The Spaceman's Guide to Ghetto Space Exploration

Ever wanted to powergame explore space ruins, but all the jetpacks and EVA suits are missing, and cargo are lazy? Using some Assistant street knowledge, you can do it.

  1. Find a firesuit. Firesuits can protect against the cold hard vacuum of space. You need to wear both the red firefighting helmet and suit for it to work.

  2. Set your internals and bring spare small oxygen tanks just in case you run out, it’s easy to get lost in space, and easier to forget you have a limited amount of oxygen as big tanks don’t fit in firesuits.

  3. Protect yourself from the cold. The firesuit will render you immune to the hazardously low pressures, but not the freezing cold. Buy robust coffee from a vending machine, or use Cryoxadone, a chemical that heals damage quickly in cold environments. Cryoxadone can be found in medical, the abandoned bar (on some maps) and chemistry. Cryoxadone is very useful if you intend to follow the next step.

  4. Exploring space is a tedious process with no jetpack, luckily you don’t need to worry. Craft a baseball bat with five planks of wood, turn on your GPS, and walk out an airlock. Hit yourself with the bat, and you will fly through space at speeds unbeknownst to normal spacemen, faster than a jetpack. Hitting yourself with a bat is obviously very painful, and you’ll be doing it often, so drink the aforementioned Cryoxadone to heal the brute damage.

  5. Find your destination. If you’re looking for a certain signal, travel to each Z-level until you find the correct one. When you find the GPS signal you want, slow down by throwing 1 credit holochips (Alt-click your ID) and slowly float towards your target.

And that’s almost all you need to know, have fun and try not to get permanent brain damage from beating yourself in the head repeatedly with a baseball bat.


Excellent guide, very cool tip with the holochips. You can supplement/replace coffee with Leporazine, obtainable from chemistry. I would also recommend to bring a health analyzer, to check your reagent level, and a syringe of a oxyhealing chemical, to get a window of opportunity to drink/eat more medicine. If you have chemistry access the best way to carry your chosen reagents is to put them into pills and the pills into a pill bottle, which an auto lathe can print. This will let you carry 350 units reagents in a pocket, medkit, or box.

Alternate steps for the IPC race:
2. Grab a fire extinguisher and water tank
3. Go explore

Alternative for Everett

  1. Get augs
  2. Get banned

U POWERGAYME >:((( LOLE I BAN U :joy: :joy: :joy: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :fire: :100:

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