How to be robust against fauna 101

This guide will mainly focus on fighting basic lava fauna and megafauna, please feel free to reply with your cheesy strategies below.


Apparently people fucking hate these things, in my opinion they’re some of the easiest to deal with in Lavaland

Drops - Goliath steak, goliath plates, bone

To fight goliaths, using melee is HIGHLY discouraged as these things’ melee power is high enough to rival combat bears, and likely beat them.

The main hitch with ranged combat is the tendril attack despised by miners, ash walkers and golems alike. A single hit from this will stun you for approximately 5 seconds, make you drop your weapons, and deal mild damage. The best way to avoid this attack is to look closely at the goliath’s eyes- When it turns red, be ready to move, it indicates that it’s about to grope you with its hentai tentacles. Simple as that.

From there, always stay two tiles away from it and spam the PkA or whatever until it dies and avoid being cornered at lava or in a cave without a quick way to dig around it, being within a tile of most fauna is a risk you want to avoid if possible.


fuck watchers

Drops - Diamonds, watcher sinew, bone

Watchers can be extremely difficult or utter pushovers depending on your race and reflexes. If you’re able to dodge a disabler beam, you’re able to dodge a watcher beam, and are likely not going to have a problem dealing with them. The same goes for IPCs and other cold resistant individuals.

If you have shit reflexes like me, you should try and hide behind a wall in preparation for the watcher’s beams, and then peek out and shoot it while the cooldown is in effect. You can also use an ore box to hide behind if you’re actually doing your job (nerd), and then peek out and fire. Rinse and repeat.
Also not suited for head-on melee attacks without decent healing supplies, their melee can hit like a truck, and they don’t stop attacking when you drop.


ez pz

Drops - Legion core, an entire corpse with various sets of gear or a skeleton

Legions are probably some of the easiest fauna in the game individually. The mobs themselves do not perform any attacks, instead they spawn little shitter legion heads that don’t deal insignificant damage, but deal enough to be a threat en masse. This fact is the only thing that can make legions potentially dangerous in bigger groups (I.E. with necropolis tendrils).

The most efficient way to deal with a single legion twice is to simply get the jump on it with a single blast from a PkA and then blast it again, killing it in two shots. The cooldown of a default PkA is just slow enough to spawn another legion head before another shot can be fired, so just grab the strongest melee weapon you have and get firing. If you have a PkA with lower cooldown you could of course get a shot in before another head spawns.

Dealing with legions in groups around tendrils usually requires a bit more initiative. A strategy that has always worked for me has been coaxing legions away from the tendril without killing any, then digging back through to the tendril and shooting it there. Of course, why would you want to destroy a legion tendril when you could get science to turn it into an infinite insta-heal stone farm instead?

Elder Goliaths

like normal goliaths, but annoying-er

Drops: Same as normal goliath

These fuckers hate you. They’re not especially difficult to deal with in that you’ll die to them immediately, but holy shit can they take a long time to kill.
These guys look like meatballs from a Lovecraft-ian horror, will randomly spawn tendrils in their proximity, and are honestly kind of cool to keep as Lazarus injected pets. I don’t have a lot of tips for 'em, only seen 'em twice and only had a PkA one of those times. Just try and keep an eye on the floor, stay two tiles from it, and fire away.

Ash Walkers

these count as simplemobs, right?

Drops: Whatever equipment they made/Stole from your respectable miner brethren

These guys are always valid, have antag status, and will likely have no reservation in poking your eyes out of your skull if they know this. They usually won’t have advanced weapons like PkA’s or crushers, but they do have spears and their base even has an RCD, meaning they can cross lava if they have it on them.
To recognize an Ash Walker, look for:

  • Digitigrade legs (The weird skinny feet that are always visible from the side)
  • The yellow gladiator armor and/or a legionnaire helmet
  • Names with an emphasis on Z’s, K’s, and A’s like Mazaar-Alakr or Al-Kazaar or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
  • A lack of a backpack/A spear on the backslot

Even with this, always exercise caution with trying to kill an Ash Walker, as they could still be a lizard doing Roman soldier cosplay or some shit. Maybe give a warning to a lizard if you see them, as most Ash Walkers are too ■■■■■■ed to figure out that they could speak Galactic Common for whatever reason. If you see them speaking the Ash Walker language then blast their ass though.

I might add a piece for megafauna, but I’m much less experienced in that realm. Quick tip for new miners though, if you hear a clang sound in the distance and aren’t prepped with survival pens, run in the opposite direction.

Kinetic Crusher Trophies

If you’re a big buff miner rubbing your abs against golems to grind them into a fine dust, then you’re probably experienced with the Kinetic Crusher. Most lavaland mobs have a chance to drop a trophy upon their death if you kill them with the crusher. These can be used to further your mob robusting potential and thus gain more trophies, and on and on.


Legion skull.png32x32
Legion skull Legion Makes your Crusher recharge faster.
Goliath tentacle trophy.png32x32
Goliath tentacle Goliath Mark detonations deal more damage the more health you’re missing.
Watcher wing.png32x32
Watcher wing Watcher Mark detonations briefly delay some creatures from using certain attacks.
Magma wing.png32x32
Magmawing Watcher wing Magmawing Watcher After a mark detonation, the next destabilizer shot will deal damage.
Ice wing.png32x32
Icewing Watcher wing Icewing Watcher Identical to regular Watcher wings.
Hunter eye.png32x32
Eye of a blood-drunk hunter Blood-drunk Miner On mark detonation, gain stun immunity, damage-slowdown immunity and 90% damage reduction for one second.
Tail spike.png32x32
Tail spike Ash Drake Mark detonations deal area damage and push enemies back.
Demon claws.png32x32
Demon claws Bubblegum Melee hits deal bonus damage and heal you. 500% as strong during a mark detonation.
Blaster tubes.png32x32
Blaster tubes Colossus On mark detonation, the next shot moves slower, but deals damage.
Vortex talisman.png32x32
Vortex talisman Hierophant Mark detonations create barriers that only you can pass.

In terms of killing foul beasts with the Kinetic Accelerator, it’ll require much more cheese than usual.
If you plan on going against goliaths, a hit-and-run approach is advised to stay alive.
For legions, refer to the aforementioned advice in their section.
For watchers, a similar approach as the goliath is the most likely to stop damage when used in junction with a projectile-blocking object like an ore box, machine frame, locker, etc.

If you want to fight megafauna with the crusher, grab some survival pens and a pair of jumpboots from the mining points vendor, reinforce your mining exosuit with some goliath plates, and after that…

Good luck.


Let me guess the clang is Colossus.
Because fuck that boss he is way to fucking aggressive. Even ash drakes are a bit more tame.

I was hoping this was a guide for killing watchers as an ashwalker. Unfortunately, that’s not really possible solo.

Goliath’s are easy to beat solo in melee though, I do it all the time. Wait for them to move, rush in and land a hit with a spear, then bail. You can do it flawlessly, though I usually screw up and get hit once.

Speaking of ashwalkers, I don’t believe they have antag status. They are often valid to kill though.

I mean they can kill with no worries. (Except their own kin)

well, since ashwalkers can’t use PkA’s without the mod and nobody ever buys the crusher it’d be pretty hard

your best bet is to destroy the wooden tables in the spear room to make an ore box and use that to block the freeze shots, then whack it with the spear once

of course, once you get three sinew and six bones you can make the hyper-robust axe and fuck over everything besides a goliath in your path

other ashwalker tips include -

  • always set your default language to galactic common

  • try to befriend golems if you meet them

  • clown backpacks are unironically the easiest backpacks to get in lavaland because of legions, use them

  • use an RCD to build over lava and break into the syndie base for some antag(?)-on-antag action

And, yes, I do think Ashies are antags since they’re allowed to fucking behead miners to gib them for eggs

set default language to common

Absolutely unacceptable. Tribals speak in their native tongue until the situation requires common to be spoken. It’s roleplay 101.


lrp guide bro…

what sort of shithead would validhunt ashies on mrp when they could capture them in tiny cells and watch them die instead

Can confirm that most MRP players are sadists.

I got kidnapped and tortured by the CE as an ashwalker once, before he tried to put me on public display. CE also tortured HoP for trying to save the ashwalker tribe.

Legit no one, not even the captain never tried to help HoP, or at least get the CE to stop torturing him, lol.

Yeah, I was QM

If you got kidnapped by CE, then I kidnapped the other ashwalker at their base

I don’t know what the fuck happened with you, never saw Sam torture you but I figured you were in one of the sec cells. My victim ending up dying of a mix of some horrid disease, liquid electricity, and whatever else the botanist subjected them to.

A mediborg trying to help the ashwalker got destroyed by a Durand, I borged the ashwalker when their brain fell out of their head, and got the coordinates to the ashwalker base to put into the BSA.

I would’ve bombed them too, if not for that rascally HoP!

You forgot to add goliath tendrils (I think they’re called) that can be put on the kinetic crusher
Edit: just noticed you mentioned the legion skull

I can start adding in a thing on kinetic crusher trophies, even if I never use them

Well, first I got beaten and repeatedly flash bulbed by the miners and CE, even though I was handcuffed, and they were the ones to initiate combat.

After that, I got taken to the execution chamber, stripped, threatened, and generally intimidated.

Afterwords, he was going to gas me, because I had been speaking draconic the entire time, but then I decided to speak common to avoid death.

Then, after he was done with the interrogation, he said over the radio he was going to make a cage in the bar for me.

I got put in a holding cell, and the other ashwalker who got caught was put in the cell nexted to me.

After that, people come by, and ignore my pleas for help, until the HoP shows up.

He takes me out of my cell, but then wants me to get back in, to maintain cover. My character doesn’t trust him and refuses, and he leaves for a bit.

Eventually, warden shows up, and after a long fight, and with the aid of several other heads, I get filled with bucketshot and crit, before the warden beats me to death.

HoP clones me, and my character comes out basically traumatized from dying.

Eventually, after I hide in the mining locker, kill a man, and watch the HoP fail to save the other ashwalker, I decide to go home, and get aid from the tribe.

Kill another guy on the mining shuttle, and find my way back home.

Turns out, home was destroyed, and everyone was dead. I imagine my character snapped at this point, after everything she went through, so I swore revenge on the CE.

Never find CE, so my character takes her revenge on the only familar person on the shuttle, the CMO.

So yeah, I think my character had plenty of reasons for ending up as the most traumatized and hateful ashwalker in existence.

Although, I think basically everyone onboard a nanotrasen station would be considered mentally unstable, so a crazed ashwalker would fit right in.

The Ashwalker Addendum

A guide for hunting the beasts of lavaland the way the lizards do. If you wish to improve your hunting skills as a member of NT I recommend practicing with the kinetic crusher as it forces you to use similar techniques.


Difficulty - Moderate
When fighting Goliaths, it important to be patient and to master your timing. Due to their thick hides, throwing spears is completely ineffective, meaning you will have to engage Goliaths in melee. There is a moment after it moves where it is unable to attack, this is the time to strike. If you’re fast you can sneak two hits in before it can hit back. Maintain a two tile distance, wait for it to move, then go in for the kill. Rinse and repeat till victory. The timing for the attack window is determined by the tickrate of the server, meaning its subject to fluctuate. Our LRP server tends to have a slower tickrate due to having a higher pop, so the timing there is more forgiving compared to MRP.

Tendrils should be taken as a fully armed group. To stock up pick them off one-by-one and carve up their bodies (use a knife/spear on the body with harm intent) into hide and bone to craft armor/weapons, their meat can also be cooked in lava to make a decent meal. Once you have gear get some extra bodies to feed your own tendril to get some extra hands/respawns. When you’re ready to take it down, keep healing supplies on hand and make sure to drag out any allies who get hit with the hentai attack.


Difficulty - High
In the case of lizardfolk Watchers are an absolute pain to deal with, their beam can freeze you solid and their melee damage often kills in three or less hits. The easiest method is to bring a friend willing to “tank” the hits while rushing the watcher down, then using a legion core or cactus fruit to recover. If you stock up on extra spears you can also chuck a bunch at it between beam shots, though this method is slow and uses a lot of spears. However, watchers have similar move/attack patterns as goliaths so the stupid brave can use the same strategy from before, given that they have some cover to quickly hide behind.
Tendrils are a deathwish, ensure you got a full-scale (pun intended) operation to take one down.


Diffic- lol no they’re free health
Legion skulls have 1hp, you can beat these things bare handed if you so desire. Skulls spawn slower than your melee attack rate so just swat away the skulls between stabs on the body and you’ll be fine.

When dealing with large numbers/tendrils its advised you bring friends to avoid being overwhelmed. I find a group of 3 or more is all you need to take one down successfully, even if one of them isn’t armed they can help just by slapping skulls. However I highly recommend keeping one legion tendril alive to use as a free health dispenser.


No. Just no. If you happen to think this is a good idea as an ashwalker the very least you can do is not lead it back to your den to kill everyone else.


These guys are always valid, have colonizer status, and will likely have no reservation in shooting your eyes out of your skull if they know this. They usually have advanced weapons like PkA’s or crushers, but they don’t have spears and their base even has a shuttle, meaning they can access the station if they aren’t lost.
To recognize a Miner, look for:

  • Normal legs (The weird stumpy feet that can wear shoes)
  • The grey/green miner uniform and mask.
  • A lack of a spear/A KA in hand.

Even with this, always exercise caution with trying to kill a miner, as they could still be a lizard doing a fleshy weakling cosplay or some shit. Maybe give a warning to a lizard if you see them, as most miners are too retarded to figure out that we can’t speak Galactic Common for whatever reason. If you see them speaking the colonist language then blast their ass though.


That last part had me laughing. One thing though, unless something literally changed a day or two ago, we can speak galactic common.

That’s legit the only reason I wasn’t gassed to death by the CE that one round.

I swear I remember GC being removed from Ash Walkers a while ago. Either way I forgo using the colonist tongue when I play Ash Walker regardless.

Ashwalkers can definitely still speak it, but most either don’t know how to swap to it, or are just like you, and prefer to speak draconic.

I play a lizard so I have a chance of not getting killed to death by the ashwalkers. It’s good when it works out, sad when it doesn’t.

cheese it by getting a chair to strap a dead body on and use as a shield. or a dead borg…

I think I came along for the capturing expedition too. As a medic mind you, and CE basically told me to and well y’know.

I uh felt bad afterwards but couldn’t really do much.

Twas an epic story so, it’s cool.