead bodies. The whole system might be confusing at first but after some testing and asking around I figured its not that difficult after all.

You basically have machines which input or output good (or both) and ducts. The ducts do not actually store any chemicals like you would expect pipes to do, they function more like a wire that just links the devices. Devices that hold any chemicals will hold them until something in the network requsts them.

If you just want some basic setups you can use this example for delta:

Synthetizers for every single base chemical that will be needed. Will provide the list below.

The reaction chambers - please take care not to mix ducts above the top reactor as there should only by synthflesh at that point.

The output gate can be switched to whatever you want like patches or bottle dispensers.

Quick steps on how to replicate this correctly:

  1. Build the storage tank in pic 2, output up, build an input gate below it, where the reaction chamber is now, output up towards the tank. Wrench them in place. Use a syringe to pull your blood, inject into the input gate.
  2. Unwrench the gate.
  3. Put all the synthetizers and all the reaction chambers as well as ducts in place. DO NOT wrench anything in place. Rotate them correctly first and configure as follows.

Bottom reaction:
Chlorine: 5
Radium: 5
Phosphorus: 5
Blood: 5

  1. Any of the middle 3 reaction chambers, in any order:

Hydrogen: 3
Nitrogen: 1

Ammonia: 3
Silver: 3
Sulfur: 3
Oxygen: 3
Chlorine: 3

Aluminium: 5
Oxygen: 5
Hydrogen: 5
Sulphuric Acid: 5

  1. Finally, the top reaction chamber:

Carbon: 5
Silver Sulfadiazine: 5
Styptic Powder: 5
Blood: 5

  1. Configure the synthetizers to produce all of the above chemicals that are not bolded. Condider duplicating ones that appear multiple times (Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen).

  2. Wrench it all down. You should be set. Connect whatever you want at the last chamber to produce whats needed.

If chemistry is being shit at making cures for diseases and 8/10 times they are, you can often make a very quick and easy cure fab if it is something like water, salt, sugar, ethanol.