Pretzel's Ultimate Guide to Based Security


So, you want to be the OG greentext deniers, the bane of all assistants and the doom of all mimes and clowns?

Well, the Supreme Shitsec is right here to teach you. I am here to reveal to you the secrets of how to be maximum shitsec and get away with it.

I see a lot of unrobust sec around, either poor procedure, lacking knowledge or just general unrobustness. This guide’s purpose is to be a repository of sorts for my knowledge of the role and to provide information to anybody willing to gain more insight into what being sec means, ways of being more robust and other knowledge related to security in general.

1) What does shitsec even mean?

This is the first thing I wish to clarify as everybody and their mother will call out shitsec the moment they’re being cuffed, regardless if it’s for them being set to wanted or random check or them breaking into chemistry and then running around in space, cutting AI wires to everything and acting in any way not-suspicious like that.

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It means unjust use of force and abuse of power, that’s it.

Note: An officer might be doing something because they have more information than you do, them arresting you and not writing a wall of text detailing the reason behind it is not shitsec.

Examples of shitsec:

  • Harmbatoning with no justification. The batons power is in the stam damage, not in the brute damage it does. Everybody will reee if you actually harmbaton people, trust me you don’t want that bother.

  • Lack of knowledge, accusing that assistant with a foam armblade of being a ling and then making their life hard is bad. Improper procedure is also bad. Stripping the guy you want to check in the hallways where their stuff gets stolen is proper shitsec.

  • Abusing your power, don’t go around stunning and flashing random people. The admins might bwoink you for it but don’t wait for their bwoink, just don’t do this. If you’re doing a random search, follow proper procedure.

  • Curb stomping the clown to give them superpowers

  • Amputating the mimes arms because “hehe, he can’t talk, now he can’t write”

Not shitsec:

  • Random checks on blue alert or higher, sec is permitted to check anybody they feel like, and the searches can be increasingly more intrusive depending on the level of suspicion you have raised.

  • Arresting you for minor infractions, breaking in is a crime, this is not the greytide olympics, you break windows and walls to greytide, security is empowered to arrest, brig you and take all the items you got from wherever you broke into.

  • Doing their job and following orders of their superios, self explanatory.

2) General tips and suggestions:

If you’re just looking for little things that you could improve on, this section will contain most of those tips.

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  • Speed is your best friend, you need to be fast in processing and decision making, every second you spend standing still is a second a person is either getting their gun out or a second they’re getting closer to uncuffing themselves.
    Have your mood always full! It helps you move faster.
  • Be decisive, arrest first, take to brig, brig procedure, talk after.
  • Is somebody marked for arrest? Disable them, cuff them, take them to a sec outpost or to the brig, and follow the brig procedure and talk while in the secure place. DO NOT TALK WITH THEM OUT IN THE OPEN, DO NOT LOITER AROUND WITH THE CUFFED GUY IN TOW, YOU WILL GET DISABLED, SHOT, MOBBED OR ELSE!
  • Look at your surroundings. Are a lot of people closing in on you and you don’t know their intent? Throw a flash bang, drag the guy you’re arresting if you’re arresting anybody at that point to a secure place, if necessary abandon the idea of fighting them and run! Paranoia is your best friend.
    If anybody is approaching you and you can’t determine their intent, assume they want to get the upper hand on you.
  • Use your eyes!! Is some guy pretending to be an engineer but has a medical backpack? Check that fool. Verify all discrepancies, if anybody has gear or equipment they normally should not have, there’s a big chance there’s something fucky going on there.
  • Somebody wearing sec gear and ID but no mindshield? Arrest first, ask questions after.
  • Somebody wearing face covering and no ID? Or somebody wearing an ID that does not match their clothes or a hardsuit and does not talk? Probably has something to hide. Arrest and check.
  • Do not walk around with your gun or equipment out! You might get slipped, shoved or any number of things that could lead to you dying.
  • Stay away from glass tables, tables in general and walls, this is doubly so if you have any equipment in your hands.
  • Have your equipment recharged and ready, if you get to the brig, you make sure you recharge everything, baton, disabler, pepper spray. Get a new flash or cuffs if you need to.
  • You have 1 slot for a small item in your jackboots and 2 slots in your armor vest, USE THEM!
  • Disabler is powerful and underrated, use it!
  • Flash can be activated in hand and will flash surrounding people that have no eye protection and confuse them and blind them, use it as such for easy arrests.
  • If a security is getting cloned or getting medical attention or is otherwise disabled, protect them and their equipment.
  • If you’re in a dangerous situation, back away and request help from the rest of security or deal with the people involved separately.
  • Be wary of people giving out false information. I had shifts where a traitor purposefully brings in a traitor item to “get in the good graces of security” and to be considered as “trusted”. However sec trusts nobody, sometimes not even themselves, thus when on further analysis and critical thinking it seemed fishy, the guy was arrested, and guess what? Traitor. Also be wary of people trying to get sec to do their objective for them. I have had traitors call out AI as malf and using some bullshit excuse such as “rogue borg!!”, while it’s a valid tactic for them, you need to be careful to not do the dirty work of antags. USE CRITICAL THINKING!!
  • Do not accept job changes to sec, if you need more officers, tell HoP or Cap to open more slots and to have a higher priority on them. To properly accept somebody as sec you need to: Check for contraband, take away their PDA, pen and headset, perform a ling check, give holy water and then implant. Conscripts are fine if the situation is of such a nature as to allow randoms to be trustworthy, such as conversion antags getting deconverted.
  • Drink holy water to become immune to cult spells, coffee to help with being cryostung
  • Do not go alone in maints if a threat such as ling or cult is confirmed, unless you’re very confident in your robustness
  • Equip bulletproof armor for nukies and gangs, riot armor for revolutions, shields are good always, but especially against bullets.
  • I highly suggest gibbing traitors and basically every antagonist that can be cloned or otherwise revived. Also destroy their traitor objectives to make sure even if by divine intervention they do come back, they can’t get that greentext. I once had a shift where a non-antag broke into reeducation, broke into a locked locker in there, took the corpse of a traitor and then cloned them, for absolutely 0 reason.
  • Be creative, implant your own security team with tracking implants, that way you will be able to teleport to them if they go missing or need help. Make use of non-conventional tools. There are MANY, MANY ways to become more robust, knowledge from every department, every workplace can help.

3) General preparation:

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This is the preparation that ALL sec should do:

  • Have a full belt of security tools, sechud, bowman. (Some people have different
  • Medkit, basic is good but you should have a way to deal with all types of damage. You can make a mixed medkit. (Medkit should contain: Brute heal, Burn heal, Toxin heal, Oxy heal(epi works fine, just use it as soon as you see yourself taking oxy damage) and the analyzer).
  • Coffee (for lings or for cult but this will be explained later, or maybe just for a warm beverage)

Optional but recommended:

  • Full tool belt and insulated
  • Crew monitor and pinpointer (You can put these in your armor vest)

More things can be added based on the threat to the station, but that will be discussed in the antag section.

4) Brig procedure:

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Note: If you need to do something else than process the arrested, strip them fully in the locker, close and lock it, buckle them to bed, and get back as soon as possible.
So you arrested some guy and got him to the brig, these are the things you need to do:

  • Get to a brig cell, or if they’re all full to the holding cell
  • Open locker, position person over the locker
  • Strip everything besides the jumpsuit (the only thing jumpsuit can be is chameleon, and if they have that, they have something else too)
  • Buckle the person to the bed and start looking through their stuff.
  • Check bag for any traitor equipment or contraband, check any boxes within the bag, if there is anything that could be chameleon there, pick it up to verify, check all beakers, chems(Detective can check the contents of beakers), be aware of what their job can have and can’t. Don’t arrest roboticists for having flashes.
  • Open everything that can hold items, outer clothing, jackboots, cape if they have one,
  • Pick up all their stuff to verify for chameleon.
  • If they’re a traitor, call the warden or hos for “reeducation”.
  • If they’re not and they have stuff not belonging to their job, that stuff is now theirs. Assistant has tool belt and insulated? You now have tools and insulated. (Note: Do not actually take peoples stuff out in the halls just because they have them, you need justification first.)
  • Set timer, different people have different preferences, but I like giving long timers as punishment for everything because you have to educate the shitters somehow.

Note: There are additional steps such as implant checking or ling check but this depends on the confirmed threat to the station and they usually require warden or hos input before doing.

5) The Sec Gang:

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Head of Security

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Delegate, delegate, delegate!!

You are the most important part of security and your gun does not give you invulnerability, you’re not a one man army, DO NOT DIE.
HoS is a very flexible role, however your role is not to be the ultimate validhunter to go out with your gun after every single person with a warrant on their head. It’s to enable your officers to the best of your ability, to provide guidance for them and to provide them with equipment to do whatever they need to do. Basically you need to be on top of every situation.

Security budget card is the most important on the station as it should be used almost constantly for equipment, be it medical supplies, weapons and armor or just entertainment.

Your job:

  • Equip your team
  • Coordinate your team
  • Deal with command issues
  • Fill in whatever duties there are, in order of severity
  • Demote shitsec (Hurr durr demote yourself btw)
  • Everything from extorting protection money from the crew and harmbatoning the clown, to imprisoning the captain and declaring the station to be a fascists state.

List of things you need to do:

  • Secure the contents of your locker. Take all the money from the sec budget and put it on your ID. Take with you your seclite, secbelt and hos gun. The items which I put in the safe are the sec huds, the spare headsets, pinpointer, budget card and lathe board. You may distribute the headsets to your squad if you feel like.(Use the safe and put a code on it, it stores all mentioned items.)

  • Buy stuff for your squad, you’re the guy with the money, ask them what they want and anticipate future needs, I usually buy security webbings for whoever uses them, ask with your loud mode and if anybody wants, they’ll tell you. I also go to medbay and buy everything important from their vendors, all the advanced medikits and sprays but that should be done by brig phys, but I’ll get there.

  • Delegate tasks for everybody under your command, tell the brig physician to go get more medical supplies and to do that geneva convetion breaking surgery on the prisoners, tell the officers to bring you the clown for nuggeting, tell the warden to cut all AI connections and cameras, it’s all in your power to do!

  • Ensure your department obeys you, that one officer is a retard? Stun his ass and then demote. The brig physician not lobotomizing the clown? Demote. Also, punish any shitsec behaviour and the lack of robustness.

  • Keep your squad alive. Officers having trouble? Rough situation? Another person would be nice for a gang beatdown? Move your ass. Also, important, note if people go SSD or missing, ask the HoP or Cap to open new slots and set priority on whatever sec personnel you want.

  • Keep your squad entertained. Have the warden build an electric chair or guillotine for the entertainment of your sec gang, nothing like taking turns with the remote controller zapping a traitor. Organize a nugget race once in a while, arrest the mime and the clown and have them fight to death for securities entertainment. Build a deep fryer in the brig and fry every single bit of a traitor, starting with the brain, to fill your belly.


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Warden is an odd role because you have a lot of power, arguably you’re more dangerous and better armed than the HoS himself. But it’s often under used by the wet noodles players that just go up and down the brig doing nothing or go SSD at their desk while waiting for the next guy to be brought in.

You have an equal responsibility to the HoS I’d argue, the difference being that while the HoS is responsible for the entire station, while the warden is responsible only for the brig.

It’s your choice if you want to be a based warden that has a chad brig that has never been penetrated by anybody or a virgin warden that lets crowds of people loiter in the brig. I can tell you that any HoS will appreciate a robust warden.

Playing warden is racing against time, you will never have enough time to do everything you want, reinforcing the brig will take the most of your time, but don’t abandon your other duties, processing arrested and keeping the brig clean of tards is your first priority. It’s not a bad idea to have an officer help you with the reinforcing. Also law 2 any engiborg you see to help you, give them a specific task or else they might wander of.

Your job:

  • Reinforce the brig
  • Process arrested people
  • Handle the distribution of sec gear to the rest of security
  • Use the damn crew monitor and use the cameras!!

List of things you need to do:

  • Equip the gear from your locker, usually shotgun and laser on you, put the krav gloves on and you’re good to go.

  • From the moment the round starts, you’re on the clock, you need to make the brig as impenetrable as possible for anybody, traitor or greytider, trying to get in.
    In my opinion this is the order you should be doing this is this: Barrier grenade the weak parts right away > Cut the AI connection to air alarms and apcs > Open the cover of doors, cut the ai wire, then reinforce with metal (plasteel is highly preferred but I do recommend going the extra mile to plasteel the high risk doors but is hard to come by so metal will do) to protect against people breaking in.
    Some maps have more exposed layouts, learn the weakness of every station’s brig, example is pubby: Equipment room can be broken into in like 20-30 seconds, high risk, move all the equipment lockers, vendors and EVA suits out of there and into the meeting room. Deconstruct the random tables there.

  • Sporadically check in on comms with your officers, check the crew monitor and you can look on the cameras, especially check what the borgs are doing since you can look in their cameras.

  • If a new person has been arrested by an officer, you can do the processing yourself if the officer requests it.

  • Keep the brig clean!! Blood? Clean it. Objects on the floor? If they’re contraband or they’re supposed to go into evidence, take them there, else throw in the trash. Random people in the brig? Leg sweep, stun and throw out, the lawyers have an office, tell them to loiter there. HoP wants to get into armory with their illegal AA? Leg sweep, neck chop, curb stomp and throw out.
    The brig is a reflection of yourself, it’s your temple more so than your body is.

  • PROTECT THE BRIG!! Anybody tries to get in forcefully? You’re justified to pull out the lethals. AI might not like it but that’s why we cut all the AI wires earlier. No but really, detain them non-lethally if you can, else don’t hesitate to fill them with holes.

  • Help with entertainment, if you have time build that guillotine, that electric chair or other fun ways to dispatch of the traitors.

Note: Do not leave the brig a lot, only if truly necessary, such as the only other sec is dying or it’s an emergency, ask officers or HoS or anybody else from sec to bring you stuff, however do keep in mind that you should retain your flexibility and you’re not actually glued to the brig.

Brig Physician

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Pretty straightforward.

Your job:

  • Have enough medical supplies in the brig. Ask HoS for money to order from cargo if you need medkits, buy stuff from the vendors in medbay, whatever is necessary, have medical supplies in the brig.
  • Tend to ALL the medical necessities of security personnel, no sec should go to medbay to get treated if there is a brig physician on station.
  • Perform any surgeries requested by HoS or Warden, implant checks, ling checks, pacifications, etc.
  • Makeshift Unit 731 if the HoS gives the go for it.
  • Be a security officer if there aren’t enough.


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Anything weird going on in the station? Facts not lining up? AI possible malf? Lings infiltrated command? The clown is eating crayons? You’re the man to find it all out and reveal all the details to light.

Your job:

  • Coordinate with the rest of security to find objects to scan, places to check, evidence to gather, clues to piece and people to interview.
  • Be a sec officer if need be.
  • CHECK THE DAMN CAMERAS FROM YOUR OFFICE!! Especially the borgs!!

Security Officer

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Finally here, you are the meat and potatoes of security, the white bread, you make it all come together.

Fundamentally it’s a simple job. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’re the most flexible role of the brig. You can be out on patrols, you can be a courier, an engineer, a medic, and so on.

Your job:

  • Coordinate with your superiors to figure out what needs to be done and how you can help. The brig works best when everybody cooperates.

  • Patrol, patrol, patrol! Don’t idle around in the brig. Breaks are fine, but not if there’s a situation that needs dealing with right away. But patrol everywhere, halls, your assigned department, MAINTS ESPECIALLY, and find contraband, antagonists and maybe a corpse or two, don’t spend all your time in the main halls.

  • Arrest all the people that are set to arrest. Arrest all suspicious people.

  • Perform random bag checks on anybody you feel like except your superiors and coworkers (unless you have a good reason, such as suspected ling takeover).

6) Other relevant crew:

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I will talk about them from the perspective of security, what they can do to help security and how they can hinder it, I will exclude from this the cases in which these are antagonists.


Note: Not the malf kind

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It’s merely a machine, obviously there are AI’s that are thirsty and look specifically at the brig all the time to spot the first harm baton to give them a reason to say “the popo is not trustworthy to not cause crew harm”, but that’s why you cut all the AI connections in the brig right away and this is why you have insuls and a tool belt. However to take note of what AI is on the station and figure out of they’re a thirsty mofo or they just leave you to do your own thing.

The biggest part here is honestly the captain, which comes right after.

Can help sec with:

  • Tracking down the exact location of criminals.
  • Can spot crime being committed a lot more easily.
  • Can assist in arrests by locking down areas where a criminal is in.
  • Is the most powerful being on the station for the most part, and if the laws are just right, it can cuck almost all antags in one way or another.

Can hinder sec with:

  • Locking down the brig or purposefully stopping all sec activity because “muh crewharmers”

The Captain

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This one is a mixed bag, a great and robust captain can lead through the worst of times and help immensely. A bad captain can just be dicking around in their room, kidnap Ian from the HoP, die, lose AA to the whatever threat there is and others.

Can help sec with:

  • Changing AI laws to empower sec and to enable the AI to deal with the valids themselves, this is the biggest one to be honest.
  • Lead from the front as a shining beacon of resolution and determination, opening the guts of traitors and letting them die slowly like the dogs they are for trying to ruin his beautiful station.
  • Coordinating with security personnel to provide them what they need and can’t get.
  • Being a second HoS.

Can hinder sec with:

  • Dying
  • Cuddling Ian all shift and then dying
  • Giving AA to anybody outside of sec
  • Dying

Head of Personnel

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Oh boi. Do you like random greytiders being made into sec officers? Did I mention that 99% of people wanting a job change to sec are antags in one way or another? Be very suspect of any HoP, as they hold a disproportionate amount of power for how little responsibility they have outside of just not dying.

Remember that no matter what, HoP is not within the chain of command of sec at all, he can be safely ignored or arrested if he’s trying anything. He cannot order or demote any security.

Can help sec with:

  • Providing additional access to sec personnel
  • Providing information to sec about who is asking for what kind of access, paperwork

Can hinder sec with:

  • Giving AA
  • Dying
  • Giving AA
  • Dying

Heads of Whatever

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I won’t say much about the heads generally, they are goods and service providers. Be wary of them as they are prime syndicate beef a lot of the time. Be wary of the strength of each department:

Science can make bad borgs, mechs and subvert the AI.

Medical can drug you to never wake up again, then they can debrain you and you’re a goner.

Engineering can plasmaflood or die to their own incompetence which resulted in the delamming of the SM.

Cargo is cargo.


Continuation because hit character limit before:

7) Threats to the station:

I won’t go into every little detail, this is a general guide on how you should proceed once you know the threats to the station and how to identify them in some cases.

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Traitors, syndicate, EAA, IAA, Nukies

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General syndicate

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They are extremely varied and the bottom line is that they are there to kill somebody, steal something or kill everybody. It’s the classical game of cat and mouse.

Note: If you can figure it out it’s IAA, you can catch multiple traitors at once by going after their target.

Ways to deal with:

  • Random checks
  • Check anybody that seems in the least suspicious.
  • Once they’re known, track and do not let them breath, or they might escape.

Once you deal with them, you might get some epic gamer loot that’s cool to have.

Nuke ops

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Bad guys in cool spess suits are coming for that nuke disk and for your booty. Don’t let them have the disk.
The good thing about nuke ops is that once they’ve revealed themselves, you know that there is no other antags on the station.

Note: Nuke ops only have bullet based guns, no energy. Use that to your advantage.

Things to do:

  • Make sure the disk is in safe hands
  • Turn off all PDA messaging, you really don’t want to get crippled by a random PDA bomb
  • Get armed up before the greytiders with AA get their grubby hands on your guns
  • Build defenses around the station
  • USE THE NUMBERS ADVANTAGE, you can pick off the nukies 1 by 1 using superior numbers, even a seasoned player will have issues dealing with multiple people at once

Malf AI

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This one is tricky due to the sheer power of AI in general but since you cut the AI connection to the brig and the addition of breaching slugs it’s not that hard to deal with.

Ways to spot:

  • Any sudden cut in tcomms
  • Track the borgs cameras and see if they do bad stuff
  • Anything with an interface blowing up
  • Hacked APC (Dark blue with pulsating red lines)
  • Refusing carding or killing anybody attempting to card it

Ways to deal with:

  • Destroy all borgs you see, flash and smash, or ion and smash
  • Cut all cameras and AI access from everything
  • Load up your EVA suits, get your shotgun with breaching slugs
  • Invade the AI sat
  • Find and destroy hacked APCs, AI might shunt to a hacked APC, it’s basically gone at that point but should still destroy that APC. It will be marked as “copy” of the AI

The real strength of malf AI is in the stealth aspect, but follow the tips earlier, use your brain, and if you see tcomms being cut, times where the AI is “busy” and refusal of carding or the death of anybody who went to card it, it’s malf.


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Changy-bois, what these guys want is to get you alone for a nice mute sting and stabbing, to then succ you dry.

Ways to identify:

  • See an active changeling ability. (Heal, blade, shield, etc)
  • Unable to strip some stuff from a person, that means it’s either a special case or a changeling that transformed into somebody else (if they transform, they mimic all the gear that that person had on at that time)
  • Sec but no mindshield
  • People transforming into others
  • Cryo sting

Ling check procedure:

  • Organ manipulation on the head > remove brain > try to put brain into MMI. If it says “brain is useless” and it won’t go in the MMI at all, it’s ling. If it does go into an MMI, put the brain back in the head and defib the now dead guy right away! (Doesn’t hurt to use an epipen on the corpse if you plan on taking your time, since that prevents organ decay for a short bit)
  • There’s a way to check with BZ apparently. They supposedly die from it but I never got to verify that as BZ is not that easy to obtain for sec.

Dealing with a ling threat:

  • Coffee, it’s a must have in ling rounds! If you see yourself getting really cold for no apparent reason, drink coffee right away!!
  • FIRE, FIRE, FIRE. Use incendiary rounds for your shotgun, while they’re in flames, they can’t regen.
  • Stun from a distance, if they shriek you walk, if they EMP you use baton. Ideally you want to keep them stunned at ALL times until the gibbing, because they might be able to use their cuff escape to get out.
  • Lethals will also disable them for a bit, until they revive. If they have no chemicals, this might take them plenty of time.
  • Non-conventional: Use chems from the chemist, such as chloral, lexorin or other such to put them to sleep for a while, as they will have to

Ways to gib:

  • Gibber in the kitchen
  • Shuttle gib in the brig or mining bay
  • Cremation in the chapel or if it’s pubby in the brig
  • I believe a mech continuously drilling also gibs but this takes a while

Creative solutions:

  • Keep the lings forever asleep in the reeducation room by putting them in gassing chamber and pumping gas there. Bonus points if you use an anesthetic tank on top of all that. Be wary that they can adrenal and close the valve on the anesthetic tank if they’re fast. That’s why you fill the entire room.
  • Sadly they’re too dangerous to keep as house pets so outside the sleeping, there really isn’t much you can do.

Conversion antags: Cults, Revolution, Gangs, Monkeys

Conversion antags are fundamentally a race against time between sec and them. Your job here is to be fast and be decisive. Priorities in all but monkeys should be: Secure heads of staff - Secure cargo - Order mindshields - Secure highly destructive work places (Atmos, toxins, robotics)

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This advice goes for both of them, the difference is the finale.

Fundamentally what cults do is: Capture > Convert > Repeat

The main problem with cults is that, with the exception of blood cult milestones, you can’t actually tell who is cult and who is not, also deconversion is more time consuming, it requires the help of the chaplain on top of the orders of mindshield from cargo.

What to do if a cult is confirmed:

  • Secure the chaplain, take them to the brig and bring them water tanks there
  • Have holy water cups on yourself. You can buy coffee, drink it or throw it away and then fill it up with holy water. Drink it all the time yourself, it will make you immune to cult spells, which is incredibly powerful, this will enable you to be a one man army against the cults, early on.
  • Procedure for deconverting somebody is: Make them drink a lot of holy water, I think 40u deconverts them, however they will say specific phrases if they’re fed holy water, that is a confirmation of them being cult in case you didn’t know for sure. > wait for the deconversion message > mindshield. MINDSHIELD ALONE IS USELESS. Do not hesitate to give mindshields to non-converted crew once the crew has reached either the halos or red glowing eyes. Once they’re deconverted and mindshielded, let them go
  • Protect AI, constructs can kill the AI too easy, just take it to the brig so it’s protected. Also define whatever converted it is to not be crew
  • If it’s blood cult, call shuttle right away. If it’s clock, secure as many people as you can to be deconverted and mindshielded and prepare for the final battle
  • I think extinguishers with holy water deconvert IPCs, but not sure about that entirely


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Nasty little buggers that can get a lot of firepower very fast.

What you should do if gangs are reported:

  • Get a riot shield and bulletproof armor right away, they protect a lot against them
  • Secure cargo!! Go in there, get the QM implanted as soon as possible and get that cargo budget
  • Secure command roles, this is extremely important because RD can very quickly subvert the AI, or the captain can randomly die which would lead to AA to whatever gang killed him
  • Order as many mindshields as you can
  • Stun people, bring them in for mindshields, release
  • If a dominator is reported, go there fast and bring lethals. Chances are it’s an entire gang grouped up. Bring some breaching shells to go through the doors fast. Destroy the dominator
  • You found somebody that cannot be mindshielded? Take them to reeducation for a brain correction, use your boots for quick brain surgery
  • Beware they can mindshield break you!! Do not get crit by them, do not go too far into their territory alone, they might gang up on you and turn you against your sec family
  • Secure high risk areas and the people working there


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When you get a lot of social studies graduates things tend to get a little bit револуционарй. Or maybe they sent them here because they had nowhere else to send them? Either way, these guys want to eat the 1% for breakfast. And while you’re not the 1%, you’re trying to stop them, which makes you worse.

What to do to stop the communist uprising:

  • Tell the captain to let the AI know of the results of socialism
  • Get riot gear and shields if you feel like
  • Secure cargo and mindshield all of the people working there
  • Tell the heads to get their budget cards and come right away to the brig. Once they’re there, mindshield them to confirm their identity and to more easily keep track of them
  • Buy all the mindshields you can from cargo
  • The revolutionaries will get increasingly more dangerous with every passing second. Secure the destructive areas, do not let a rogue atmos engineer set the brig on fire.


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The big daddy, the murderboner, the one who shall murder the entire station for a benign object. On the same level of destruction as nukies, but this one is a 1 man army.

No matter why he’s here, you must eradicate this threat. Not only for the possible gamer loot that you can get from him, but because even a friendly wizard is only friendly until he’s bored. Murderboning will happen. In the case it doesn’t, the crew will turn into monkeys regardless and the station will be in chaos, for the simple fact that the wizard is there.

Unfortunately there is no 1 way to definitely murder all wizards, lethals work best as any wizard worth his salt will have jaunt and/or blink to get out of stuns. They start off with no eye protection, and if you can put a muzzle on one, you might have just gotten yourself a spess wizard pet (not sure if it stops all spell casts though).

A quick flash might be all you need. Regardless, godspeed in dealing with this one. Note that you don’t have to restrict yourself to only sec options for this one, a flamethrower or a syringe gun loaded with something nasty also does the job. ( Syringe gun loaded with lethal syringe can end the wizard before they really figured out what is going on)

Mid round antags

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I won’t talk about these as much because they’re pretty straight forward from a security perspective and the wiki does a good job explaining them, I will just be extremely brief about what your job as sec is here:


Move laser guns AND rechargers to the wherever the battlefield is. Do not die. Shoot blob. Profit.

Note: Blob is the perfect time for antagonists to pursue their objectives, if their objective is to steal a valuable and important object and they didn’t do it yet, they most certainly will during the blob rush.


Security itself is actually not as important here. Protect robotics, make durands, equip said durands with lasers, profit. Also, don’t go alone ANYWHERE, xenos don’t care how robust you are, they will most definitely murder you.

Note: Turning off gravity can ruin most xeno’s life, since they can’t really throw anything to go close to walls and their extreme speed makes them vulnerable to being stuck mid hallways.

Space ninja

Basically just a very decked out syndicate. Use lethals, he’ll die eventually. Also no such thing as friendly ninja. If he uses the bubble on you, you MUST hit the bubble to get out. Or you’re forever exiled.


Stun and then lethal them, it will make their life hell, DO NOT GO CLOSE or they will stun baton.

The rest

Are pretty binary and easy to kill, lacking any remarkable strengths. Flash the nightmare and then lethal.

Ending words

We’re here to have fun, so don’t hesitate to be creative. Don’t be shitsec, ignore the salt from the people you arrest. Gib the antags.

Let me know if you disagree with anything I said or if you think anything else should be added.

Post your own experiences and idea regarding security in the comments!


Better be dang sure they’re an antag before you gib them.

Damn right. Gotta be proper or get banned.

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damn this is pretty thorough

Of course, this has incorrect brig procedure just like @VictorPride’s guide – no wonder security is absolute trash 99.99% of the time on Bee. Most of these people that are writing guides, have never actually read space law themselves.

Here is the official BEE WIKI brig procedure, anything else should result in a job ban.

Brig Procedures

Standard Operational Procedures for brigging are as follows:

  1. Take the prisoner to the brig and inform the Warden of their crimes so their Security Record may be updated.
  2. Take the prisoner to a brig cell, set the time and activate the timer.
  3. Enter the cell with the prisoner in tow, open the cell locker and hold the prisoner over it.
  4. Empty their pockets and remove their gloves, backpacks, tool belt, gas masks, and any flash resistant equipment such as Sunglasses, Welding Masks/Goggles, Space Helmets, etc.
  5. Buckle the prisoner to the bed.
  6. Search the items removed and be sure to check the internals box in their backpack.
  7. Confiscate any contraband and/or stolen items, as well as any tools that may be used for future crimes.
    These are to be placed in evidence, not left on the brig floor or your personal use , until they can be returned to their rightful owners.
  8. Close the locker and lock it .
  9. Stun the prisoner, remove their cuffs, stun them again, pick up the cuffs then leave the cell.
  10. Modify their brig sentence for additional offences or good behavior, if applicable.

Do NOT fully strip the prisoner unless they have earned a permanent sentence.


Once you deal with them, you might get some epic gamer loot that’s cool to have.

Goes directly against the wiki guidelines. Anything you confiscate from a tator should be bagged and thrown into evidence lockers.

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You’re forgetting one thing, that brig procedure is for giving a sentence to a greytider or minor crime.

For as long as traitor gear can be anything besides items in bags, you should check everything. The moment blue alert comes up, you KNOW there is a threat to the station, anything less than full search means you’re not doing your due diligence. If it’s green, then yeah, bag search, pocket search.

Not using traitor gear for your own benefit is narrow minded and shows inflexibility. There have been enough times I broke into AI sat with X4 confiscated from traitors, or where a traitor gun was used to issue justice to other traitors.

Fundamentally a brig procedure must:

  • Identify if the arrested person is a traitor or not, by verifying all their items.
  • If not traitor, to be a place where one that has broken the law is held for securely, that is to say from where they cannot escape and from where any officer will have no problem restraining again. ( This is why toolbelt and flash protection is removed)

Also reminder that space law is only a suggestion, only thing frowned upon is grossly disproportionate sentencing. Such as 10 min + for a shove, or perma for theft.

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Your guide is mostly valid hunting and power gaming. Should only be applied to LRP servers.

Valid hunting is secs job. I am pretty explicit that the job of sec is to stop the threats to the station (that is the valids) and that while I joke around, I do not encourage violence towards people that have done no wrong.

The only powergaming I even suggested is having a tool belt and insulated, using traitor gear to secs own advantage. I didn’t say start building an entire medical department in sec, or robotics. Although both of those can be viable things to do given certain circumstances.

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  1. No Powergaming

Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

Your guide explicitly suggests breaking the rules.

I am suggesting being flexible, yeah. The moment you start banning everybody not an engineer carrying tool belts is the moment I will change my mind on those.

As for the gamer gear, they are collected within the brig, it’s the HoS decision to distribute them or to use them. As they are from that point sec property.


This is a guide to based security. Not cucksec.

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Trying to say “Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”” applies to sec in this scenario

It’s part of security’s (as well as miner’s) jobs to be adequately prepared for the direct and indirectly combatting threats. It’s part of their regular job to commonly deal with these threats, not “just in case”.

Where does it say security is exempt from power gaming rules? Please cite specific rulings.

Rulings don’t always keep up with the reality, for example it was made explicit the other day that the CE is exempt from “you should not be in your hardsuit all round” rule because d’uh, but some people need it spelled out a bit more.

The reality is it’s common sense that miners and security need to have adequate gear to keep up with the threats they have to face.

Adequate gear is provided in the armory. Security should not be using traitor items to do their job. Any other MRP server and that would be a ban for power-gaming in all but the most dire of circumstances, and those circumstances are extremely rare, basically a ‘we had no other option situation’.

Until the recent addition of breaching slugs, sec legitimately lacked a way of reliably even getting into locked places. It’s asinine to say that there aren’t other niches that sec doesn’t have an appropriate answer for that could be filled with traitor equipment that got confiscated.

Just call the AI. I’m sure they can handle it. :grinning:

With that logic the various contraband items that spawn in the armory, other parts of the station and gateway can only be collected by sec and subsequently collect dust. I think you’re looking for HRP if you think along those lines.

Security is especially woeful in late-game compared to other departments, this provides some way to balance the odds vs antags who go loud later after getting nanites, hiero staff, drake armor, augments, implants etc all on top of their traitor/changeling loadout.

What you are looking for is LRP buddy. If you wanna collect dangerous contraband on Golden in case the traitors are power-gaming themselves that’s on you. It should not be acceptable on MRP.

Edit: If you need superior gear contact the science department, that’s their role.

Now I know what @anon60218928 means about people getting mad when sec cucks all the antags :flushed: