[VictorPride & WinterDarkraven] Player Report

In-game report:

CKEY: Xlyana

Your Discord: mememet#0001

Offender’s CKEY: VictorPride and Winter Darkraven

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Zane Blake and Velvet Pinkawalt

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-28-2020

Round Number: 15224

Rules Broken: 3, specifically that ERP is not allowed

Incident Description: After a lengthy conversation between the two, they go to a pod to do their own thing. This is where the logs start.

Additional Information: I’ve recreated their actions through logs with sneezes being filtered out for ease of reading. The lengthy conversation that I mentioned beforehand will also be left out as that was just RP.

	Line 20261: [2020-04-28 09:38:24.036] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "ah-uh" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20272: [2020-04-28 09:38:27.545] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "hmm" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20275: [2020-04-28 09:38:28.512] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "I'm sitting on your lap..." (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20289: [2020-04-28 09:38:34.174] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "bad kitty" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20304: [2020-04-28 09:38:38.691] EMOTE: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) pouts. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20311: [2020-04-28 09:38:41.440] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "w-wha?" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20338: [2020-04-28 09:38:51.303] EMOTE: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) sighs. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20347: [2020-04-28 09:38:56.780] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "what will people think.." (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20370: [2020-04-28 09:39:07.279] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "who cares what people think?" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20377: [2020-04-28 09:39:10.121] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "of me abusing my position" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20395: [2020-04-28 09:39:18.426] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "that is true" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20440: [2020-04-28 09:39:36.471] EMOTE: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) plays with Velvet's ears. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20456: [2020-04-28 09:39:42.386] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "floof" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20509: [2020-04-28 09:40:01.783] EMOTE: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) purrs, rubbing her head against Zane's touch. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20528: [2020-04-28 09:40:10.406] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "b-besides, no one cares if I get abused..." (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20566: [2020-04-28 09:40:24.502] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "this isn't abuse.." (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20613: [2020-04-28 09:40:47.314] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "just caring for your felinid coworkers that's all" (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20658: [2020-04-28 09:40:58.707] EMOTE: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) nods. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20671: [2020-04-28 09:41:02.948] EMOTE: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) strokes Velvet's tail. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20806: [2020-04-28 09:42:03.392] EMOTE: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) puts his fingers in Velvet's hair. (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))
	Line 20849: [2020-04-28 09:42:22.575] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "nice mane*" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20871: [2020-04-28 09:42:31.065] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "or do you call it hair like humans do" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20892: [2020-04-28 09:42:40.069] EMOTE: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) lets out a surprised gasp at the sudden attention at her tail, before relaxing and letting Zane's hand go down her silk-like tail. (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20918: [2020-04-28 09:42:47.702] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "t-thank you, Zane" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20926: [2020-04-28 09:42:51.237] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "t*smile" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20935: [2020-04-28 09:42:54.010] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "I mean" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 20947: [2020-04-28 09:42:56.330] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) "that is normal" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 21089: [2020-04-28 09:43:45.949] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "I believe in rewarding good work in my healslut" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))
	Line 21112: [2020-04-28 09:43:54.300] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) "I mean, valued brig physician" (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))


people have been banned for less wtf


This is absolutely horrendous.

ERP is forbidden on bee because minors may be playing the game and because its frankly fucking degenerate.

People participating in ERP are not admin material and frankly should not be on the staff team.


People get banned for way less (some one making a blacked.com joke comes to mind) but this shit is accepted?

Also these two are fucking cringelords big oof


A guy got banned like last week for making that blacked joke, but Velvet and Zane (succstatus™) get to do whatever gross degen thing they want. And that’s a staff member cool.


Reading this player report to say the very least is sickening, we are strongly against any ERP and is against our rules. We have a varied age group and are not 18+.

I’d personally be down with a server ban at the very least.


Processed. Feel free to discuss this.

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To think that this was almost considered an acceptable joke that doesn’t violate ERP, and then see near unanimous support for an ERP ban because of, at worst I can see, these two lines is utterly disgusting to me.

Line 20275: [2020-04-28 09:38:28.512] SAY: Winter Darkraven/(Velvet Pinkawalt) “I’m sitting on your lap…” (Escape Pod One (154, 178, 2))


Line 21089: [2020-04-28 09:43:45.949] SAY: VictorPride/(Zane Blake) “I believe in rewarding good work in my healslut” (Escape Pod One (17, 72, 12))

It’s cringy as hell (along with most of the other interactions these two have shared recently) but this is in no way ERP. This could have been a romantic setting that led to ERP, but despite being placed on a watchlist nothing ever came of it. Similar interactions repeated, but it never went past harmless flirting IC that I ever saw/heard about and definitely would have been posted to hall of shame if it had.


If “now only on blacked.com” is considered ERP, then that’s not only enough, but it’s kinda sickening too.

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I figure as long as the head admin doesn’t recognize succstatus™ then they’re gone. Good too, they constantly LRP and break rules it’s stupid and annoying. I mean isn’t Zane’s catchphrase “sec’s job is to validhunt” he said that like 10 times that i can recall myself as lawyer.


The ban appeal for that got denied


Alot of the stuff i’ve seen them do is cringey, yep, but it was never erotic… Im with ruko on this

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I’m well aware it was denied, but it was met with a large level of resistance from very prominent members of the community trying to claim it wasn’t grounds for a ban, including @OwenMcShain, @Ruediger4, and @Kasual

Ultimately the ban was ruled as NOT ERP.
It was sustained for other reasons instead.

that appeal was already denied previously in the thread. They knew exactly what they were doing when they took it to nasty town

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Wasn’t this in #auditorium and #hall-of-shame for a week? Why did it take so long for this to become an issue? I’m kind of confused how we’re acting like this is new news when it’s been memed for the past week on the Discord.

This is a big change over a small period of time – permanently banning two regular players. I’d just like to know the sudden change on opinion to this once a joke.

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I’d say a ban for ERP being denied doesn’t mean it was ruled as not being ERP

Because I saw it today.


Every person in that thread thread that weighed on whether they thought it was ERP or not eventually came to the agreement that it wasn’t ERP. The only players who initially thought it was ERP were myself, @PowerfulBacon and the banning admin @BrawlerHorde, but a consensus was reached that we, as a community, did not consider that ERP, but instead that it was harassment of the admins via baiting and Velvet via excessive harassment.

I want someone completely unconnected and opposed to all those involved with my bans to actually see if the comment of “Velvet gets kidnapped and violated in maint, only on BLACKED dot com” as curator is ERP.

You even said yourself that this wouldn’t be worth a ban.

@SuperDork55 is the only closing voice that mentioned it as being harmful to underage players.

Perma is wildly excessive. Yes it was certainly near the line and warranted a warning or even short bean. Nothing they said was sexually explicit. I gave a warning to Jeff on his first use of the fuck velvet thing, we gave a month to that moth that meme ERPd with actual sexual content. This was up for a while in discord boards to be laughed at as a public warning. I’m not sure where it’s coming from at all with a ban mentality. Especially one that is rushed to perma.

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Yes, it wouldn’t be a ban by itself. Unfortunately it also had a wall of text to go with it describing how he’d fuck a catgirl.