Suit sensors

Nanotrasen has equipped all crew member jumpsuits for their safety. They are used by the chief medical officer, the AI, and the warden other heads of staff (once in a blue moon) to locate you through the crew monitoring console, portable crew monitor, and crew pinpointer in case you go missing, you are needed, or something otherwise happens to you. If someone glances at the console just at the right time, they could even witness your ongoing murder and interfere to catch the killer!

The suit sensors are located on your jumpsuit. You can change them by right-clicking on your jumpsuit and choosing “set suit sensors,” or by inputting the “toggle suit sensors” command, in the Object tab to the top right of your screen. The prison jumpsuits cannot have their sensors altered, they are stuck on the ‘tracking beacon’ setting and can’t be changed.

What it tells them

Depending on how high you set yours, more information will be available to crew monitors. Higher suit sensor levels will use all the characteristics of the lower levels.

Level 1: Off
Tells nothing. You don’t even show up on the monitor.

Level 2: Binary
Simply tells if you are alive or dead. The name that shows up on the monitor is the same one on the ID that is being worn, and if no ID is worn, you will show up as ‘Unknown’, even if you aren’t wearing anything concealing your identity.

Level 3: Vitals tracker
Tells what your vital statistics are, separating damage by suffocation (blue), toxin (green), burn (orange), and brute (red).

Level 4: Tracking beacon
The maximum level, and the suit sensor level that the prison jumpsuits are stuck on. Tells what area of the station you’re currently in, and allows crew pinpointers to lock on to you.

A footnote

If you don’t put your suit sensors on tracking level early in the round, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A SEC OR HEAD OF STAFF, you kind of deserve whatever happens to you.

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Cannot stress this enough.

you do realize what the pubby station “”"""""""""""""“personal examination room”"""""""""""""""" is for

yes, it’s for the alternative to not having your suit sensors on maximum

that’s where i inject them with lethal amounts of meth

yes, you choose one or the other

the personal examination room is for if you don’t want to go through the trouble of flicking a fucking switch on your rather simple corporate provided unisex jumpsuit/hazmat suit