Megafauna (BDM gtfo) (part two)

This is the continuation of my mining guide, see Rapidly Offing Big Unwieldy Sum of Terrormonsters (megafauna) (part one)

You’ve got your BoH and are back in lavaland. Check if there are any Eerie Signals left. If there are none, you may proceed to killing the big guys, otherwise do all of the tendrils first since the loot you get from it may give you an advantage.

Before you leave the base, check if you have a hardsuit on (talking about hardsuits you get from tendrils). Do you have a hardsuit? Yes - you’re good to go. No - grab a fire extinguisher (there are plenty of cabinets in the base) and put it into in your BoH.

Before we proceed, here are some general rules and tips when it comes to megafauna:

  1. Have plenty of healing items and don’t hesitate to use them when you get damaged (if a big boy hits you, it’s usually a good idea to pop a medipen right away)
  2. Fight Megafauna in big arenas, where there’s plenty of room to maneuver: you don’t want to get cornered
  3. Slow and steady wins the race. Do not get greedy, treat Megafauna like you treat Dark Souls bosses: focus on dodging attacks until the boss stops, don’t attack chaotically, hit the boss 1-2 times at a time, always be ready to dodge another attack.

And now, for the big guys

Ash Drake
Signal - Fiery
Threat Level - Badass
Loot - Consistently Good

Before aggroing one, make an arena nearby. I advise you make it 2x2 screens, you really need the space. Don’t forget to kill any regular fauna that is nearby, so that nobody interferes. Let’s run through its moveset:

Bite - the Drake will constantly be trying to close the gap with you and hit you with his melee attack, so this is why you’re gonna kill him with dual KAs (let’s hope your mod setup is good), when it can’t bite you, it’ll use one of its other attacks

Fire Breath - the Drake breathes out three lines of fire: one directly at you and two at 45 degree angles from the first one, both sides. To avoid this attack, you just gotta take one step out of the way (so up/down if the line is horizontal or left/right if the line is vertical). Additionally, during this attack, sometimes there will be fireballs raining down from the sky. When dodging the regular firebreath, watch out for the red marks on the ground (they look like the marks which indicate landing zones of drop pods) and step out of the way of those, after dodging the breath. While we’re at it, I suppose I should tell you about the fire attacks in general. While yourExplorersuitexplorer suit makes you not take damage from being on fire (but NOT from getting HIT by a fire attack), it doesn’t quite make you fully fireproof as your jumpsuit (your only equipped thing that isn’t ‘made of fire-resistant materials’) will fall apart if you don’t put the flame out. This is the only reason you’ve brought a fire extinguisher with you, to save your jumpsuit (losing it is more of a nuisance rather than an actual disadvantage, you will drop yourMiner_webbingwebbing when it falls apart so that’s annoying if you don’t have healing items stored in your BoH). If you have those: Inquisitor_hardsuit/Champion_hardsuit equipped, you don’t need to worry about putting out the flames, they’re fully fireproof (Note that you’ll still take damage from the Drake’s fire attacks if you get hit by them, there’s still a challenge).

Fire Swoop - Drake flies up and starts creating lava tiles under you, then swoops back down, trying to crush you, does the Fire Breath attack afterwards. This attack is piss-easy to evade, just start running in a straight line and don’t stop until you see a 3x3 rune (it marks the Drake’s landing spot), put some distance between yourself and the rune and prepare to dodge the Fire Breath attack after the landing, as written above.

Fire Spiral - When Drake’s HP drops to a certain amount, it’ll start doing an additional attack, this attack is basically Fire Breath, but aimed in all directions at the same time, but here’s the catch: it happens three times in a row and you only need to treat it like a regular Fire Breath one time out of three. First burst: you just need to keep running away in a straight line, the line aimed at you is gonna fork into two eventually and you won’t get hit, Second Burst: dodge like a regular Fire Breath, the line isn’t gonna fork, Third Burst: same as First.

Lava Arena - replaces Fire Swoop once Drake drops to 50% HP. Drake will fly up and trap you in a 5x5 arena using indestructible, impassable fire walls (you can freely bump into them, they don’t damage you). Then it will fill all of the arena with lava, except for one tile, which will be marked with a bright-green rune, before the ‘filling’ happens. This attack is basically musical chairs, but the loser dies. If you’ve ever seen it happen, don’t worry: the time you get to stand on the right tile is much more than it seems at first. As long as you don’t lag, you’re golden, run to the green rune in straight lines and keep it cool. The ‘filling’ will always happen 3 times, then the drake will try to crush you like in a regular Fire Swoop attack, get away from the dark-red 3x3 rune. After this attack sequence, there’ll be time for 2 not-cooldown-upgraded KA shots.

So, the Drake fight is simple, really. Maintain distance between yourself and it, only attack after it attacks, limit your shots to 1 per attack. It’ll be doing Fire Breath 80% of the time while above 50% HP, the rest are Fire Swoops. Below 50% HP, it’ll abuse its Lava Arena attack, sometimes throwing an occasional Fire Breath or a rare Fire Spiral as long as you react quick enough to tell if it’s a Fire Breath or a Fire Spiral, you should have no difficulty dodging them. And Lava Arena is thankfully the attack it’ll be doing the most, considering how easy it is to evade it and how hard it can be punished. Oh, and don’t forget to run up to a wall and use a fire extinguisher to put the fire out, when you get hit by a fire attack (if you are wearing those: Inquisitor_hardsuit/Champion_hardsuit, just ignore being on fire, you’re good)

What makes the fight easier:
-healing items
-Lifesteal KA mod
-maybe thisFlight_potion, theoretically you can just ignore the Lava Arena attack by flying, but I haven’t tested it so I can’t tell for sure
-and a holopara, naturally

The Loot (you always get ash drake armor and one of the following items):

sprite redacted - ash drake armor. When a Drake dies, it leaves a body, unlike any other Megafauna. Butcher it to get ash drake hides and bones and some other shit. All of that stuff lets you craft an Ash Drake Armor (in the ‘Tribal’ tab of crafting), two of them, even, so you may give one as a gift to someone. This armor gives you full immunity to fire and ashtorms, good resistance against damage, it’s better to wear it in lavaland overInquisitor_hardsuitinquisitor’s hardsuit, but sadly it’s not spaceproof. So I prefer to wear a hardsuit on station due to fastmos.

Spectral_blade - Spectral Blade, a weapon that, when activated in-hand, allows ghosts to orbit you and become visible. The blade does more damage with each ghost orbitting you, they can even point at things, but not talk.

Lava_staff - Lava Staff. After a brief channel, transforms a target tile into a lava tile, can transorm lava tiles into basalt tiles. You have to have a direct line of sight with the target tile, so X-Ray won’t work (surprisingly not blocked by the hardsuitsChampion_hardsuitInquisitor_hardsuit).

Sacred_flameWand_of_fireball - Spellbook of Sacred Flame + Wand of Fireball. The spellbook teaches you a spell that, when cast, ignites you and everyone around you on fire, instantly. The staff let’s you cast ‘Fireball’, like wizards, but has a limited amount of uses, around 3-4. Both are blocked by the hardsuitsChampion_hardsuitInquisitor_hardsuit

Wiz_vial - Bottle of Dragon’s Blood. When used in hand, will have one of four effects:
-transorms you into a lizard, ew
-transforms you into a skeleton, spooky!
-makes you permanently immune to lava
-gives you the ability to transform into a lesser drake and back, at will. This gives you: a cool transformation, bragging rights. This doesn’t give you: antag status.

Signal - Zealous
Threath Level - Apocalyptic
Loot: Still Epic

Doing this guy with KAs is, naturally, harder than with aHunter_eyeminer eye crusher, but not quite harder than doing a drake with KAs. He does a variety of attacks, but all of them do very little damage, which makes up for the fact that they’re somewhat harder to dodge than a drake’s attacks. Note that Hiero’s means of damaging you is damagy purple tiles, they only do damage when they turn white, so you may pass through purple tiles.

Chaser - Hiero sends a moving “snake” of damagy tiles after you. While it will not be always moving directly to the tile you’re on, it will ussually be close to you at all times. Stay on the move and don’t get caught, during the Hiero fight there’ll usually be at least 1 Chaser out there.

Blink - Hiero teleports to your location, doing 3x3 damage bursts: one at the location it blinks from and one at the location it blinks to. just run away.

The Mixup - probably the most devastating of Hiero’s attacks. It does a series of attacks, centered at you, each either an x or a +. Naturally, you’ll have to react quickly and tell the difference, whether it’s an x attack or a + attack and dodge accordingly.

AoE burst - if you’re in melee range, it does an expanding AoE burst, the area increases the more HP Hiero’s missing. When killing Hiero with the crusher strat written above, it exclusively does only this attack. When killing Hiero with KAs, don’t come into melle range as this attack is quite annoying.

Enrage - Hiero turns purple and does one of the attacks listed above, but many of them at a time. It may create 3 chasers, blink to you a lot of times in a row or do a really long Mixup. The chance of Hiero enraging increases with missing HP.

So, to kill Hiero, you need to run in straight lines and only attack if you’re in relative safety. Focus on dodging and limit your shots. Pop medipens, stay cool. If you’re caught in melee range and it does an AoE Burst, run away from it in a straight line as running diagonally is too slow and you will get caught. Always stay on the move, whatever attacks it’s doing.

What makes the fight easier:
-healing items
-Lifesteal KA mod
-and a holopara

Signal - Angelic
Threat Level - Either Savage or Crazy
Loot - funny

There are 2 ways this fight can go: Either you have aKinetic_crushercrusher with aVortex_talismanvortex talisman attached to it or you just have your trusty KAs.

If you have the required crusher trophy, the fight is easy: Abuse the walls you make on each Crusher mark detonation to block all of the Collossus’s shots, don’t let your guard down though as he has a shotgun attack with no telegraph which will one-shot you if you get hit point-blank (in case you haven’t figured it out yet: you can’t just stand on top of the wall, he will hit you with the shots, you have to retreat after each whack you give him to avoid damage). Only go in for a whack if you’re certain there’ll not be any shots coming your way, you have to hit him often enough to keep up the wall. He also has a melee attack, sadly, pop a medipen even if you only got hit once, it’s important to keep your HP maxed out at all times.

To do this guy with KAs, you need to mod them appropriately: Get 4 range mods on each KA. Make a spacious arena and stay as far away from him as you possibly can. It’s much easier to dodge a shot if have time to to react to it coming. Heals are also needed here, don’t be afraid to use them, it’s quite hard to do this fight no-hit, even with a crusher.

What makes the fight easier:
-healing items
-good armor
-and a holopara

Loot (always the same):

sprite redacted - god vocal cords. To use this item, you, sadly, have to get it implanted into you instead of your tongue (I ate them the first time I killed a Collossus). So you either have to find a surgeon you trust (hell no) or use an autodoc. When it’s in you, it allows you to command people to do things, epic. For all the options, see

Anomaly_crystal - Anomalous Crystal. It’s a complicated thing, you should see the wiki page on Megafauna, the link is

Signal - Echoing
Threat Level - Dismal
Loot - shit

Fuck Legion. All my homies hate Legion. To do this fight, I advise you get a Damage AoE mod installed on each of your KAs. This mod can only be bought fromMining_vendor_defaultmining vendors for 2000 points, I believe.

This guy is tedious to kill. Not hard, just tedious. This guy only has 2 stages. During one stage, he stays away from you and spawns skulls, like a smolLegionlegion. During the other he starts spinning and tries to come straight at you, to hit you in melee. Once he has taken enough damage, he’ll split into 2 smaller skulls with half the health, but the same abilites and damage. It happens for up to 4 times. To kill this guy, it’d be counterintuitive to make a big arena. Instead, make a looong 1 tile-wide tunnel and just kite the legion through it. When it splits, disengage and try to only aggro one of the new skulls. I find it hard to even imagine how you can die to him as he is kinda super slow and really isn’t much of a threat, unless you get mobbed by the lesser skulls or some shit.

What makes the fight easier:
-bruh, you want an even easier fight?


Each skull you kill (meaning it doesn’t split, the smallest skull) has a 5% chance of dropping a tendril loot chest

Lava_staff - Staff of Storms. Drops after you kill the last skull, fully clearing the map of Echoing Signals. When used, creates an ash storm in the room you’re in, or stops an existing storm. Have fun killing half the crew by using it in the primary hallway.

-Bubblegum and traitor tips coming soon-


Bubblegum needing a whole page is… UNDERSTANDABLE
edit:you can ACTUALLY meme hiero whit bdm crusher and full upgrade suit… LMAO


You don’t even need your suit to be upgraded for hiero since all of its attacks bypass armor (you’ll need the suit to be upgraded to kill the BDM with a crusher, though)

not relly… brute pach + pen + core kills it just go for the backstabs

and yeah, I’m aware of that, I’ve covered it in the first part of the guide, along with killing BDM

idk man, i just stand at pointblank range at the hiero and hit it with the cleaving saw until it dies, always worked for me, alternative to cleaving saw is upgraded resonator.

This totally works, this guide in particular describes killing hiero with KAs, when no BDM has spawned for the shift

This guide is actually almost to my own standards of guide writing - well done. I’d personally have included an autistic depth of code-diving detailing the specific damage caused by every attack. Other than that, your sprites are lovely, and you give intricate detail on each enemy. Could do with scrubbing out some memes, for readability - but other than that, wonderful.

 * scrubbing out some memes

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