Winners Dont Use Drugs: An advanced mining guide

Howdy everyone, Dragon Slayer here
Today I’m gonna teach all you younglings the advanced technique of the spookiest role on the station: Shaft mining.

queue spooky music

Now, introductions. Im a 800 or so hour player of Beestation, I’ve been around for the rises and falls for Mining, and, with it being my second highest role played, I’ve had some practise over time against all types of fauna, and one thing I have to get out of the way is:

Megafauna aren’t that scary, but you’re still going to die

A lot of new players are put off by how scary they look, or by how quickly they die after rushing the fauna with a pickaxe, but, with the right items, it can become a breeze.

Now, dont expect to reach the end and think “Oh, I can easily wipe Lavaland now” The number 1 cause of shaft miner deaths is overconfidence Number 2 is trying to see what the lava tastes like. Know your limits, and always be more than prepared. Half my round are over because I don’t prepare in advance or dont bring healing supplies.

Now, time to actually talk about the…
In-Game Steps

Now, hoping that you actually got the shaft miner role and didnt get it stolen by Martin Spes or me, you’ll be spawned in the Shaft Miner room. The list of first steps are:

  1. Mining Scanner on, slip it into your shoes. (Unless you’re a filthy digitrade player, then into the internals box they go)
  2. Optical Mesons on.
  3. Bluespace Capsule into internals box.
  4. Run out of your area into main cargo. Depending on the map, there should be a medical kit spawned, go and grab it.
  5. Use your mining token to grab your preferred kit, I recommend either webbing, fulton or crusher kit.
  6. (Metastation Only) Run to the Cryosleep room and weld the wall behind it to get the rainbow party hat, gotta look good while mining.
  7. Hope the the mining shuttle hasn’t left without you and ride to Lavaland.

CONGRATS! You’ve already beaten half of the playerbase in this role, you deserve a medal.

Once on Lavaland, you want to:

  • Grab 1 or 2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Put 3 Donk pockets into the microwave, fit them inside your internals box after throwing out the epi pen.
  • Grab 2 PKA’s if you didn’t get the crusher kit.
  • Have a quick shower and smoke for a mood boost, mood is a very vital thing in mining.
  • Put on your Big Boy Explorer suit and grab 2 GPS’s, one with your name and one with Arena written on it.
    *Grab your internals and ore box and step into the wonderous land of lava.

Now, from here on, the guide splits in 2, one being the Path of the Crusher, and one being the Path of the Accelerator. This is a very crucial time in a miners life, as wars have been waged for eons on who’s better and which is cooler.

Path of the Crusher: It’s Megafauna hunting time!
Welcome to the Crusher team, we’re glad to have you onboard! The Proto-kinetic Crusher is a very powerful and very versatile tool, as instead of upgrades crafted back at base, you collect “Trophies” from killing the various fauna. Each type of fauna drops its unique trophy, with Megafauna trophies being the most unique and extraordinary.

Now, upon heading into lavaland, your first task is to make your way towards the Zealous Signal on your GPS. This will lead to one of the best places to fight the various Megafauna; The Heirophants Arena.

On the way to the arena, you’ll want to try and collect the Goliaths Tentacle, the Legion Skull, and the Watcher’s Wing, dropped by their respective mob.

Goliath’s Tentacle

  • Mark detonations deal more damage the more health you’re missing.

Legion Skull

  • Makes your Crusher recharge faster.

Watcher Wing

  • Mark detonations briefly delay some creatures from using certain attacks.

You also want to grab at least one regenerative core, which will instantly heal all of your wounds except bleeding at the cost of a heavy temporary mood debuff. These are your lifelines; what you want to be using when you’re on your last legs and facing death itself.

Now that you’ve arrived at the Hierophant’s Arena, you should be ready to start the fight.

Hierophant’s main damage source is burn, which will be inflicted upon standing on purple tiles that will turn white. Here are the attacks you want to keep your eyes out for while attacking

  • AoE Burst : Shoots out a fast AoE burst of tiles, starting at 4-5 tiles wide and getting larger as his health decreases. These only happen when his next attack is ready when standing in melee distance to them.
  • Teleport : The Heirophant will telport to you, leaving behind a 3x3 grid of purple squares and making a 3x3 grid wherever he lands.
  • Chasers : The Heirophant will send out chaser snakes that will try to predict your movement . The lower the health of Heiro, the longer they’ll be and the more accurate predictions they will make
  • Barrage Mode: The Heirophant will turn purple and either 1) Send out constant cross and plus shapped attacks on your position, which can be dodged by running in L’s, 2) 3-5 Chasers that will be better than the regular ones, or 3) Teleport flurry, where he’ll teleport to you 3-4 times in a row.
  • Star Blaze: Heiro will shoot a star shaped pattern on the floor.

Tip If you get hit but the AoE attack, run towards the Heiro. Continuing to run away will make you get hit by more of the AoE attacks, leading to an early death with the chaser spam.

Upon death, the Heiro will send out a quote and a massive but slow AoE burst, before being destroyed and dropping 2500 points of ore, the Heirophant staff, as well as the #1 crusher trophy: The Vortex Talisman.

Vortex Talisman:

  • Mark detonations create barriers that only you can pass.

These are 3x1 barriers created in the direction you are facing when you detonate a mark (Shoot your blue shot and thwack them with the stick) that stops anything from you (and drakes fire breath for some reason) from going through. And, with the mobs walking cycle consist of constantly walking towards you, its basically an easy way to get hits / heal / write a book while they’re stuck there, unable to approach you, making bosses like legion a cakewalk.

Now, with your trusty Vortex Talisman slapped onto your crusher, and your ore box filled with the goodies from Hierophant, we can make our way to the next boss.

The Blood-Drunk Miner (Aka “Drunk Signal”)
Now. there may be a chance this fella doesn’t spawn, along with some other bosses mentioned here. There’s no reason to panic, as the Hierophant is a 100% guaranteed spawn, and the only trophy you’ll need.

Once you arrive to the Drunk Signal, you’ll see a small little arena already created, but we won’t need to use it since we’re gonna cheese BDM harder than Tesco puts cheddar on their meal deal sandwiches.

Now, the thing about Blood-Drunk, is that he has 3 moves:

  • Hit / Mode Change: BDM will hit you with his blade, either in sweep or spam mode. Sweep will do a 1x3 sweep, not hitting very fast but causing bleed. Spam, however will connect hits very fast, usually 3 or 4, but with minor damage compared to sweep.

  • PKA Shot: BDM will shoot you with his PKA Ew which will only happen if you are not within melee distance, but the barrier you create will block it.

  • Teleport: BDM will teleport a short random distance from you in a cloud of smoke. Usually you’ll just have to reposition him in on one side of the barrier and you on the other

Upon killing BDM (After using your medkit to patch yourself up if you’ve already used your medipen) you’ll have the Eye of a blood-drunk hunter, 1000 points of ore and a Cleaving Saw

Eye of a blood-drunk hunter:

  • On mark detonation, gain stun immunity, damage-slowdown immunity and 90% damage reduction for one second.

Note to self, finish this

Here’s a more accurate mining guide

Step 1 - Kill the hierophant.

Step 2 - Kill a drake OR annoy xenobiology OR get augmented

Step 3 - Realize that there’s literally no point in killing anything else because mining was gutted but never properly reworked.

Step 4 - Spend the rest of the shift literally mining, buying keys and opening chests, end up with 5 worthless mod disks and a diamond pickaxe, because even tendrils were gutted without compensation.

Step 5 - Out of boredom and desperation, go to an asteroid where someone will call the shuttle on you and thus strand you forever.

Step 6 - Suicide


good guide.
i’ll add something small real quick
how to kill colossus with a crusher:
step 1: don’t
step 2: if you try, make sure to have atleast 4 stabalized rainbows loaded with regenerative rainbows or purples.
step 3: spam A and D while shooting and hitting
step 4: profit

its comicly easy with the vortex trophy since the wall also blocks colosus death bolts and he WILL NOT loop around the wall to attack you. aslong as you time your smacks you can do this without getting hit even once

Even then. If he decides to do a random shotgun you are dead, as there is no warning or buildup to it

i thought this too, but you just need to be patient, sit and wait out until you get the predicted up and down or cross attacks

imagine killing for loot and not to build up your kill count

You do it based on sound. He never shotguns during cross, only after. He never shotguns after shotgun or radial bolts, there’s always a pause. He can’t shotgun during the two sweeping attacks. If he stalls for too long after a shotgun without doing anything, don’t risk to reapply hiero, just shoot him so he’s marked and RUN. Walk back in after like a minute when he forgets about you and get that wall back up to continue.

Can’t you use fulton to recall from anywhere?

You forgot 1 thing
Step 0 : Make sure you dont normally suffer from lag spike, or sudden case of crash, as skilled as you are, 10 or so second of that will kill you.

Yeah but I’m not including valid counterpoints in that post

get office chair. put corpse on it. drag meatshield

Right, so for the ones who play with +180 ping what’s the best route?

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play another job. try geneticist.

Or expo. It’s like miners, but unrobust and without megafauna