Staff report

Discord misconduct:

Title: Ruko staff report

Your Discord: @papi#7982

Offender’s Discord: @Ruko#somethin

Rules Broken (if relevant): none probably

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): impartiality and transparency

Incident Description: i feel Ruko helped one of his friends to get rid of someone his friend hated, the day before my discord ban, he hasnt either accepted nor denied so. The reason i belive this is how his friend pleaded for me to get banned because he wanted to, just for the next day, im a conversation about species discrimination, i suddenly got banned by Ruko, even tho he was also part of the conversation and more or less was who begun it along with another person, for the last, to let it clear, im not pulling put the favt they are friends from my ass, he and Ruko are friends.

Additional Information: i wanted to post something like this before, but i think i feared unfair punishment more than i shpuld have, if theres a place like this to report stuff like this there must be a good reason.
i also noticed an increment in rukos aggresion agaisnt me growing from night to morning, and have noticed stuff like, my appeals only being replied by him and caused by him, and only ever closed by him, apart from that i mentioned something i noticed, which is he closed one of them awfully late and without notice nor reason so i would wouldnt be able to make another one until next month.
apart from all this, if i remember well someone said once hos behavior and antagonizing of me would be investigated, but i dont think it was yet

Considering the mute appeal was also a complaint against me, I couldn’t accept or deny it myself. I left it for another admin to resolve at the time and it was forgotten.

This is a link to that conversation which anyone can follow and draw their own conclusions from. I have no special or particular connection to the other player and don’t even know their forum name (If they have one) to ping them for their side of this

I can’t help being the most active admin on the forums

Going out on a limb and assuming you meant to say “closed” because “caused” doesn’t make any sense here.

Every appeal you have made, across both accounts

Unban appeal for Misurn
Banned by Cae, handled by Cae. I had no part in it.

Unban appeal from lrp for Misurn the ai
Banned by me, denied with input from other staff.

Unban appeal for Misurn (extremist protagonist intent of ai)
Same ban appealed again, said I was willing to lift it and was talked out of it by other admins

Unban appeal from for misurn the extremist ai
Same ban, appealed with vouch and no argument from me. You were more or less welcomed back.

Unban appeal for Misurn, the lad who got shot by detective to death
Banned by Cae, denied by Cae. I was not present for this appeal at any point - I was on leave.

Unban appeal for papi
Muted from discord by me, mute upheld by second admin, never closed by me because it included a complaint about me.

Unmute appeal for papi
Another discord appeal for me, upheld by a different secondary admin.

what exactly are you reporting here?

That Ruko seems to do stuff for his buddy
the stuff i said his buddy said are (or should) still be there, i think theres some sort of logs people have access to to see even deleted comments.

he just said he didnt know the person?

forgot to mention, the name of the buddy i intended to not say until needed its Kate the alchemist. in discord atleast

I would like to know who this buddy is, I’m not particularly close to anyone that isn’t on the staff team here.

I talk to a lot of people and consider myself on good terms with most, but “friend” carries some weight for me personally.

honestly cant tell if this is a joke or not lol

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Okay, you got me there. I’m on pretty good terms with Kate. I thought you were referring to this person:


They were the other primary participant in the conversation if memory serves. I didn’t go back through the whole thing when I got the link.

i know you are joking, but… please be careful, comments like that can change the perception of some and put in doubt the seriousness of a report

no I am not I dont get how that makes sense

oh, then just ask so ya can understand it better

papi you literally are a unapologetic racist. permabanned in game, and muted

idk what did you expect that would happen.


You can’t invent a reason to report someone for advocating against lifting your ban.