Guide to Lavaland (as Promised)


Fighting Fauna is quite simple when you know what signs to look for when fighting certain fauna.
From this point on, I am gonna assume you are using the dual PKAs as I am.

  • Goliath : if you watch their sprite closely you will see a very obvious change in the sprite, most notably their eyes will glow red. Also, their head will seem to be closer to the ground. Back off until the hentai tentacles disappear then you got two shots before the next tentacles. Repeat until resprite.

  • Watchers : I rarely see it, but an advanced tip would be to use your ore box to block the watcher’s shots. Fire your first shot then move the box between the two of you, and keep some distance so when he fires his second shot, your PKAs should recharge and you should be able to fire off another shot. Repeat until resprite.

  • Legion : Easiest of the fauna, just go up to them and fire both PKA shots into them to instantly get them down. A little note, but look at who was inside the legion. Sometimes you might be able to get your hands on some medieval armor, if you’re lucky.

“but senpai, what if there be multiple fauna and I need to clear them out for my arena/tendril/base?”

Well, you fucking weeb, you simply kite them.
You go in and fire your shots then leave their aggro range.

This wont work for watchers as they have a ranged projectile, however they have a very small aggro range and you have to be directly in their line of sight. So you can resprite them one by one until you got them all.


For the sake of simplicity, I used the area under the base to fight the drakes. It is quite large and allows for freedom of movement.
I also only used the basic mining equipment for the drake fight.

  • Ash Drake (Video)

Luckily for this battle I was able to get all his attacks, so I can explain each one too you.

  • Dragon Swoop
    Hopefully you made your arena big enough to run in a straight line. Don’t run back as you can see there is lava.
    Warning, that if you get hit by the final swoop attack then you can just hope your death is quick and painless, which is unlikely since it’s a dragon.
    Once it finishes it sweep, it will %100 always follow up with a standard fire breath attack.
  • The standard fire breath attack
    When fighting the ash drake it is preferrable to always be directly infront of it. Why? because it then fires the drake breath in a direct line allowing you to bait the attack then step once to dodge the entire attack.
    This will let you get one attack in, then when you’re gun recharges is when the drake fires his shot again.
  • Fireball Rain
    Simply side step em, the only advice I can offer is that I hope you don’t have tunnel vision and can see where each will land as it is obviously marked.
  • 360 Fire Pillar
    If you have managed to stay infront of him for the entire fight then good job, but this attack is kind of a fuck you to your instincts.
    The Fire breath pattern will always be %100 the same, so for the first on you just keep walking infront of it, and the flames will fork and you wont be hit.
    For his second breath is when you side step the fire again, the final breath will once again be a fork as you can see in the video.
    No, it is not dependant on wether you side step the attack or not. So if you make sure you always keep your distance through the fight then this should be one of his easier attacks to dodge.
    Now he cant attack (with his special attacks, he can still rip you to shreds) for 2-3 shots, so get those shots in then keep your distance again.
  • 5x5 Mario party rip off
    Simply stand in the green spot, and repeat until its over.
    Once the attack is done, run away as the drake ends it with a swoop that will fuck you up if you’re in it.
    Same thing with the 360 attack, you get 2-3 shots.

Sadly I did not get hit at all while fighting the ash drake, but if I did, I was gonna use a regenerative core to heal myself. The Regenerative Core has the ability to also exstinguish the flames entirely.

Repeat this until resprite

Hierophant (Video)

For me this fight is entirely reactionary, and is probably the easiest megafauna right after Blood Drunk Miner.

Not much advice I can give except for this video and not standing in the purple shit like a moron.

Blood Drunk Miner/All Tumour Mid Bosses (except Broodmother)

I’ll be honest, you can just tank these motherfuckers if you have full plates and max cooldown PKAs. Having a regenerative core when you get close to crit will help you finish them off.
Get up in their face and just keep firing off your PKAs until resprite. Once in melee range, thats all they will do to try and kill you and never once use their special attacks. The amount of brute damage they do when fully plated is very minimal and gives you enough time to finish them off.

Goliath Broodmother (Video)

I hate this thing, does the most brute damage amongst the Tumour mid bosses, and is capable of stunning. (not unlike Legion mid boss)
I have a video for this as well.
Once you kill it, I recommend just grabbing the chest and running since those little fuckers explode.

Other megafauna?

As I understand it, the other megafauna are broken and not worth the time to try and battle.
If they are not broken, then I am just one unrobust motherfucker incapable of thinking up a way to kill these guys.

Ghost spawns on lavaland

As many unrobust and dead people know, there is an item called ghost spawns available for the dead to add themselves back to the round again.

These Spawns consist of

  • Ash Walkers : An angry group of lizards that sacrifice flesh to their tendril to allow for more ash walkers to rise
    They have some loot on their base if you wanna risk fighting some of the locals, usually there aren’t any locals and you can waltz in and grab the items.
    The most notable being the combat upgrade which can be used to “upgrade” the station AI.
    Also some combat gloves and a RCD.
  • Pod Men : Like to play with their seeds :wink:
    A group of simple farmer products, farming products. Only notable items in here are their cherry bombs, and some combat gloves.
  • Golems : Based
    Capable of conjuring a omnilathe from the depths of their vending machine.
    Capable of the infinite, yet the shells always remain inert.
  • Syndicate Base Agents : Some guys stuck in the middle of a lava lake.
    Kill them for some sick gamer loot.
    You can also try and fuck up their day by activating the syndicate bomb they have chilling on the base.
  • Animal Hospital : a couple of doctors waiting for patients.
    Simple as
  • Beach Dome
    Just a couple of chads, looking to have a good time. Hopefully their bartender doesnt lose their mind.
  • Lone Survivor : A guy just chilling in his pod/capsule makeshift base
    His selection of mushrooms is a delicacy in some quadrants.


There do be lots of ruins my friends, lots of ruins to explore and exploit.
I will list them off from my favourite to least.

  • Pizza Party
    Little Timmy was holding a party there, but sadly they had to cancel because of the lava rain.
    The present I left might still be there, so go get it for me.
  • Greed’s Gambling Den
    Has a Slot Machine, with each pull of the lever you pay a debt of blood.
    You have a maximum of 5 pulls before your greed overtakes you.
    If you do want to keep pulling then you might need to get repaired.
  • Cube Puzzle
    This puzzle has taken millenia to solve. Will you be the one to solve it?
    If you do, there will be a prize most kind.
  • Envy
    In the temple of envy, one can find a dagger with limitless potential.
    Just how far are you willing to go to become beautiful?
  • Gluttony
    Only those that follow the path of gluttony will be able to claim the reward, a personal blessing from Gluttony itself.
  • Wish Granter
    A wall impassable, one must find a way to appear inside.
  • Pride
    A mirror that lets you see your own inner beauty, just hope it is not that of a beast.
  • Clown Planet
    The long forgetton lands, I hear its full of lube so I hope you are willing to claw your way through.
    I hear a Clown Priest forgot his staff in there, I wonder what power this staff holds.
  • The Fountain
    The fountain that many seek yet never found. Drinking this divine water will be like swallowing a piece of heaven.
  • UFO crash
    An undentified object was picked up on radar but it just blipped right off.
  • Xeno/Swarmer nests
    We picked up some heavy signs of movement in these areas. There might be some items to recover. but be careful.
  • Cult ruins
    There was some spiritual activity in these areas, you can go see whats up if it’s shift/research relevant. If not, then dont really bother.
  • Sloth ruins
    This doesnt even deserve some funny IC text, fuck this ruin, and fuck the guy who thought this ruin up.

The Loot?

Well, you can just go to the loot tables on the wikipedia to see what loot there is, no real reason for me to go over them.

Tips and Tricks

My biggest tip to a newbie miner, is too ask for help from another miner.

  • Try and get some quantum pads set up, these will make going to and from the station so much easier. Cutting out the middle man.
  • The only setup I use now is full damage mods for my PKA, since things resprite quicker that way
  • You can make the tumour bosses sentient by adding a stabilized regenerative core, but then you’re gonna have to be gamer enough to fight another player. (unless its Pandora, you can just fuck that thing up)
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The other megafauna are not particularly broken. I’ll fill in with info on how to beat them to complete your guide.

  • Legion is an incredibly easy fight, as all it does is chase you slowly, run away, and spew skulls which die in one hit. It’s annoying, but you can put the aoe damage mods that you buy from the mining points vendor and deal with the skulls easier that way. Legion has no trophy so there’s no point in crushing it anyway. Just kill it with the aoe PKAs. The number one way people die to legion is having nowhere to run. Legion’s melee attacks shouldn’t realistically ever get to hit you, but if you get trapped and they do, they finish you off extremely quickly. Always have an escape route! When legion splits, run away! Only aggro one or two legion skulls at a time, or you will absolutely get swarmed, not by the big bois but by the skulls the spam.

  • Colossus is not a difficult fight. He is definitely broken if you’re trying the crusher route, in which case it’s only really doable with the hierophant trophy and still requires timing mastery to kill. However the trophy is not worth it unless you’re confident in your patterns, and even then lag can kill you. So, how do you fight him? Simply put full range on your PKAs and shoot him from very far away. An open area is good for this. With enough distance you should be able to dodge his attacks even reactionary. You can pull any entity that isn’t downed to use as a shield. This includes Frank, who is super tanky, and mobs you used lazarus on (though you cannot pull goliaths. watchers are your best bet). You can even strap a corpse to a chair to be bait for Colossus. He’s not fast at all, so blocking his things instead of relying on speed helps a lot. Basically just dodge his attacks from afar and keep shooting. It’s a slow but easy fight. Even his shotgun shouldn’t instakill you since you’re far away, so have cores ready in case of an emergency heal. If you want more speed for easier dodges, go get some drugs and/or nuka cola, it helps a lot.

  • Bubblegum is a fight that looks terrible on paper and definitely the hardest boss out there, but if you learn what he can do, you’ll kill him like anything else. There’s two ways to fight him. You can constantly run away from him, which prevents you from stepping on blood and thus prevents his harder attacks. You need a huge area to run through so this takes tons of setup, but that’s it. Your other bet is to lure him to an arena as usual and deal with his empowered attacks, which, while tough, are also not an issue if you know what you’re doing. Here’s what you need to know: When he turns red, just run the fuck away from him until he stops. When he charges, focus on moving out of the way instead of just running away, sidestepping is great for this. When he spawns slaughterlings, unsheathe your weapon of choice and deal with them. AOE PKA, hierophant and open cleaving saw all work to smack them away quickly. When you get to half of the fight, Bubblegum will start summoning illusions that charge at you. When he does this, just move away diagonally and you’ll typically dodge them. PREPARE ACCORDINGLY. THIS IS THE FINAL BOSS. Illusions deal stamina damage and slow you, so having a scooter helps unironically. Getting slowed means you get killed. None of bubblegum’s attacks are instakills! Have cores ready and don’t be afraid of overdosing on them. You can cure the legion disease by just eating shrooms from lavaland, so bring those too! Keep moving at all times so his claws don’t hit. Bubblegum is the only fauna on lavaland that really cares about your speed, as more speed means he can’t catch you, his stamina damage is less effective, you get to outrun his charges and cheese his illusion charge. Bring meth. Bring nuka cola. Bring wings and a jetpack. Bring stabilized pink slime. Bring whatever the fuck you have that makes you go fast because it makes this much, much easier. If you decide to kill bubbles with a crusher, he’ll get to hit you with his actual melee attack which is as bad as colossus’ so you literally need a stockpile of pens and cores to survive the fight, though the actual difficulty is pretty much the same as PKA.

When you have more than one PKA in your inventory (or anywhere on your person), all PKAs will charge that much longer. Using 2 PKAs has the same damage per second as using 1 PKA. The only advantage of using 2 PKAs is for higher burst for hit and run.

When you have more than one PKA in your inventory (or anywhere on your person), all PKAs will charge that much longer. Using 2 PKAs has the same damage per second as using 1 PKA. The only advantage of using 2 PKAs is for higher burst for hit and run.

Yeah, though this is definitely worth it for the megafauna. Not so much for regular fauna.

You can fire 2 PKAs at the rate of one PKA (so, twice as many shots) by dropping them after you fire, and alternativing between them, only ever holding one at a time. Not something you can do against megafauna but it can speedkill regular fauna and mine way faster.


Also, it just comes down to personal preference.
No reason to argue and say this is better than that.