Winter Darkraven #0011 Admin Report

I never said anything about that

Skane direct messaged me that they couldn’t contact you and got no response from you

I interpreted it as you toeing the line to a point where you found a comfortable spot where you can annoy people while not breaking any rules.


Also btw when I was referring to your admin feedback thread I wasn’t just referring to the stuff I said in it. I was also referring to everyone else and what they wrote.

said it on discord but maby some actuel links/citings for actuel points on why your making this? Its pretty vague and I dont wana have to read admin thread to interpret it myself what he did wrong

Sure brb.
Edit: Here you go


@TeomanTheGreat_Phil has already linked it, but read over it if you haven’t

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Again. If he makes a case aka a report he shoundlt leave a link to a general feedback thread and say “good luck”. he should show examples what piss him off specificly/what he did wrong and then maby use thread as more indicator on that he isant alone.

You dont go to court “cuz we generaly dont like you”

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Look at the reply i edited above. I got you your examples.


pog cheers


Yeah from the stuff you provied I can deffintly say thats very poor admin conduct generaly. Espepecialy on MRP. I havent had many run ins with him of this nature but I generaly never have run in with admins so maby thats why.

Deffintly want headmins to get this sorted because thats some sketchy stuff(even aside from the incident)


Ok but [THE INCIDENT] is one that really should be a point for consideration, even if it is old(er). That related to a rule which stood here for quite a while, and is one rule here that is generally well regarded(compared to filter, etc.).

I can’t really speak for anything else in this thread, but the incident is very much a standout.

If you are gonna do this do it by the numbers Here are all the appealed bans (that i could find) where the banning admin was winterdarkraven (velvet) make of them what you will. Do note that there are lots of unappealed bans and there is little point in tracking those or using them as an argument as much.


Id like to think this got handled back then, it counts as a point but that horse got beaten. And I argue that closing reports/appeals on your own bans is much worse

We dont talk about [THE INCIDENT]

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Literally 1984 but whatever it should still be considered a thing regarding character

An anonymous source just told me that Velvet murderboned on MRP without hijack or martyr.


I went ahead and compiled any “abrasive” or “No.” posts that may be relevant to this report since @Velvet has joined the team. They’re not as plentiful as I was expecting given the testimonies found in the the staff feedback thread. I have never interacted with them at any length ingame, besides one encounter where they were able to assist me and I took note of their active interaction as CC, but from what I’ve seen they handle themselves appropriately.

I also got bored and decided to go over their discord chatlogs, OOC chatlogs to about last month and everything was very vanilla. They bragged about killing players which didn’t sit right with me personally, but as far as I know they did so within the confines of the rules. It’s strange to see the public opinion shift so quickly and I’m concerned it could be an unintentional bandwagon.

While I’m at it,

wow ok so you take my logs of me saying I don’t like velvet? You think I’m only doing this because I don’t like velvet? Real mature also

This one was on a thread about a guy on lrp breaking into hos office to take some loot. As he said in the appeal he didn’t take any high risk items and gave a response. After some back and forth his reply in this screenshot happened and then velvet replied to it with no and closed the appeal which funny enough you didn’t include (I’m referring to the appeal being closed when I say you didn’t include something).

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hey let’s drown out any relevant points or complaints in a flood of vaguely negative complaints with little to no evidence so the thread gets locked woohoo


This entire thread is a disorganized mess full of unsubstantiated saltposting and needless dogpiling. The initial report itself was seemingly made in bad faith and is hardly conducive for a proper admin report.

I can see some items which may warrant a further investigation, but as a whole, this thread isn’t useful as a report. If people want to make reports for specific recent incidents, then we can certainly handle those. But having a “mega-report” filled with smaller reports that date back to last year isn’t actually useful.