Erotic roleplay is against the rules?

CKEY: Mynameajeff

Admin’s CKEY: BrawlerHorde

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: I believe both.

Which server did the ban happen on? MRP.

Ban Type: Server.

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 4/20/2020

Round ID: 14882

Ban Reason: “Posted lewd message IC. Has been warned several times in the past about his actions. Permaban authed by Ruko and Bacon.”

Appeal Reason: i didn’t fucking erp, if you think making a meme comment on someone getting culted is erp you have a literal, fucking dent in your skull, you guys were just looking for excuses to ban me because i have grudges on some of members of the staff team and you wanted to silence me, I want someone completely unconnected and opposed to all those involved with my bans to actually see if the comment of “Velvet gets kidnapped and violated in maint, only on BLACKED dot com” as curator is ERP. Velvet does way worse shit than me yet isn’t once noted or punished for their actions when they powergame EVERY SINGLE ROUND and ignore the basic rules of the server and people never ever punish them. This was literally a reference to when I was a nightmare and Velvet was riding me and saying “this is like blacked dot com” as a joke so I wanted to refer to that when laughing at them for getting captured by cult, without any further investigation this admin bans me without even notifying what I did wrong rather than “lewd comments”. I was a curator in that round so it’s completely valid for me to post dumb shit over comms, the preferable action in this case is that you just announce my validity for the comment instead of getting your panties in a twist over someone saying something you didn’t like in muh spacemens. In any case, this is injustice of the highest order and I demand an impartial vote for my release by the public body so I can continue to soft-ERP velvet in-game. Goodnight and good luck.

Additional Information: N/A


Erotic roleplay is against the rules?
so I can continue to soft-ERP velvet in-game.

You were given multiple warnings and 2 final warnings and you continued.

A joke isn’t “soft-ERP”. ERP is ERP when you actually intend to do actual ERP. Otherwise it’s a meme or a joke. This guy was just making a bloody joke and no one actually cares or sees this as ERP.


Velvet gets kidnapped and violated in maint, only on BLACKED dot com

SPIRITUAL PRAYER: OK baby eats God’s ass

Opening an ahelp to report another player for ERP while in a literal 69 position in a bed, under a sheet with another player.

You’ve been trying to provoke a ban for two days, pushing your luck and trying to turn it into a political statement against the server staff. You’re literally trying to get banned so you can say “Admins bad!” from my perspective.

You keep intentionally poking the lion, you’re going to get bitten. Toeing the line of the rules will be treated as actually breaking them if done enough and you were given more than sufficient warning for your actions, but chose to continue anyway.

The target of your grudge also has gotten in trouble, but they take the feedback and make an effort not to get in trouble again. Go sort the ban page by their CKEY and look for yourself.

Not true at all and WinterDarkraven has only 4 bans all for grief and not for their powergaming, metafriending, ERPing among tons of other offenses while I on the other hand have this: ““Greytiding is only okay when I do it” Destroyed security over a grudge about getting arrested for trespassing, then powergamed as chaplain, getting a hardsuit, and internals. But upon being arrested by an assistant who was promoted by hos, cried about powergaming and greytiding. Super hypocritial. if you come back and do it again the consequences are going to get worse.”
“Broke into chemists workplace, and killed them, as non antag.” “2 days – nuked station as malf, but with 2 assassin objectives.” “A lot of very “indirect” IC in OOC, even after being warned.” “shh” “Force borging people, Onehumaned the AI. Go onto the fourms if you think this ban is wrong.” “I don’t think you belong here. We’re a place for newbies; not permaban rejects from other servers. If you want to return please post an appeal on our forums explaining your reasoning behind your antagonistic behavoir towards staff.” “Stabbed a player’s eyes out for tresspassing as cargo, was extremely rude in the ticket and has notes of terrible behavior. Appeal on the fourms if you believe this to be unjust.” So underfuckingstandibly I have some distrust of staff members taking rules out of context and banning for them. ALL OF THESE HAD SITUATIONS WHERE MY ACTIONS WERE COMPLETELY VALID. This is just the cherry on top I get for being a longstanding member of the community, I guess this is what I fuckin’ deserve huh? You really want to dehumanize me that much to prove a point? We’re both people, why can’t you live with it?

I don’t see any erp or inappropriate behaviour or sexual harassment in this sentence.
To be honest, it’s kinda funny. Just normal, funny punch joke, that’s all. Sorry to say that, but anyone who think that this sentence is ERP is in fact… fooken ■■■■■■ed.


I’m not really sure if the discussion regarding ERP is the hill to die on (i.e: the admin report and the defending of the discussion of it in OOC chat), but this specific occurance hardly seems like ERP and more like a joke.

“Velvet gets kidnapped and violated in maint, only on BLACKED dot com”

The same kind of joke made by plenty of people, plenty of times. Saying sex, coom, cum and such (which happens alot lmao) could be considered ERP too then. This seems hardly toeing the line and more just an excuse to ban.

If everything in this appeal is truthful that is.

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Ima take a jab at two things.

That’s literally a prayer. That’s an interaction with the admins, who would roleplay as whatever the fuck said person is praying to. That ain’t grounds for a ban or “muh LRP on MRP” because I’ve seen people do WAY worse shit back when i was a jannie, and you can simply ignore a prayer or to fuck the player over since it’s a consent to admin intervention, for good or bad.

I mean if they were naked and moaning then sure. What if they were just laying under sheets together but not facing each other’s feet? Hell I could add a bit of humor and take the piss by asking if you’ve never heard of stuff like cuddling or satire.

That’s all I can really comment on since I wasn’t there nor we know the notes and the shit he did previously, but we can solve those easily. Kind of.

Can one of the admins post either said notes where @mynameajeff was previously warned of ERP-like actions and some actual raw logs of the shit he did?


I’m against the current ban as it stands, however not 100%. The problem I had was this specific copypasta. Children look away.

im gonna fuck velvet pinkawalt in her tight catgirl pussy. just the thought of velvet in her underwear turns me on more than anything: i’d give my life to put my meatstick in her dripping wet tight pink pussy and hear her moan when i fuck her. the size of my cock would destroy her little ass and she’d be aching for weeks after i blew my load inside of her. our children would be extremely intelligent and nimble: the apex of man and cat. there is nothing i want more in this world than to strip velvet pinkawalt the catgirl down to nothing and fuck her pussy and make her scream my name and bear my children.

While I don’t have the exact round where he initially ahelped it to me, I know that I told him in strong words that it is not allowed, and a second admin answered the same ticket at the same time with a laugh saying it was a bit too much. Later that same day when clearing out my discord notifications, saw that they had a ticket open on them for saying it. I’m not sure how that ticket was resolved.

The next day I got a DM on the forums saying the following, obviously removing any names.

some creepy pasta about having sex with a catgirl or an actual cat and also the velvet pinkwalt character. creepy and disgusting

I checked OOC and saw they had posted it there as well. All after their original asking and me denying. You can search through OOC on discord and see where it was posted.

There was also a ticket from another person, not the one who DM’d me after the OOC was posted.

uh so this guy called fiery viscount odrnietodrcoa spewed this ERP paragraph into text [copypasta]

After seeing all that I logged in specifically to bwoink them on it and tell them in very strong words that overly sexually explicit copypastas, erp, or messages are not allowed, and the next time they’d be done would be a perma. They argued at first saying it wasn’t ERP, that ERP should be allowed, and all the same stuff he has been saying in discord and on the forums. I tagged his account with this watchlist after I made clear that it was not allowed and he seemed to understand that.

If they post any ERP copy pasta, especially one about velvet permaban them. They’ve been warned on it.

Since all the stuff above they have been ban baiting and testing the waters. They ahelped other people for ERP and have been actively trying to stir the pot out of salt. PowerfulBacon's admin report for reference on that whole bit. I clearly told them at the end that overly explicit anything would lead to their removal from the community.

Then the continued on trying to work up the spergs to defend ERP, although to their credit have rejected the degenerate.

All that said, what he said in this particular ban reason was a joke. The problem is the intention behind the joke if anything and the fact that he is sketching out people in the community. They are obviously trying to ban bait and keep stirring on the pot on this shit. I understand why the ban was given in that regard. However if we are going to perma someone it needs to actually be justified. We drastically increased the punishment for if he posts ERP shit again, not what qualified for ERP.


Curator sole purpose is to shitpost and get killed for it, but directing it towards and individual is what possibly caused this ban. But then again permaban for a copypasta retarded joke is too much, I mean imagine the amount of times people would get permabans for copypastas, like cum in aisle 4, wgw, etc.

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what did he mean by this


There is something I don’t get.
People shout everything they want ig, like coom,cum,sex etc. I once blew a holy water grenade that leaves white stains and everybody were like"hahahahahah who blew cum grenade"
Even today playing with velvet i found a beaker filled with a white liquid (which turned out to be cream) in clown’s pack and velvet shouted “IS THAT CUM?”
Or even consider lubricant bob who says sex when he enters a room
why are these allowed when ERP is not.
Im not trying to defend ERP, im personaly againt’s it

Because most of the players don’t like ERP and a lot of minors play on this server. If they allowed full ERP they could get into legal trouble and a lot of people would quit.


I mean, for a minor is doesn’t matter if you go full ERP or to spam CUM CUM CUM on comms. They both harm them the same

If you say cum a bunch of times it loses all meaning. Also there’s a pretty big difference between just spamming a word in chat and typing out graphic depictions of secks.

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“Velvet gets kidnapped and violated in maint, only on BLACKED dot com”

Is that really ERP or a graphic depiction of sex though? To me it’s on the same level as CUM COOM HNGGG SEX, in the sense that it’s obviously not serious and a joke.

Should I be banned for ERP for making this joke a while back


We drastically increased the punishment for if he posts ERP shit again, not what qualified for ERP.

Since all the stuff above they have been ban baiting and testing the waters.

What happened to continually toeing the line being treated as actually breaking the rules; That’s what happened here. Pressing the rule in the most in-your-face way imaginable, directly at the admins. As we both put it, literally trying to bait a ban and ignoring the warnings

You are correct about the ban reason itself not being quite accurate though.

Toeing the line is coming close to breaking the rule. He did nothing that the normal community wouldn’t do in this appeal, other than the fake bed erp shit, but still. The blacked joke is extremely normal, and it wasn’t remotely anything explicitly described.

Other than rallying people to his cause and ban baiting, he didn’t do anything another player wouldn’t. If any no-name said that blacked line, we wouldn’t bat an eye. I’m not a fan of making someone act more behaved than the rest of the community.

That said, he obviously ban baited and has creeped people out. The point of the place is for people to play a game, not have some weird crusade in the name of ERP against admins. A week ban should show that the “toeing the line” and trying to rally support for something that is clearly against the rules is not allowed. If it continues after that a longer ban. If there is ever an explicit copy pasta again though, that’s when you whip out the perma.


I just want to make a statement, those erotic copypasta(s), yes there are multiple are stolen from various places such as /tg/ and reddit and I literally just replaced with Velvet Pinkawalt for the funnies, if you actually think I condone ERP or want to fuck a fictional character, you need to remind yourself that a lot of shit I say in ahelps/prayers can be complete satire, also the prayer was taken out of context, an admin in OOC said the next person to pray was getting gibbed, so I prayed, I got a response of ei eat my ass so I was doing it to spite them, not ERP. The copypastas about Velvet are just shitposts I steal from other communities to specifically make people in the round lose their shit over someone making/using an obscure copypasta about a “lewd individual”, truth is the only time I have ever ERPed in SS13 was on Bad Deathclaw and it was feet licking, I was promptly banned from several roles for not keeping the peace within the RP environment and also pointed out some of their rules I disagreed with. Whenever I speak about “legalizing” ERP it’s wholly ironic, what I mean in actuality is that ERP should be only defined as something involving actual eroticism and intent to act within the server on that precedent.

I just wanted everyone to keep in mind that I posted both of these in the shitpost section of the discord under a post of Velvet saying: “Not allowing a catgirl to ride you is illegal.”, and I think this is where I originally posted those copypastas before posting them and are not a reflection of my legitimate desires, furthermore if you don’t believe me here’s a snip from /tg/ of the copypasta I stole:

I want to make it very clear at the time that I did not know that erotic copypastas counted as ERP and was only thinking of the spam rule which is why I adminhelped to see if I could say it, the host, CthuluOnIce responded with: “a bit spammy”, then I got two saying “No” from normalmins I believe but then one changed their mind and said that I could say it to velvet in front of her face. During that round I used a plan to ascend as Devil and went and sintouched Velvet and said it in front of her, as well as over comms because of an intercomm being on? Devils can’t wear headsets when ascended and I don’t think they can interact with machinery either since they’re really fucky wucky code. After getting a go ahead from an admin who didn’t think it was particularly spam (or atleast a funny joke), I thought it was acceptable to repeat, much like you’d see WGW or “Yeah, okay Togopal, I guess you could consider THAT an event.”. If anyone can grab the statbus so I can locate the round for logchecking I’d be very grateful. Keep in mind the time I got my “last warning” on “ERP” is literally the first time I repeated the copypasta without any past warning about ERP and they instead referred to how I said it when I was told not to during a Devil round, even though I said I was given the go-ahead, they said because I couldn’t remember the name it didn’t matter. I just want to get the ckey of the admin so they can back me up here and know that it was a case of not belligerence but of supported ignorance. If you want the other copypasta, which I only sent through newscasters and PDA messages (as curator) in-game, as I was told avoiding spamming comms and instead opting for different things like announcement as captain and using the PDA as curator by another admin, (sorry for the run-on and verbosity) here it is.

In conclusion, I do apologize if I actually offended someone with the copypastas, but they were intended just to be a joke against someone’s choice of character within the game and that’s pretty much it, nothing actually erotic, just a joke that would make some cringe and wince at the thought of a character. I was just under the false thought that they were acceptable before I was given a “final warning” and most of my “erotic roleplay” is direct satire, especially when I say it in ahelps to spite someone else, what I meant by erotic roleplay wasn’t directly clear at first but it was an ahelp about them metafriending with “VictorPride” which happens a lot.

Whilst I don’t have a problem with generic erotic copypastas, when it becomes targeted about a specific player I can see why admins would have a problem with it because:

  • This was not a widely known copypasta
  • Whilst many countries don’t have specific cybersex laws it generally follows the age of consent law. 18 is generally the oldest age for consent, and as there are no rules or mechanisms on the server which ensure you’re communicating with someone that age (and I doubt you asked Velvet their age) the liability could potentially fall on the host for these communications occurring
  • It’s not all that different from something you might say whilst actually trying to ERP except that you said it publicly of course

Although I don’t think you should be permabanned for this you’re also trying hard to encourage others to break a rule which has legal consequences that you clearly haven’t considered. Why not start a petition for a BeERP server or something instead? That’d make more sense than some toeing the line campaign although I don’t think you’d find as much support as you hope.

It’s not against the rules to metafriend and it’s pretty difficult to not to if you use a static IC name.