Dog132 Mentor Application

Your CKEY: dog132

Your Discord: «dog132»#2655

How long have you been playing ss13?:
Since June 2019.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:
I’m sure that many people who have played with me in the past can vouch for my skill, but if anyone in particular wants to vouch for me I would appreciate it.

Game Experience (More Detailed):

I have some experience with most non-command roles despite the low hours (I often late join as an assistant so I can pick what job I want without worrying about job slots and whatnot).

If there is something that I don’t know, I am capable of code-diving for information quickly.

I create easy-to-follow guides on the forum for newer players to follow, as I find wiki pages to be monotonous to read through when a newbie just wants to get started out.

I also believe I have the highest Clown hours on the server, which has to say something about my mental state.


old player and very friendly in-game aswell, no doubt a good mentor

normally I would make a joke about needing more assistant hours but I can’t really do that in this case



I mean
With that amount of hours, do I even need to ask questions?
+1 get the hell in here

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clown player give us your knowledge


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  1. How do I make bicardine?

  2. How to construct Larry?

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Equal parts of carbon, oxygen, and sugar. Fun fact: poppies have some bicaridine in them, so they’re a pretty neat emergency healing item.

Print a Larry frame from the protolathe; insert proximity sensor (and some cables I think?); add a cyborg arm.

  1. How do I get multiple viruses? I’ve seen people with more than one before!

  2. How does the artifacts work in science?

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There are three tiers of viruses - mild, severe, and threatening, categorised by severity. You can only have one virus from each category, meaning you can have different viruses on the same person if they have different severities.

Honestly I haven’t kept up to date with this update, but I do know that artifacts have randomised abilities, activation methods, and material. These can be scanned with science goggles and labeled with a sticker.

Good answer and for the second don’t be afraid to ask others! There’s msay in game and the mentor channel on discord! +1

T: +4

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Yep and yep! Larries don’t need wires, just a proximity and arm. You can (usually) check the wiki (if it’s up to date) for things like this when a player needs to know a werd construction step or whatever.



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Good answers and the other mentors seem very eager to get you on board.
Welcome to the team.

Accepting at +5