Fun facts or things you may have not known before

Apparently you can force the AI to call the shuttle by throwing an EMP grenade near it’s core, or just mixing some iron and uranium; it has a 15% chance to do so though.

if you set someone’s medical records to ‘insane’ beepsky will murk them as if they were set to wanted

crab 17 phone drains the money into your currently equipped ID, instead of the money just being sent to the shadow realm

if you load a foam force/donksoft gun with a pen you can make the shots deal 5 brute damage, on top of the 25 stamina damage if its loaded with riot darts

you can emag the security temperature gun to disable the safeties and use it outside of its normal temperature range, i.e. freezing people solid to lighting them on fire from the inside

An agent card, which can be used to make you untrackable by the AI, can also scan other IDs to copy their access, producing no special message for spectators: you can do it pretty much anywhere in full view of everyone. Have fun standing in the HoP’s line by queuing up behind someone with large amounts of access and copying that access on the diagonal while the ID is placed on the table. Also scanning an agent card with another agent card give the scanning agent card the permissions of both, you can create a ghetto captains ID with a few low level ID’s you just find laying around.

You can hide things in the back of a toilet by removing the cap with a crowbar.

If you grab someone and use them on a open toilet, you give them a swirly that drowns them. If it is closed, it slams the affected person into the toilet seat.

no slips are probably one of the most powerful tools you can buy as a traitor

with an emag and a chameleon projector, you can become the most ninja fucker on the station by completing any objective (killing someone is easy if you can slip into the armory), going anywhere you want to, basically if you do it right people will think you have a fucking hand tele or something

literally fucking no one expects freedom implants

you can resist out of restraints while in a disposal unit

energy swords can disable door bolts

if youre a traitorous enough person with HoP level access (which, in that case, means you’re fucking gay, because HoP antagonists are mega gay) and you don’t want security on you or your lads dicks, literally just close the job positions, because an understaffed security team is a shitcurity team, just remember that you can only add or remove one job position every 5 minutes on an ID console so that’s why you slip into tech storage and make another ID console

if you REALLY don’t want to die at the hands of sec, you can just surrender and be sent to the permabrig, i’ve done it a handful of times myself which is why you hide a fully loaded toolbelt or an emag in the permabrig bathrooms beforehand

the syndicate black and red striped toolbox does 15 damage and 18 when thrown, making it as strong as a null rod

this is a super secret traitor tip, but you can actually complete a lot of your non murder objectives by being polite

Reverse pickpocketing doesn’t produce a message for people you try it on (unless it fails). You can reverse pickpocket syndicate minibombs onto people. You can start the timer on the minibomb after you start the pickpocket attempt but before it’s actually placed. At point blank range, the minibomb gibs provided the target has no protection. Go forth and explode pants.

There’s a roman shield in the premium items of the autodrobe. It has all the same benefits as a normal riot shield from the armory.

Unless your target is wearing riot armor, disarm intent is very, very, very robust. If you don’t have a stun weapon, or they do, disarm them quickly, steal it, and use it against them. This is really easy against shitcurity officers who walk around with their stun baton or disabler in their hand

you can yoink 1,000 watt power cells from the space heaters in maintenance for your evil deeds

you can yoink the flash out of a wall mounted flasher by applying wirecutters, and it won’t burn out when you remove it, unlike with cyborgs

if you are a big brain like i am and you want to have a fuckton of fun, use telecommunications NTSL scripting, if someone is saying “traitor” or “rogue” or “kill”, use NTSL scripting to replace their words with something like “god of sex” or “wilchen is gay”

cutting cameras make them appear as “deactivated” on the security camera list, but completely disassembling them removes them from the list, which is a lot harder to spot if you ask me

if you’re the cult leader, the Summon Cultist rune works across z levels, even on the escape shuttle

someone who is unconscious or asleep can instantly be soul sharded regardless of health, and fireball sleeps people on hit, so you know what that means

if you open the scroll of teleportation, put it in your pocket, but leave the teleportation window open, and click “okay”, you will still teleport, even though the scroll isn’t in your hand, and you can also do this while stunned, so if your escapade as gas mask wizardtington the greyshirt results in you getting shot at with disablers, easily hit them with the SCRYAR NILA INCINERATOR before they can staminacrit you, instead of just panic fireball and hoping he gets knocked out (in which case you most likely would be too), naturally this is more important for stealth wizards, as robed wizards will easily just jaunt out of that shit

Kill a ling, drag a weldertank onto it, and then welder/shoot the tank with a laser. This gibs the ling. ez clap.

As long as you can talk and you’re within 1 tile of an intercom, you can type :i in front of what you say to say it over the intercom. Even when you’re stunned and/or on the ground.

If the nuclear device is armed, you can examine the nuke disk pinpointer (including the syndicate pinpointers) and it will tell you how long before it explodes.

Holodeck eswords can deflect projectiles and melee attacks like real eswords can

i think this is a bug, but, you can lean on (hitting the resist command when welded in a locker) lockers to try to get out of them when dead

Communication is the most important part of this game, whether you’re trying to manage your team as a head of staff, conveying information as a silicon role, or in particular, dealing with accusations that you’re a traitor malf cultist ling stealth ops cock cultist revolutionary monkey, saying the right fucking thing does work sometimes. Whether you’re a bad guy or not, remaining silent is suspicious as hell either way. if you speak up, it changes things because some people will stop and pause and wonder who’s right, whereas if the radio is only filled with yelling that youre a valid, people tend to take it as the truth. If you’re an antag and you’re not being the most overt faggot you can be, running around with a DEsword and pumping plasma into the vents, just keep denying, deflecting, accusing others, calling the other party the real traitor, etc. obviously when you’re like a suspected ling, denial is a basic skill, but other antags could use it. unless you’re a nuke op or something, but even then, communicate with your team regularly, like jesus christ why is the syndicate comms on a nuke ops round so fucking silent

Also yes - learning that you can lie (hell, you don’t even have to lie to an AI) and get almost everything you need is game changing. I’m not sure if some of the playerbase is naive or just uncaring at this point.

but, you guys really want your fun fact of the night?

I’ve been stung, pricked, and stunned by lings all in view of other people and been dragged into maintenance while literally in the middle of a crowd and nobody bats an eye. And I’ve done the same to others.

There’s your game-changing thing for the day.

People are fucking unobservant as hell.

As a ghost you can orbit the nuke disk, the AI eye, and the nuclear fission explosive

Right clicking the chat box brings up a menu. You can use that menu to get logs

Alt click on a tile near you to open a list of its items in a separate tab (in the top right). No more crashing your game by right clicking on the cargo disposals sorting conveyor belt

Bomb suits protect against shoves and melee attacks, which means it can function as ghetto riot gear

you can disable the safeties on defibrillators in two ways: emagging it or having it be hit by any form of EMP (you can re-enable safety by doing the same thing again). The emag does it silently, but the EMP makes the defibrillator emit a warning sound. when the safeties are off, help intent functions normally, but disarm intent will instantly hard stun the victim for the duration of a pre-nerf stun baton as well as doing a large amount of stamina damage, and harm intent will give them an immense amount of heart damage, albeit you have to charge it up like normal

the medical belt can hold surgery tools; all of them.

bedsheets work as drapes for surgery

bruise packs and ointments are not 6-use items, but 6-item stacks of 1-use items

if you are a patient man, wearing earmuffs can slowly heal ear damage, and wearing a blindfold can slowly heal eye damage

emagging a welded or bolted door will cause it to seal permenantly shut, and the only way to re open it is via deconstruction

security cameras see just as far as you do, therefore, if you see a camera, it can see you, and vise versa

if you inject plasma into a good power cell and use it, it’ll explode with enough force to gib

you can inject plasma into light bulbs (while they’re off), or emag the janitor’s light replacer, and when they turn back on, it’ll explode into a HUMONGOUS FUCKING plasma fire. quite useful if you want to be the virologist Rambo by turning off all the lights and leave a trap for those gang members and cultists who view me as an easy target, i’m talking to you Cenrus

when you take something from your bag, or put something in it, it creates a message that everyone around you gets.

)If the item can’t be placed into a box (normal/bulky/huge), then when you put it in your bag it’ll show to everyone that can see you

)If the item can be placed into a box (small/tiny), then when you put it in your bag it’ll only show to people who are directly next to you

)There are a couple exceptions to this code, such as the mini Ebow, which leave no message at all

the fake mustache conceals your identity just like a gas mask or a helmet

the chameleon projector is fucking robust

)it can be used to dodge shots, people have to aim at the item you’re disguised as in order to hit you

)unlike holding a potted plant, the chameleon projector does not show your HUD icons

)a hilariously effective use is something slippery, like the clown PDA

)you can’t drag items that are chameleon projector disguises, giving you a way to check an item without immediately sending the cloaker into a panic

)Floorbots won’t try to collect people disguised as floor tiles or metal

)pretending to be an item in space gives you perfect movement, but you’ll still die of exposure if you’re not protected

)you can cloak as things in the holodeck and use them elsewhere on the station, no one ever suspects the beach ball

)you can wrench apart a table or rack and rebuild it under you and disguise for a more convincing ploy

)hiding as an item in a doorway will let the door close harmlessly on you, giving total concealment

)if you get a storage/uplink implant and keep/buy the chameleon projector in there, and you get arrested, cause the fucking wildest goose chase of the century, sec will probably assume there’s a cult because there’s no evidence of an escape other than a straight up teleport

the entire disposals network can easily be routed into space in certain maintenance areas, and you need only stun and drag people to a disposal bin to instantly kill them. disposals can be a very potent weapon if used correctly, and there are plenty of correct ways. you just need to find them.

putting a teleporter beacon in space makes the hand tele a instantly lethal weapon instead of a convenience

targeting the eyes with a flashlight/seclight and attacking someone with it will cause their screen to flash white for a moment… this works on cyborgs as well, and can be used to blind and seriously inconvenience them if you don’t have access to a flash and have someone to assist you in beating them to death

when security is chasing you, occasionally do a 180 J turn and sprint back past them. if they’re space lagging enough, they won’t see you run by. this is especially effective if you’re being chased by the dreaded security mob, mainly because such mobs have a pack mentality. if you manage to throw off one officer, chances are good someone will follow him as well. also, unless they are right on your ass, close doors you go through and open doors you don’t. people will investigate open doors if they lose a visual on you

nobody checks the lockers in the locker room and dorms, like, ever. And you need a fairly high level of ID to open lockers that aren’t already coded to a specific PDA, so no worries about greytide mcashitstant running in and stealing your syndicate poisons kit

spaced bodies can husk, but it’s not terribly quick, burned bodies husk much better

Suit Storage Units can hold any type of space suit, even hardsuits, you can hide bodies in them and nobody will ever think of checking there. you can even hack/emag SSUs to husk somebody to a crisp with ultraviolet radiation

Spraying someone with welder fuel or alcohol on someone who’s smoking a cigarette/cigar will set them on fire, the same applies to lit welders. Especially cool and awesome since unlike other methods for setting someone on fire, spraying does not show in the chatbox and it can be done from quite a few tiles away, or with unexpected items like pepper spray. It also works with a active esword, as a poor traitor who forgot to wear glasses/a gas mask, and pepper spray wielding plasmaman warden on the MRP server found out.

You only need maint access to make single tank bombs, on any map. Get a large air tank, any igniter assembly, a wrench and a welder. Remove the air in the air tank with an air pump, then add some plasma and oxygen from the incinerator room (may need some pipe re-wrenching depending on the map), add a hot gas, then attach the igniter assembly and weld a hole in the bomb. Experiment with the mix, I’ve seen 1,2,4 sized explosions (which is the same power as a syndicate minibomb) but I am sure an atmosian elder god can make even bigger ones.

You can change your in-game hairstyle (and facial hair) by clicking on a mirror (like in the dorm bathrooms), rather useful to get your looks back after being cloned, and even to disguise yourself (because some disguises won’t cover your hair, especially long hair)

Pete the goat will eat space vines instantly. In a similar vein, robust enough brute tools, such as fire axes, circular saws, and surgical drills, are just as effective as welders against the vines, hatchets are especially robust against space vines as well, similarly, scythes will destroy them in a 3x3 radius.

You can shoot your disabler at fire alarms to drop the doors. Actually hitting them with anything activates them.

An electrical toolbox has a very small chance of holding insulated gloves

If you’re trapped in a disposal pipe, improvised explosives will allow you to break free without taking any damage. All the same, blowing one up while inside a locker will not damage you but will still damage everything around the locker. You can get a little revenge if some asshole welded you in and is dragging you around the station now

Examine personal closets in the locker room and dorms and they tell you who owns them

A laser pointer has the same optics disrupting effects of a flash. And stuns borgs on use, from a range. Combine it with a fully upgraded pointer you can stop any rogue borg before they get remotely close. It also EMPs electronics (cameras) and flashes people even if they are wearing sunglasses.

The engineering hardsuit has 75% radiation protection. CE’s hardsuit has 90%. Atmos hardsuit has 25%. RD’s and CMO’s have 60%.

Engines can be wired directly into the power grid; in the SMES rooms, each one has an input and an output. Connecting the two will cause the power to bypass the SMES cells. This is extremely dang- I mean, useful, and can caused shocked doors to instantly put people into critical condition.

Arriving half an hour into the round and nobody’s set up power? Chances are all the SMES cells can be drained. However, you can still power emitters and other equipment by loading the PACMAN generator with plasma, wiring it up and setting its output to full power.

Cell chargers give power to inserted cells faster than it takes power from the APC, meaning it generates some power from nothing (fucking somehow), and you can alternate between two cell and keep an APC running forever.

Air pumps can fill tanks beyond the ~1013.25 kPa pressure limit. Connect the pump to a port, then pop in a canister.

Fire extinguishers fit in firesuit suit storage.

The fire axe Cabinet can be opened with a multitool, so no more bashing it with a crowbar like a fucking assistant.

You can sabotage fire alarms by multitooling them.

Remember that you can delete each technology from each server. Once research is complete, it’s perfectly alright for you to enter that alcove of mysterious computers and superchilled air to delete the mech weapons from the Robotics server, so that they may be permanently rid from this earth.

Test Range/mindshield firing pins can be emagged to work like a normal, electronic firing pin.

The effect of chloral hydrate is completely negated if you drink coffee beforehand. You’ll still take the toxin damage if the dose was high enough, but you don’t get knocked out.

Some people don’t know this yet, but sleepy pens can be refilled with any chemicals.

On another note, traitors can buy a poison kit. This box contains ten bottles of various poisons and toxins that are also very effective in harming people.

If someone has a cavity implanted item, you can instantly remove it by monkeying them

On another note, monkeying someone who is impregnated (with a xenomorph larva, you gutter brain) will cure them.

Vodka heals radiation damage.

If the mime’s being a jackass, stealthily inject him/her with a Tourettes SE, and watch them get lynched for breaking their vow

Telekinesis is pretty powerful, this goes without saying. With X-ray it’s nigh unstoppable if used correctly.

)Bash people with items.

)Steal ID’s out of computers

)Steal guns out of charging stations

)Steal items across desks

)Kill people through cameras (with a camera console)

)Be an all around douche bag

)And if you have x-ray you’re even more unstoppable than before. You can hide in lockers in maint and dick around all you want

Do NOT use sneeze or cough symptoms in beneficial viruses without neutering them. These are annoying and people will rush to medbay to have it cured. They also make the virus appear negative on medical HUDs.

Beepsky Smash is an incredibly easy to make (just get iron from the ORM) drink, which when ingested provides an immediate and incredibly powerful stun while also forcing the victim to stand still.

Milk Cream, Orange Juice, Lime Juice, and Tomato Juice all heal small amounts of brute, oxygen, toxin, and burn, respectively.

‘Nothing’ and Banana Juice will heal Mimes and Clowns respectively of all damage types at a decent rate. The healing rate is 1 burn and 1 brute damage every tick.

Hooch and Bacchus Blessing heals assistants

The Bartender’s damp rag can be used to smother people. Soak it in a chemical to transfer 5u to it. Then target mouth with harm intent.

With a syndicate poisons kit and some shotgun darts, the bartender’s double barrel can become one of the deadliest weapons on the station, with a 1-shot kill that deals upwards of 150 toxin damage in less than 30 seconds

Even without darts, the toxins kit is incredibly strong on its own - 20u of Polonium is quite lethal

Combining blood and Cryoxadone will generate meat in the reaction - Chemistry can sometimes be the cook’s greatest supplier

Kitchen knives and cleavers can be stored on a cooks apron, and knives are small enough to fit in your pockets as well

When you gib someone, the meat is marked with their name (Adeline Lacon Meat, Oganesson CXVIII solid plasma), so be careful not to leave it lying around, or people might start to ask questions

The biogenerator can be used to fabricate gloves, belts, botany chemicals, muzzles, and even kitchen products such as meat and milk.

Instead of growing wheat, you may find it less time consuming to throw some spare plants in the biogenerator to get a whole bag of flour

Eating the rainbow crayon completely is impossible. If you’re a clown and starving you can just nibble on your crayon, for infinity.

The clown’s flower is basically a small spray bottle. It can be emptied and can carry 10 units of fluids and shoots exactly 1 unit at a time. So you can fire ten very small shots, and it has an impressive range. It can be loaded from the pepper spray wall units. Since it is one unit the stun does not last long, but it is good for a guaranteed disarm if they lack eye protection.

The mime’s wall works like glass; It doesn’t block lasers or disablers, but it blocks bullets.

Mime’s suspenders can hold emergency oxygen tanks.

If you’re the chaplain, bible smacking people en-masse during blob rounds is extremely effective, as you can get people back into the fight quickly and easily. Besides, who needs proper cognitive function to fight the blob?

The curator’s 1940’s whip will have a 100% chance to disarm on every hit.

the curator has construction access so you can quest for artifacts in lavaland or renovate the vacant office.

similarly, this access can give the curator a full toolbelt + meson goggles for practically nothing

You can view the contents of a mining satchel as if it were a backpack

The PkA can destroy electrified grilles without needing a pair of insulated gloves

The PkA will obliterate a space carp in one hit while in space

You can dual wield PkA’s, albeit with a funny look from the other miners

If science hasn’t researched Advanced Mining Technology within 10 minutes of the start of the shift, please remind them. There is sometimes 1 single person in the science competent enough to do so.

Your silicon law priority is:

)0 Traitor/Malf/Onehuman-board Law

)hacked law (from hacked AI lawset module from traitor uplink)

)ion storm law

)1 first law

)2 second law

)3 third law

)freeform laws

Higher laws override all lower ones. Whether numbered or not, how they appear (in order) is the order of priority.

If you are intellicarded with enabled wireless and in a backpack or something… You can’t hear or use the normal radio, but you can still use holograms, binary talk and PDA messages.

You can quickly look through the camera list by pressing the first letter of the location you want to look at. example: E goes to engineering

AI can take picture photos from what they’re looking at; basically the camera. They can then print the photos from a photocopier or post it onto a newscaster.

AIs can cut the power to the entire APC or just power to the equipment. Now, this seems like such an obvious thing, but when an AI actually realizes that it can easily do this, a whole range of options for interacting with the world open up. For instance, Chemistry or other high-risk areas, if a traitor busts in or something, can just be temporarily depowered. Such a basic AI power and a lot of AIs and crew forget that you can do it.

As malfunctioning AI, Machine Overload is your single most potent ability and every instance you buy of it gives you another 2 uses of it. It lets you near-instantly destroy the devices that are most dangerous to you, such as the chem dispensers, the DNA modifiers and the robotics control console.

You can short circuit the lights via a nearby APC to create sparks to light plasma in the air

The best place to hide as AI is the labor camp, just have a beacon there, have your borg take your core to the AI sat teleporter, and teleport there before going doomsday and nobody will know any better.

Also another thing, unbolted AI’s can be put through the teleporter so now everyone can easily sending the AI/nuke disk carrier across the station using the hand tele as a means of fast travel for nuke op invasions.

Cutting power to the powernet can be the difference between a malf AI making every door a death trap or a laughable 6 damage stun.

There is an easier method to kill an AI than to thermite in:

legit just build a second AI, cut cams all around a room, build it next to a wall comm, and put a brain in. Law 1 AI, other AI is killing humans, turn off the APC in the core while I distract the AI.

If an AI begins using doomsday, the pinpointer will begin tracking it instead of the nuclear disk.

Intellicards can be permenantly wiped and destroyed with the destructive analyser or fried with a deep fryer. This can be done whilst an AI is loaded on the card.

Don’t listen to the TG wiki, the camera bug works just fine

The self destruct in the vault does, in fact, have a different code than the nuclear fission bomb in the nuke ops infiltrator, which means that as a nuke op, you can’t use the station self destruct to blow up the station

As one Mark Suckerburg learned the hard way, freedom implants do NOT work on a straightjacket, because the straightjacket counts as an article of clothing. However, the changeling biodegrade ability is simultaneously much more powerful, and weaker. It can remove hand restraints like the freedom implants, but on top of that, it can remove straightjackets, legcuffs, and locked lockers. However, when biodegrading, it will break the lock on the locker, and completely destroy the restraint, preventing you from using it again, and also making a rather noticeable pile of glowing goo.

Yes, you CAN, in fact, break open the safe in the vault with 3 C4. keep planting bombs and examining the safe until it says “the lock appears to be broken” and then you can go up to it and open the safe. No more cucking nuke ops by stuffing the disk in the vault

As i have learned the hard way, titanium walls can reflect back pretty much any kind of bullet, weather it be disabler rays, laser bolts, taser electrodes, gun bullets, or, in my case, the nuke ops 84mm HDEP rocket

It’s a recent update, but pretty much any small or tiny item can fit in your boots now, which means that you can have nearly a full toolset if you get the detective’s fedora as well


Wowee! That’s a nice guide you got there. Well done.

What a true lad. Keep up the guides or keep updating this one!

Another tip, as assistant you can easily break into many high access areas without needing to hack the door, for most walls you only need a welder and wrench, for reinforced walls you need a crowbar, welder, wrench, and screwdriver I believe, and if you really want a pair of insuls you can just deconstruct the tool storage walls since they’re basic walls that don’t take longer than 30 seconds to deconstruct

You can, if you have access to certain things, make ghetto chems. namely thermite(glowstick, metal. crushed soda can) and miner salve(a twinkie, plasma, and a sheet of metal) both of which are incredibly useful

thanks for great guide, definatelly learned new things

Excellent tips in this thread, here’s some of mine.

  • The autolathe that starts in cargo (and can be built in science/engineering) can be hacked like other machines. Simply cut the wires till the blue light is turned on and the autolathe will be able to print a number of robust tools. Such as handcuffs, lethal shotgun rounds, knives, and the tinfoil hat which gives the wearer a random brain trauma and cannot be removed which prevents them from putting on spaceproof gear.

  • PAI’s can be inserted into all basic bots except the secbot (Beepski) and ED. This includes the M.U.L.E bots in cargo and Medibots. When hacked and teaming with a traitor these sentient bots can cause a lot of trouble while avoiding suspicion.

  • Chemicals are stored and metabolized in a players liver, if someone has a large amount of toxins in their body it may be faster to replace their liver before dealing with the toxin damage. (This also means that liver will poison whomever eats it)

  • Both flowering cactus and leaf mushrooms found on lavaland both contain a minor healing chem that can be used in a pinch.

  • You can use goliath hides to make leather, first you skin the hide with a knife, wash it by splashing water on it or using a sink, then dry it over a bonfire or microwave.

  • Goliath steak contains toxins when cooked in a microwave or fire. The only way to properly burn the toxins out is by cooking the steak over lava.

  • You can always find enough plasteel to make a firefighter mech within the science department alone.

  • BZ is a special gas found in Xenobio and can be bought from cargo. Even a single mol in the atmosphere will halt a changelings chemical production and slow their revival stasis.

  • Attaching a flashbang to a spear will guarantee a stun on-hit even if the target is wearing eye/ear protection. While leaving you with a normal spear in your hands and your target on the ground.

  • You can attach modular components (motion sensor, remote signaler, voice modulator, ect) to wires on airlocks allowing you to control them remotely (tie the bolt cable to a signal radio to lock doors on command)

  • Chemists can crate plastic (5 parts Oil, 3 parts Ash, 2 parts Sulphuric Acid) and craft plastic bottles (50u container) or large plastic bottles (100u container) to replace any stolen/broken/exploded beakers.

  • Cyborgs can have their module reset by hacking (Unlock panel with ID, crowbar panel, remove power cell by hand, screwdriver hatch, then use wirecutters or multitool on the wires) which allows them to change module. You can also desync their laws from the AI, lockdown control, and cut off their remote camera feed from the AI/Camera Console/Camera Bug.

  • You can also hack c4, it only has one wire. Interacting with the wire in any way will cause it to explode. (You can also attatch components to this to make a remote bomb)

  • You can splash chemical copper on metal sheets to make brass. This serves no purpose beyond scaring players into thinking there is a clock cult. Or if you are one… easy resources!

necromancer moment

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If you’re about to be overtaken by the disease that you get from gobbling too many legion cores, take some vitrium froth found in cactus fruit or leafy mushrooms to reverse it.

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There is a 1/1million chance to get a pulse rifle when you win an arcade game.


You can hide items in potted plants by altclicking them


You can use a nar’sie plushie to invoke runes that require 2 people with only 1 person


Can you actually? That’s some impressive shit


If you ahelp for a admin to orbit you you can trick them into a spirit realm rune as cult if there are no ghosts.


You can put candle box on belt slot. It holds 6 small items.

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Trashbags of holding are superior to bags of holding – Trashbags of holding go on your belt and hold up to 300 items.

You can change a flashbangs detonation time with a screwdriver. This allows you to win any fight against anyone that doesn’t have a bowman and glasses, instantly.

Simlpe mobs cannot be stunned.

The cat surgeon is a simplemob.

Sleepypen and toxin kit is, and always will be, the easiest way to complete assassination objectives.

Using, “*spin” as a cyborg during combat makes you win any fight.

Everything said in this thread can be found on this super-secret-guide only those that clicked on the wiki will know of, " "


Heartless races cannot have a heart attack. Even if you surgically install a heart into them.

Biometallic Replication and Organic Flux Induction is a very, VERY lethal combination.

Vector, virology’s hamster, always starts with a random advanced disease.

Shadowmen are not considered organic, inorganic or robotic mobs. And so they are truly immune to all diseases.

Another virology fact: fake death from Regen Coma Stealth 2+ threshold activates on death effects.

Blob spawn from Blob Spores symptom is an on death effect.

Xenomorphs can be handcuffed, even the queen or the noodle (that was fun to watch)

you can run fast while being slightly fat if you get the quirk that lets you eat fast, voracious i think ? It has this text “no one will get between you and food”


Are xenos stunnable?