A Comprehensive Guide to Cargo

A Comprehensive Guide to Cargo

In this guide, I’ll try to detail all of the nuances and gimmicks of the Supply department; we’ll cover the basics of each subprofession, as well as the more advanced techniques experienced Quartermasters might know.

Cargo Technician

“Welcome to Cargonia, technician!”

In this brief section, you will learn all the ins and outs of the workings of the mysterious Cargo Bay.

The Basics

As part of the Supply Department, you are responsible for keeping the station well stocked on supplies. How to get those supplies, you ask? You’ll have to make use of the highly sophisticated transaction system between you and Central Command.

The Supply Console


The Supply Console is your primary tool for buying and selling; below is a breakdown of the interface.

The button at the top (initially labelled “CentCom”) lets you call the Supply Shuttle, which takes one minute to go to and from Central Command. The Supply Shuttle can be loaded with crates, water and fuel tanks (which sell for 500 cr each). Other items sell too, including specific gas cannisters, wrenches, and more; if you’re not sure if something has value, use your Cargo Scanner to check.



The Bounty Console lets you check and claim bounties issued by Central Command. To complete a bounty, load it onto the Supply Shuttle. Bounties have no time limit to complete.

An event can occur that uploads a high priority bounty to your bounty console. These bounties reward more money than standard bounties.



Manifests are the small, easily forgettable pieces of paper that appear when you try to open a crate; these, when stamped with any stamp, will sell for 200 cr. This is fairly important early into the shift, when you haven’t set up your stupidly efficient gas farm.

MULE Bots - the Cargo Technicians of the future!


The MULE Bot is a convenient way to deliver crates and supplies to departaments when your lazy ass can’t be asked.


  1. Drag your crate onto the MULE Bot
  2. Unlock the MULE Bot using either your ID or your PDA
  3. Select the destination
  4. Press Proceed
  5. Lock it’s controls before it runs away

The Delivery System - the MULE Bots of the future!

This is just as fast as using MULE Bots - just easier! All you have to do is wrap the package/bomb/crate you want to send in wrapping paper and use a destination tagger on it (both found in the Delivery Office in Cargo), and send it off via the nearest disposals outlet! It could not get any easier!

Sending the Head of Security a housewarming gift


As the Quartermaster, you are the master of Cargo; it is your job to keep your miners alive (by shouting at them constantly) and getting your cargo tech out of trouble.

Your Locker

Inside your locker you will find:

  • A dope cloak
  • The Cargo Budget Card - keep it safe!
  • Clothes
  • The Supply door remote - it can open/close doors, bolt them, and set them to emergency access
  • A box full of medals to give to your faithful servants
  • Export scanner - for checking prices of items
  • Supply megaphone - to make your voice LOUD

Station Projects

It may happen that at the start of a round you’ll receive a message like this:


This means that your station is lucky enough to participate in the Nanotrasen Project Programme! You may now order parts to the project your station has been assigned (note that these projects are not necessary to complete; they just add some fun to the round).

The Vault

The Vault houses two very important pieces of equipment - the Ore Silo and the Deposit Machine.

The Ore Silo stores all of the ore that your miners have collected; if it is destroyed, no one will be able to make anything!

The Deposit Machine is used for depositing money into the Cargo Budget - but it can also withdraw money, meaning people can steal your precious dosh! If this happens, the machine will blare “Unauthorised withdrawal in the Vault!” Over the common radio, giving you time to apprehend the unsavoury individual who decided to rob you blind.

Budget Cards

Budget cards are used by heads of departments to order items. With the Exploration Update, money is added to all budget cards, including your own, whenever a mission is completed.

To use a budget card, either buy privately using it or use Alt + Click to remove the funds and transfer them into your own Supply Budget Card.

Shaft Miner

I’m a shit miner, so take this very good guide instead: Mining Guide

Take this guide for tips on powergaming playing mining to its full extent: Tips and Tricks for Miners

Improvised Shelter

Found yourself out in the wild without a BS pod? Use this simple trick to survive any storm - for free!

  • Gather some sand and make 10 sandstone.
  • Dig a hole 2 tiles deep into rock.
  • Make a door to make a 1x1 hole.
  • Use this button to make it stormproof:
  • Make a new area; name it anything you want.
    Your hole is now stormproof! Enjoy the comforts of your new home. Make it fancy! Invite some natives over! I can’t tell you what to do, I’m not your mother.

Opening Locked Crates

The Shotgun

The shotgun method is quite slow but easy to use - provided you have access to a shotgun; for this, consider making a deal with the bartender for his double-barrel or stealing one from security.

The Fireaxe/Spear

This technique is rumoured to date back to the neolithic times, back when all Cave Cargo had been axes and spears; simply bash the crates open with a wielded fireaxe or throw spears at it until it pops open. Unga bunga!


This method will require you to have access to the mining base; dunk the crate in lava, and it will break open within a minute or two. Make sure not to keep it in the lava too long, lest you want your guns to melt!

The Furnace ™

This method was taught to me by one called Billy Shmit. Get some reinforced plasma glass, airtight plastic flaps and plasma sheets. Then you have to set the plasma on fire - make sure to reinforce the floor first! - and enjoy your very own plasma fireplace!


The Emitters

Emitters require the least amount of skill, but they do require Engineering access (or breaking the emitter crates open) and a pair of insulated gloves.

  1. Buy one/two emitter crates
  2. Set them up as shown below, with the correct wiring
  3. Put the crate on the “X”
  4. Turn them on and watch the sparks fly!


Or if you prefer to have your items safe from laser beams, arrange them like so:


The APLU method requires you to have access to robotics - they need to make you a mech with a drill; drill the crate, and you’re done!

The E-Mag

Self-explanatory; Cargo Technicians hate him - see how to unlock a crate in less than a second!

Other Money Making Techniques


Did you know that money grows on trees? Well, not really. But we can get close!
If you manage to get your hands on a hydroponics tray with perennial growth tower caps, you can make wooden crates out of the logs and planks. They are as valuable as standard metal crates.


Armed Robbery

Not for the faint of heart!
Are you willing to sell away your freedom and become an outlaw? Buy/make some weapons, and start your robbery spree!

Rage Cage bets

A man has fallen into a ragecage in the station! HEY! Create some baseball bats, start a betting system, and make some money!

Custom Vendors

Create a custom vendor to sell all the stuff your miners bring back/stuff you buy at an exorbitant price! The #1 way to anger assistants!

Create a fake Rev panic

Nothing boils the blood of people with money like the possibility of losing that money! With some clever tricks, you can convince the heads to give you their budgets and let you buy guns - double win!

Rimworld - the illegal organ harvesting game

In need of money? Don’t worry - just hack your local supply console and illegally sell organs to the black market!

Miasma Farm

Its as simple as shoving some monkeys into a box and scrubbing out their gas!

While corpse flowers are indeed more efficient, they require you to not only have the seeds, but also the necessary botanical supplies or a supply of ambrosia gaia. For this reason, it is much faster for your average simple-minded Cargo Technician to use monkeys instead. In addition, gibs can be stacked almost infinitely on the same tile - just don’t let the Janitor in!

Gas mining has been outlawed by Central Command for its negative impact on space-time dilatation.

Preparing For the Worst

A resourceful department such as yours will undoubtedly be the focal point for many round types, and a prime target for sabotage. You must stay vigilant; use this section as a guide for when shit hits the fan.

On Guns

“Why does the Quartermaster have more guns than me?” - Jeremiah Swift, Head of Security

Note that buying guns and other weapons without probable cause is deemed as powergaming and self-antagging on the Beestation Sage server, both of which are bannable offences (see M2).

Revolution - the ultimate money drainer

“Confirmed Revs? Mindshields and nothing but!” - Anonymous Quartermaster shortly before suffering a tragic work-related accident.

During the Revolution game mode, the Quartermaster quickly becomes the most powerful figure on the station; they control the supply of guns and other weapons, but more importantly, they are the principal source of Mindshields - if you are not a Revolutionary, buy as many of these as you can. However, make sure to buy other essentials necessary for fighting such as shotguns (which never miss) as well as medical supplies when Medbay is eventually overrun.

During this game mode, the heads of staff will give you their budget cards at the slightest whiff of a revolution - meaning more spending power for you. Keep your workplace well defended (using guns and the sandbags found inside your miners’ lockers) but don’t let your guard down.

Work with Security and Command to keep control of the station and eradicate those filthy commies once and for all!

Nuclear Emergency

“Why is that fish beeping?” - Cargo Technician Scotty Jones, shortly before becoming red paste at the hands (fins?) of an explosive fish.

The same advice applies as for Revolutionaries, except now you know exactly who’s the enemy (psst, it’s the guys wearing red).

Against Nuclear Operatives, laser guns are the go-to weapon. Use them to shoot through windows, allowing you to not be peppered with bullets.

Swarmers and Morphs

“Tasty metal, yum!” - Swarmer (256)
Swarmers and morphs are drawn to your ore silo and the delicious materials inside. If you hear rumours of either of them skulking about, it is time to act.

Quickly head over to your Vault, usually located somewhere near Cargo Bay, and weld all of the vents and scrubbers shut with a welder. This should stop them in their tracks, and keep your hard-earned ores where they belong - in your pocket!

Cargonia - the Land of the Free!

“For Cargonia!” - Anonymous Quartermaster before an untimely end.

If you’re planning to secede from the station - or worse, declare war on Nanotrasen - don’t expect to last very long. Station dwellers know that those blood-thirsty maniacs at Security will jump at the slightest opportunity to use their fancy toys - probably resulting in you losing your face. Here are some hints to establishing a long and lasting regime:

  1. Recruit - manpower is everything!
  2. Get a steady income - without money, you’re sitting ducks
  3. Supply your people with weapons for the inevitable Security raid
  4. Create alliances with other departments
  5. Get at least one head of staff on board
  6. Don’t declare independence when a particularly nasty admin is online
  7. Don’t disconnect the ore silo from every lathe - it will rally everyone against you. I’m not kidding.
  8. Fortify your department - what good are twenty guns if any assistant can come in and do what they please?
  9. Don’t harm civilians - they’re your friend! (unless they’re not, then gun-ho!)
  10. You are strongest in a war of attrition:
  • Disconnect the Security lathe from the ore silo
  • Keep chipping away at their ranks
  • Don’t engage directly/raid them
  • Don’t give up

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t my export scanner work?
You have to connect it to the supply network. To do so, click on any supply console using your export scanner.

Security keeps taking away my toys! Help!
While contraband is fun (and you’re all about fun), you have to remember that contraband is contraband; because it is illegal, Security has every right to do with it (and you, for bringing it onboard) whatever they want. Security will often panic about a Quartermaster better equiped than they are, so keep your ill-gotten gains hidden and secure until they are needed.

But why is the HoP in my god damn Cargo Bay!!!1111111
He is your boss, cope with it. The most you can do is take out the money from your budget card so he can’t buy anything. Cope.

Am I allowed to sell catgirls to Centcom?
No. You can’t.

Additional Reading

Guide not helpful. Half of this is bannable.

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April Fools was 4 days ago, dude

Its always April Fools when your birthday is in April. XD

Seriously this is a good guide though. Love it.

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lmao, you got me good. and thanks for the feedback!!

You forgot APLU crate method.

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Thanks, I’ll add it right now!

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Thanks bruv, it’s by far the fastest method and cheapest as it costs 1500. Use ir while not nerfed.

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You can open crates by ordering metal foam grenades, dismantling the grenades and throwing the resulting beakers at a crate to melt it.

You can also order your own ripley assembly crate as cargo tech, without any access requirements, comes with a drill too. Just need to also order a battery.


Tower Cap Plank production is a flawed process because it is affected by elasticity. The price converges to zero after a shipment or two bringing the price to zero.

Just make corpse flowers (they produce miasma 7-32x the speed of a corpse)

Miasma farming with gibbs and monkies are also flawed due to the cap on monkies as well as gibbs lagging the server (but it is indeed the best way to infinitely scale production at the cost of the server)

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The word you’re looking for is diminishing returns, not elasticity…
Elasticity implies it can go both ways.


Last time I checked the code, it does not influence future sales. Meaning it only applies the price reduction per shuttle. You will always get the same amount of credits for the same contents of a shuttle regardless of how many times you sell it.

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the last time i tried making a towercap farm the price of flanks converged to zero after a few shuttles full of it.
or there might a problem then with the export scanner then because the last i scanned a crate full of it it showed me 0 for all the planks.

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That is why you make crates out of the planks

such tedium. Its far easier to construct a miasma farm or even a gold solidiciation farm that automates it for you

There is absolutely nothing in code that keeps track of how many items were previously sold, except for a “blackbox” recorder of messages.

Another easy way to open locked crates is just to take the crates to lavaland/in space and use a PKA with maxed damage upgrades. Opens it fast and easy


TG made it so spears and axes dont break open crates, and lava and “The fireplace” Destroy the contents, this is the only foolproof method, thanks a lot!

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a short range EMP nade is also a reliable to open em up but obviously it affects the items inside, so it doesn’t really work on anything that is affected by EMPs


I totally forgot about this one, thanks