Wardens guide to making the Brig less shitty

I’ve played warden for awhile now and I have seen alot of stupid shit happen which I think people just need to be reminded about to help make sec better, and make the people who get tossed in the cell time better.

Strip everything off of them
I have seen so many assistants left with tool belts and escape because the just removed the backpack or not even strip them. The locker in the cell is literally to keep all that. Just drag them over it and take everything off (except jumpsuit, shoes, basic items that aren’t gonna cause trouble) and lock it in the locker. If they have things they shouldn’t have, like assistants with insulated gloves and hacking tools, take it away and see if engineering needs any equipment. Though in the case of assistants, they may have actual job so pda message and call out on the comms if they have that job before you just strip a much needed engineer from his tools. Also, check every container in that backpack. Never what your going to find. Also, try to get a engineer to install plasma glass into the windows for the prison cells, it’ll help some with anyone trying to break out.

Get both sides of the story
Officers may lie to you about what happened or your missing big parts of what happened, bring that prisoner somewhere quiet (interrogation or even perma if the officer is whining too much about you doing your job). Usually most people confess to whatever crime or give insight on why they did what they did. Getting both sides of the story helps to stop people getting permabrigged for stupid things

Keep track of the shitcurity
Keep track of reports about officers being shitty, these officers are usually arresting people for cussing them out or something along those lines. The shitty officers deserve three strikes after hearing reports of them being shit, if there’s HOS try to get the HOS to demote them (which probably won’t work since sec is usually struggling to get officers) or try to get HOP to. I haven’t successfully gotten someone demoted, but usually they don’t act shit after you call them out on it.

Keep track of the stupid/new security
Sometimes officers are new and they get something stolen because they had their disabler out next to a wall and sometimes they loose everything in their belt, shoes, and even ID (twice). Ask to see if they’re new, if so just help them out. Security is the hardest, sometimes most frustrating job in the whole station and you shouldn’t be rude to someone trying it out. If they’re stupid enough to loose everything twice, thats the real issue. Try to track down who has the gear, ask first if they can return in to the brig then set to arrest if they won’t/don’t respond. Personally I like making the officer write me a letter on why they should be trusted with more sec gear, with a “Dear Dick Churchill” and “sincerely, ___”. Usually they honestly write the letter, sometimes they will write something sarcastic. That usually teaches them that they’re on thin ice and they need to not loose any more shit.

Beef up the brig
The most likely spot for someone to break into the brig (at least on meta) is through the maintenance door into the little brig hospital area by the gulag console. Easiest thing you can do is just bolt the door using the door remote, but personally that isn’t enough part of the time. You can unscrew the maintenance hatch in every door and add iron or even plasteel to force any hackers to take extra steps to get to the wires. Also you can try to get your hands on a RCD (or get a eng to do this) and build a wall into the maintenance door. Though I don’t suggesting doing that with all the doors in case of radiation (I haven’t bumped into that issue before, but it’s gonna happen one day). Also one thing you could do is take a wrench, break down all the racks in armory, and take the lethal shotgun round locker and drag it and put everything into that locker and put the locker in your office. This helps with HOP’s trying to get extra weapons and traitors/nukies who blow a hole into the back of the armory and to get/destroy weapons. The locker method may be powergaming a bit, but if shit hits the fan do it.

So far this is all I can think of at the moment. Just pretty much double check officers strip search of prisoners, make sure to call out the shit sec and teach the new guys, plan two steps ahead for people trying to break into the armory, and try to make going to the brig a little less shitty/fair.

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Can’t believe I forgot to add this, but for the love of all unholy and holy check on prisoners in permabrig. Not everyone suicides or closes client after getting permabrig, when the escape shuttle arrives you need to get officers to either move them to the brig at the evac shuttle or you can take em to a pod and cuff them to the seat. Also constantly remind sec that all officers (except lawyers) are mindshielded, so if theirs lings imitating as the detective you can spot them and take care of it. Also try to get officers to not go nuts when R&D researches weapons, I haven’t had a problem with it before but it doesn’t look good when the officer that has been pissed he can’t kill the clown gets his hands on some powerful weapons.

To be fair I even take their jumpsuit off you never know if they have something in it. After that I just get them into the prisoner clothing.
If they have something bloody and sharp in their backpack or toolbelt I either put it into the evidence locker ot to detective to scan it.
Or if they are clown and have wirecutters and engineer toolbelt I just put it into the evidence locker because you never know If they stole it.
And if the item has been proven to be stolen or used to murder anybody he will be sentenced for petty theft or murder/assault with deadly weapon
Petty theft: 2 minutes
Assault with deadly weapon (sharp things like a knife): 5 minutes or labour camp

I think the pocket protector they can add to the jumpsuit is bugged since I’ve never gotten it to work so I don’t bother taking it off, I just remove everything else that can hold shit, search them, then confiscate/putting the items in the cell locker.

This is a sick guide, I wish more people would read it. There seems to be a perception on beestation that security’s job is to valid hunt which I completely disagree with. Its good to see there’s some good sec out there.