Fraud's big list of mining tips

Ok so it’s a short and simple mining guide in the form of a tip list.

Starting tips:

  • Don’t move diagonally. Only exception is dealing with a certain hierophant attack (see far below).

  • If your jumpsuit burns off there’s spares in an unlocked locker in the mining dock at the station.

  • Your starting gear set is: mesons, at least one capsule (2 suggested), at least one kinetic accelerator (2 suggested), GPS, Explorer suit and mask, oxygen tank (goes into suit storage).

  • The crusher is the single best voucher item and the best mining weapon (though not the best mining tool by far). If you don’t get crusher kit you’re doing it wrong. This is sad because it means the choices are kinda fake, but true because the other kits are all meme stuff. The only other useful one is extraction and rescue kit.

  • The crusher must be two-handed to fire bolts. The crusher also sometimes bugs and deals 0 damage with melee attacks until you toggle dual wielding a few times, so do that when you get it. The crusher also embeds when thrown which is scary in pvp scenarios. Detonating the crusher mark with melee deals more damage from behind. Enough to 3-shot a goliath.

  • Put a mining scanner into your boots. Put capsules or other small items into the other boot slot or your explorer suit slot. Space is important!

  • It’s best to always have GPS active. Use one pocket for it and one for a mining satchel. I find that moving the GPS window to the top right works for me since it blocks nothing important.

  • Speaking of GPS, you can disable all the excess gps devices in the base except one, and stuff it into a suit storage unit where no one’ll likely take it. Makes the GPS window less cluttered. You can also rename all the other GPSes to something like ‘miner’ so it’s clear when someone takes one, because people sometimes don’t rename the signal.

  • You can use a wrench to unsecure the ore redemption machine and pull it down to the mining station for easier use; also less chance for it to get destroyed. Sometimes a scientist will yell at you but just ask to borrow their part exchange device and upgrade the ORM yourself and they’ll stop.

  • Mount a flashlight and a survival knife on your kinetic accelerator. Always take two kinetic accelerators. Spare lockers with them are available in the mining base. Harm intent makes you shoot both at once which is useful against mobs. The KA can go into your belt slot for a passive flashlight effect, by the way.

  • A kinetic accelerator recharges faster if it is the only thing you’re holding. The fastest starting mining technique is to fire one, drop it, fire a second one, drop that, pick up the first one, fire it again, drop it…etc. It looks dope and mines quite fast.

  • The mining base doors are annoying and pointless. You can destroy the mining base doors with kinetic accelerators. It takes about 50 shots normally but there’s an easy way. open the inner door. open the outer door. wait a few seconds. close the outer door. the pressure will now let you destroy it in far less KA shots (as shown by the kinetic force message on hit, instead of weakened kinetic force). Since the inner door is open and the outer is destroyed, this takes care of both. You can then weld the shitty fastmos airlocks open on the mining EVA door so those don’t annoy you either, and you’re set.

  • Take an RCD from engineering by asking for it or breaking in. It makes bridges over lava and abyss with the floor setting. It can also replace the mining doors with regular airlocks which keep plasma out AND remove the wait time. If you brought ORM down to base you can get sheets from it to refuel the RCD too.

  • There’s a first aid kit in the mining shuttle and another one in a room in the mining base. Bringing some medicine with you can be extremely useful when you start but leave some in case of emergencies too.

  • Put a fulton beacon or the hierophant beacon inside an escape pod for an easy getaway. After you do this, you can stop caring about shuttle for the rest of the round.

  • Always get a Trashbag of Holding. It is cheap, researched far easier, and better in every way than a bag of holding. You get it from a service lathe (or just ask anyone in service to get you one). This bag has hundreds of items worth of room, stacks items, and holds everything but the most massive of items (such as an eva suit or firesuit). It doesn’t disrupt teleports. It holds hardsuits, it holds crusher and hierophant, axe, and anything else you might find in the mines. I think you can pick up dark blessing safely by using the bag on it directly too, unsure though. Using this also frees up your back slot for another item, such as the crusher for easy access or an oxy tank if you want bone armor or have to use a fireman suit due to a breach or fire.

  • Use your mining scanner on gibtonite to harvest it. Gibtonite can blow open the abandoned crate in the generator room in the mining base. Just do it outside of the base!

Advice for when you’ve already started mining:

  • It takes 7 KA shots and 13 KC hits to destroy a tendril. If you mounted a survival knife you can kill tendrils very fast by dual wielding two KA’s, shooting the tendril and hitting it with the knife mounted KA too.

  • Legion skull is the best regular crusher trophy. Farm legion tendrils for one if you can. Legions are one-shot by a bolt detonation from behind or take one regular melee hit and one detonated hit from a crusher otherwise. They die from 2 KA shots so use guerilla tactics with dual-wield and harm intent.

  • Watchers do not aggro unless you are next to them. You can fight multiple in melee just fine with either crusher or two KA, just have medicine ready afterwards. This is important because watchers do not use their freezing beams while in melee range.

  • If you see more than one goliath, always be on the move, because double tentacles can guarantee your death. Instead of fighting goliaths in their tendrils, I suggest just taking potshots with KA and grabbing the chest quickly.

  • Using a legion core puts out any fires on you. Great for having to go over lava or fighting drake.

  • Don’t lavawalk over more than 2 squares, and have a core or extinguisher ready. You can go over 3 squares on LRP.

  • Use this for sliding block puzzles. They drop normal tendril loot with one exception.

  • The sliding block puzzle can release Bubblegum. Watch out of his signal isn’t on the GPS, it means he’s probably inside one of the puzzles. If his signal is there, then I’m fairly sure he can’t be inside one.

  • You can craft a shield which blocks melee attacks, a protective talisman to attach to your jumpsuit, and gauntlets from the materials gained from killing monsters. You can also make some badass bone armor which offers decent protection, but more importantly, I believe it prevents your jumpsuit, ID, etc from burning if you’re on fire for too long. The downside of the bone armor is that it cannot hold a big oxy tank in its storage slot. It can hold the expanded oxy tanks which you can loot from dead legions (miner corpses) though, or if you have a trashbag of holding you can just wear a big oxy tank on your back slot, since you don’t need a big bag in that case.

  • If you cleared all tendrils and can’t get any suits (either because there’s no drake or bubblegum or because you can’t beat them), check if you have a xenobiologist. They can make any suit stormproof (make sure to apply this to helmet too) and also remove slowdown from it with certain extracts. If there’s no xenobiologist, your last solace is that getting fully augmented makes you stormproof, but medicine stops working on you too. Get a welder and cables if you have to resort to this.

  • The ashwalker camp has an RCD and combat gloves. The podperson outpost only has the gloves. These are useful items to snag.

  • Destroying the ashwalker tendril gives you an anomaly core that you can donate to science. If you feel like a total dick you can also push the ashwalker eggs into the abyss.

  • Eating cactus heals you a bit and is free food. Use empty hand on cactus plants to harvest it. Walking over cactus also trips you if you aren’t wearing shoes.

  • Your capsules come with food in the storage and free medicine on the left. You can wear the bedsheet as a cape. Spray lasts more than patches but heals less per application. You can use two of each patch without overdosing and you can use both at the same time.

  • Destroy the table in the capsules for more room. Set their signal name to something nice too. You can prank miners by changing it to megafauna or tendril signal names.

Short section about upgrades and voucher gear:

  • Upgrading KAs for range is good against colossus and potentially bubblegum, but otherwise not really needed. Upgrading damage is solid. Upgrading cooldown has the best DPS but it’s harder to get consistent hits in against monsters. Offensive explosion (from a disk drop or from mining vendor) deals AOE damage to enemies. Mining explosion (from service lathe) mines in an AOE. The former is great for the Legion boss and Bubblegum. The latter is also good but outclassed by advanced plasma cutter and Hierophant. The repeater (from disk drop) is a good upgrade for a range build, but otherwise shit due to huge capacity waste which prevents 2 of other mods that aren’t range being installed. Death syphon is a waste of a slot. Resonator blast is niche but honestly pretty good. Lifesteal crystal is fantastic but you only get the one mod as a drop instead of a disk, so i typically don’t use it.

  • Plasma cutters are the ultimate mining tools, especially advanced.

  • Drills are not worth getting, but sonic jackhammer is, in order to break walls (both on lavaland and station). It is able to break reinforced walls too.

  • Plasma cutter can destroy walls by welding them. Welding with it also destroys girders too, uniquely.

  • Fultons must be used to select a previously-placed beacon as a destination. If used on yourself they make you drop other held items. I recommend having a trashbag of holding to put things away in if you use this, or just fultoning your crusher/box/whatever first.

  • Miner pens overdose if more than one is used in a short duration.

  • Legion cores might give you legion disease if more than one is used in a short duration. I have on two occassions gotten the disease from a single core, but this has an absurdly low chance or might be bugged. You can see the symptoms in the chat box in the form of messages such as “a thousand voices call to you”. Drop a pod and go inside the life support device, then cry for help in chat if infected. The disease won’t progress while you’re buckled to it. Podding and cloning works to remove the disease. In either case ask to be killed first to prevent the legion transformation. Unlike regular legion transformations from dying to legions, you control the legion you turn into from this, and can speak…but you only leave a skeleton on death, so that’s permadeath unless you have a blood sample or cloning data.

  • Mining hardsuit has same stats as regular explorer suit, plus its spaceproof and SLOWS YOU DOWN. It’s bait for mining but good for space if you got the jetpack upgrade. As noted in other places in this post, you can speed it up and stormproof it in xenobiology though.

Here’s some advice on dealing with megafauna

  • Apply two patches BEFORE any fight for lots of passive healing. Burn patches for hierophant and drake, and brute for the other bosses. Having miner pens and cores ready helps too, of course, since those are instant use.

  • Always try to kill the hierophant with the crusher for its amazing trophy. I suggest learning this boss first in general due to low damage per attack and overall fun design.

  • Hierophant tips: stay at least 3 squares away from the hierophant and only walk up to it to smack it with the crusher. Walking diagonally makes its targeted cross attacks easy to dodge, you only need to take one horizontal step to dodge the diagonal cross and the horizontal cross auto-misses you. Stay away from the hierophant while its chasers are up unless you’re feeling brave. An unlucky chaser + other attack can stunlock you and result in death. If you can’t dodge a radial attack, walk towards the hierophant so you only take one hit. With lucky timing you can actually walk through a radial attack without being hit too. If the hierophant started doing a radial attack and you weren’t next to it, it usually follows it up with one or two more, so don’t get baited into walking up to it afterwards. Finally, you can tank about half of its health if you have patches + miner pen applied, so after fighting for a while, feel free to completely cheese it in melee, just don’t miscalculate and don’t start the cheese while chasers are active.

  • The hierophant trophy makes blood drunk miner a joke, makes drake way easier with the crusher, makes colossus POSSIBLE with a crusher and helps with bubblegum too. The hierophant club itself is interesting. Its close range attack (a 3x3 square burst) always has the same effect, whereas clicking an empty space at range does a cross attack, and clicking an entity makes a chaser go after them. The cross and chaser have bigger cooldowns than the melee attack. A unique property of the club is that the lower your health is the faster the chaser and the bigger the cross. It is also only limited by range and vision, meaning you can attack through glass and from a weird angle. It is a fantastic mining tool and normally decent for PVP, but if you somehow get yourself to extremely low health, you can use its chaser attack which will be ultra-fast for easy kills that are humanly impossible to avoid unless in open space. The club has two functions appearing as icons once you start using it, the first detaches a beacon and teleports you and anything around you to the beacon on following uses. Using the club on the beacon removes it so you can place it again. Importantly, the destination must be an open space, so if the destination has a wall on the right and when you teleport, a person is on your right, they won’t be teleported. To avoid shit like this, if doing a mass-teleport with the hierophant, tell everyone to get on your square by resting. The club’s second function toggles friendly fire on and off. This doesn’t know who antags are, so be careful.

  • Blood-drunk miner tips: Do not stay next to him. Always run between attacks. You can tank a silly amount of hits from the fight if you have two brute patches and a pen applied. The usual strategy is to make a large, looping tunnel and take potshots or hit BDM with crusher on corners while running from him otherwise. This is how you kill him without medicine or the hierophant trophy. With the hierophant trophy, you just detonate the mark, step back, step in and repeat until he’s dead. Getting good armor makes him incredibly easy due to damage mitigation.

  • The cleaving saw can kill watchers before they can even attack and makes goliaths easy. Its open mode is great for popping multiple legion skulls. It can also cheese lavaland elites if you’re brave enough to use it. Lastly, it’s one handed, meaning you can wield it with the powerful shield you can craft. Shifting the saw lets you attack faster while granting additional effects, for example the open mode will stack the bleed effect while recently shifted, so for optimal use shift between each attack. The crusher trophy, meanwhile, gives you huge resistance for a bit after mark detonation. Recommended for fighting colossus to prevent instakills.

  • Ash Drake tips: Drop your flammables before the fight. Only have your explorer suit and your regular bag on, nothing more. You can put the other items into a survival capsule’s storage. I believe having bone armor also protects your items. Bring a fire extinguisher or three if you’re inexperienced. Stand against a wall and use it to extinguish yourself if set on fire. Legion cores also put out fires. Ash drake’s melee is very deadly. Don’t stay next to it. Make a really big arena before fighting it, or lure it to the open space below the mining base. Keep ash drake facing you straight vertically or horizontally to allow you to only take 1 step to dodge its fire breath. Shoot drake or run in for a KA detonation only after it breathes fire. Don’t try to get additional hits. Time it right so you run around drake between its breath to make it walk over the arena again. If drake breathes radial fire instead of the regular one, step back, because it tends to use it a few more times afterwards. This attack can catch you off guard so have a pen or core or extinguisher ready at all times, no matter how confident you are. The drake’s lava trap attack wants you to step on the marked square to avoid the lava, but if you have wings (from strange elixir, botany, xenobiology) you can completely ignore this. Lavaproof tracks do NOT make a borg immune, they still take damage from this attack. After the arena the drake slams into its center. Don’t stand in it. Having the hierophant trophy on your crusher does not block drake’s firebreath but stops its movement, making the fight much easier. Wanna cheese drake? Ask CE to borrow you his fireproof suit. (He probably won’t). The champion suit from tendrils is also fireproof (as is drake’s own armor or anything with the xenobiology upgrades. Augments are not fireproof though).

  • You can make two sets of stormproof and fireproof drake armor from its remains. Use the tribal crafting tab. This armor also works with wings if you have them, but is not spaceproof. Go get space adaptation from genetics for complete safety while in this armor. Drake’s other drops are mostly shit but dragon’s blood might give you lavawalking and the fireball wand is good for pvp. The drake trophy pushes back and damages enemies on detonation. It’s okay but unecessary. I typically kill drake with KA.

  • Colossus tips: for a regular fight, put max range on your KAs, make a really really big arena, and just dodge its attacks from far away. Might be worth getting speed-up chems like stimulants or meth for easier dodging, or that one stabilized extract from xenobiology that speeds you up. From far away and if not slowed down, it’s not that hard. Have cores and pens ready in case you get hit and don’t come close. With the crusher though, if you have the hierophant trophy, you can fight colossus by just carefully timing detonations. Colossus has an instakill shotgun attack that can hit you while you’re standing in the wall the hierophant trophy makes. To avoid this, only detonate marks on colossus immediately after it does an attack or while one of its sweeping attacks is shooting backwards. Do not overstep and try to get more hits in or you will die. If fighting colossus this way, you can actually afford to use patches or other slow medicine to heal in case it melees you or something because hierophant trophy walls last very long. With this in mind, bring tons of medicine for the fight to heal from random melee hits or a stray bolt.

  • Do not eat the divine vocal cords or you turn into a mob. Get them implanted. Autodoc works. The colossus crusher trophy is pretty good and turns your bolts into damaging death bolts. The anomalous crystal has many effects. Use the wiki and test it out thoroughly. It can be very useful or even completely broken depending on the effect. One example of a broken effect is its ability to reset used items, which I’m fairly sure works on the mysterious core and spellbooks…

  • Bubblegum tips: The one boss I still haven’t fought much yet, but according to trusted sources, you once again just make a fuckhuge arena and kite it around. An alternate strategy that I’ve seen used to great success is to just make one huge tunnel and shoot it down while running from it, since it only enrages if you step on blood. Getting AOE on your KAs helps deal with slaughterlings. Bubblegum hits very hard but his attacks aren’t really that bad. You dodge his arms by just moving around, slaughterlings with AOE KA, enrage by just running away. The only attacks left are his rapid dashes, which are marked for you and must be avoided on reflex, and his illusion attack which just just requires you to walk in a direction none of the illusions are standing in (very similar to hierophant dodging in practice).

  • Bubblegum has some pretty meme-y drops but his HECK suit is arguably the single best mining suit. You can get space adaptation from genetics and a jetpack implant from robotics to make up for its weaknesses. The suit’s otherwise great stats make it worth using over other suits. If you somehow killed Bubblegum with a crusher, you get a trophy which boosts its melee damage to a huge degree. Quite useful if you’re saving something like colossus for last.

  • Legion advice: Make a huge tunnel or the single biggest arena you’ve ever made. Put AOE on your KAs. Shoot skulls down and keep a distance. The legion boss is incredibly easy but kills miners due to lack of preparation or it managing to trap miners in small spaces. Prepare accordingly. Legion has devastating melee and does brute damage. Its only attacks are to spam skulls and chase you. Yeah, really, that’s it. It has regular tendril drops as well as a staff of storms once it is fully killed, which can grief the fuck out of the station. Only CE, augmented people or suited up miners will survive. Good for antags. It has no trophy and honestly fighting it with crusher is silly.

  • Lavaland elite advice: put a stabilized core into a tumor to make the elite posessable by a ghost when you next use it. When the fight starts, yell at the ghost at least 5 times to not leave their corpse after dying. In fact, have text with this ready to copy-paste spam because they always fucking leave fucking lavalaland elite players fuck fuck fuck shit ass piss. Ahem. Killing an elite can drop a tumor shard or another trophy. Using the shard on their corpse revives them as as a loyal servant. SO SPAM THEM TO MAKE THEM UNDERSTAND. Anyway, I advise using KA for all of the bosses and clearing a sizeable arena for them. If you’re making the boss sentient, use an RCD to bridge any present lava or they might run into it like a coward and deny you the fight completely. For the non-sentient versions, keep a distance from legionnaire as you shoot it. Its dash attack is a potential instakill but very predictable, and also your only real worry for this fight. For goliath broodmother, you can either avoid its babies or shoot them from a distance and have an extinguisher ready because their death explosions set on fire. For herald, take potshots and watch out for its rapid fire attacks. Always kill its mirror. For pandora, just dodge. Its Hierophant but easier. In case you made the elite sentient, they have the same attacks but a brain to use them with. Beware surprise legion dashes, pandora teleport spam, point-blank rapid fire from herald or baby spam from broodmother. You can cheese pandora and broodmother with cleaving saw. Having a shield too helps. More risky to use the saw strategy against the other two though.

  • The main drop from lavaland elites is the ability to get a pet. Herald is the best since he can actually talk, but they’re all useful in their own ways. Remember, use the tumor shard on their corpse while they’re inhabiting it to revive. YELL AT THEM UNTIL THEY RETURN TO THE CORPSE if you didn’t during the fight. Use OOC if you have to, I doubt admins will care. If yu didn’t get the shard, you might have gotten a crusher trophy or a fancy cloak. These are mostly bad items with niche uses. You do get a regular tendril drop too though.

Niche Advice:

  • Don’t even go near yellow swarmers. They have a 1-hit knockdown which teleports you away. Yucky. Use hierophant or KA.

  • Capsules will fail to activate over rocky terrain, such as BDM’s spawn point or lavaland ruin tiles leading up to legion.

  • Capsules have failed me randomly on at least one occassion. Always have a backup ready if you want to be truly careful.

  • The bone axe you can make is a powerful melee weapon in pvp.

  • The hierophant (item) ranged attacks get beefier the less HP you have. Test it out, it’s pretty cool!

  • Some useful stuff you can get for mining that isn’t augments or xenobiology includes pyroxadone for healing while on fire, stimulants or meth to run faster for a while, additional healing chems to stack more healing with patches and pens (try omnizine, godblood, synthflesh or ask for super-potent combined medicine from chemists), a sec jumpsuit for some more protection, CE’s hardsuit, which is stormproof (but slows you), a riot shield, etc.

  • You can use a capsule in space. It still has breathable air, yes.

  • Suit rating: HECK> Dragon armor (if you have wings) > Champ/Inquis suit > Dragon armor (no wings) > Explorer suit > Narsien armor > Mining Hardsuit.

  • Upgrading yourself without getting champ/inquis suit: If you have the HECK or dragon armor, get space adaptation and a jetpack implant. If you have narsien armor or mining hardsuit, stormproof it and speed it up in xenobiology and get a jetpack implant, also upgrade with goliath plates if its the miner one.

  • Other useful things include nanites, Xray eyes + night vision mesons for an eye of god effect, healing diseases and ahelping to trade away your mysterious core for something silly.

Hope you enjoyed reading.


thanks this helps a lot

hierophant flashbacks

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not mentioning literal fucking .357 revolver seeds


Actually those don’t always spawn. You might get something way shittier like moonflower or cherries. Besides, you have to bring those to botany for any use. At that point you might as well get the bs beakers too if you wanna help your botanists.

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Updated with new discoveries. Also less typos and edited some old tips to be less confusing.

bone axe is literally the fire axe but it looks cooler and is based

also, having augments lets you tank damage from the blood drunk miner, but you can also just kill him, but it’s there

Champ suit and inquisitor suit are just reskins of each other


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Was aware for ages but forgot to update. Thanks.

Upgrading explorer suit fully lets you just facetank blood drunk miner as well, as long as you’re using a Crusher at least.

Honestly there’s a reason the other guy who wrote some mining stuff in this section specifically left BDM out.

Upgrading or finding an upgraded suit makes him a joke.
Getting a shield makes him a joke.
Getting a trophy makes him a joke.
Getting augments makes him a joke.
Getting upgrades makes him a joke.

Let’s not even speak of things like nanites or hulk. BDM is easily just a miniboss that kills new miners who don’t know how to deal with him.