Mining Guide

Wanna be epic miner?

well with my 100 hours of shaft mining I can easily guide you through it step by step.

Starting with shift start

At shift start you are gonna wanna drop a few items as they just take up space in your inventory.

  • Marker Beacons
  • Skinsuit and accompanying helmet
  • The explorer’s mask

And you’re gonna wanna set up your inventory slots so they look something like this.

With small items like your survival medipen and bluespace capsule in the box so they dont take up space in the bag.

Now to use your mining ticket which is the purple and green item in my bag currently and redeem it at the mining vendor machine which will bring up a small screen as pictured here.

mining 2

Of course you can choose as you like but the item I personally find best is the Extraction and Rescue kit which gives you a 3 use fulton beacon and a marker beacon which you have to place somewhere. You can place the beacon using the activation key, and then use the activation key on the fulton to bring up a menu where you can select all available beacons.

Now take the shuttle down, and before you get suited up you should go down to the miner’s quarters and make your way to the room with the extra mining equipment as shown here.

where you can grab an extra bluespace capsule which you will likely need as a new miner.
now you are ready to head out.

so make your way to the exit of the base and open the suit storage to grab your exploring suit

and make sure to grab a GPS as it is the item you will need to find loot and also find bosses.

When you press the activation key, it should bring up a window that looks like this.

So each signal represents an item that will tell you what is what.
As to save me from carpal tunnel syndrome, I will just link the shaft miner page as it saves me time

Megafauna signals

Eerie signals = Tendrils

Menacing Signals = Lavaland Tumours

MINE0 = Other miners

unless they change it manually

Now you are ready to leave the nest

and should look somewhat like this

Now because the GPS is in either your belt slot or pockets, you can move the GPS screen the the top left of your monitor so you can keep track of all signals while roaming the lands.

All this setup should take you 2-3 minutes at the most and you should be ready to leave at 5-7 minutes round time.

“I am outside, now what?”

Now you do the one thing you were made to do, mine like you never mined before. The first storm usually comes at the 11-14 minute mark of round time, so you have a lot of time to get the ores you will really need to make your mining round successful.

  • Gold
  • Uranium
  • Plasma

As these are the key ingredients in being a based miner.
gathering these ores will allow you to create a mining satchel of holding which can hold basically infinite ore, and an advanced plasma cutter which you will need to mine more efficiently.

After the first storm or just before the storm starts (you can use the fulton to go home in that case so you can bypass the time it takes to make it back to the station.) you should make your way back to the station for the first ore drop, and grab the previously mentioned items.

If the science department doesn’t have basic mining research done or even mining satchels of holding, then that is consent to go to R&D to kill the person spending research points on stupid shit.

If you don’t feel like getting banned killing a person, then its basically science telling you to go fuck yourself and live on lavaland.

Either way, you are allowed to chew someone out for being an idiot.

After you get the items, you will make your way back the the mining vending machine to grab the next tier mining scanner. its worth 800 points and looks like this

Now since you will only need one scanner from this point on, you will not need to put it in your pocket.
Your boots can also hold 2 small items, so you’re gonna wanna place your new scanner in there and forget about it since you wont need to take it out ever again.

From this point on you can go down two paths, my friend

  • Be an unrobust miner and slowly mine ores for the rest of the shift


  • Become a based miner and attain loot

This is known as a joke, they are not mutually exclusive at all. I only provide this disclaimer, because of the recent uproar of piss ants trying to get mad at miners for dying early.

as it is, this guide is complete.

Of course I missed the part everyone wants, which is fighting fauna and megafauna. While also leaving out loot details and what to do with certain types of loot and how to attain certain gamer items.

But if you look at the name of the guide, its called a mining guide. Not a guide to lavaland.
If you want the guide to lavaland, you’re gonna have to beg wait as I am setting up some recording programs so I can record Byond.

With 100% less early judgement.

Still not a fan of the joke personally, but I can at least respect that’s all it is now.


thanks boss