MrEloda Mentor Application 3

Your CKEY: MrEloda

Your Discord: MrEloda#0166

How long have you been playing ss13?: Around 4 years.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: I’m not sure some people here know i’ve been playing for a long time. Perhaps @Ruko ?

Game Experience (More Detailed): I know about everything in medical and the most common problems new players might encounter. My big weaknesses are my lack of knowledge on antags, setting up SM, and toxins. I do know the theory but never managed to get it right myself.
I love to help people and that’s also what i do IC with my PAI character PIMBO who’se main purpose is to seek the people i’ve seen struggling while i’m a ghost and assist them during the round, teaching them about the game (a bit of ICK OCK i hope you will pardon).
Becoming a mentor would just allow me to help people more efficiently.
I will provide my hours later since right now i am not on my main computer but i can still answer question.

Here are my hours.

Here are my past mentor app because people keep saying they affect their judgement of this app.
Read them if you feel it is necessary.

You might regret invoking me for this - I give brutally honest reviews when requested.

@MrEloda extremely knowledgeable in the game at least in the past, and their willingness to to go pretty far out of their way to help others learn is why I originally recommended them for admin way back when. Known for leaving the server open in the background just to help answer mhelp requests and super amazing in general as a mentor.

With the really good out there though, I do have to raise at least mild concerns about how well you’ll represent as staff though since you’ve recently voiced disdain for the community in general, as well as seemingly criticizing an admin as being bad and unfun for… not ignoring rule breaks?

I might be misunderstanding, but here’s the exact post that makes me worry a bit about your mindset as a representative of Bee.


Oh yeah that one was sarcasm, of course it’s good that he is very thorough xD

I have a weird sense of humor where i sometimes embody the really wrong idea to make fun of it. When i do it IRL i take a more douchy or stupid voice to show that i’m playing a character here.
And changing my voice in written format is kinda hard.
So here i use default emojis that i find really cringe to show that this is not really myself speaking.
It confuses some of the people that do not know me very much but i try to clarify things when that happens.

Here is my more honnest thoughts about Wilson:

Not what i would call brutally honnest, just honnest. And i appreciate it.

Its been a while since I wrote questions. I would like to write more, but you seem experienced so I will give you softballs.

I design my questions to disrupt people who look on the wiki for every answer.

  1. Where are the box of deputy armbands located?

  2. How does one create a Hypernoblium setup as atmosian?

  3. “Is QM a head? I want to know what gear he gets in his locker before playing him”

  4. “Hey I saw you can put hats on Ian! What hats can he wear?”

They should be in HoS office. He’s the one in charge of the departement so it makes sense that it’s in his office. Probably in a locker or something.

Oh no, gas creation ! One of the thing i haven’t messed with beside making tritium when trying to do toxin so i will cheat a little bit and check wiki there…
Alright so based on what i read it should go a bit like this:
Make a room without oxygen in it or when you will heat up the titium it will turn into water vapor and we don’t want that. Then put tons of nitorgen in it and slowly trickle tritium in the chamber while also quickly scrubing the created hyper nobilium because it stops all reactions above 5 moles, including its own reaction. Although i am not too sure how you’re suposed to heat up the room to 5000000K without burning plasma and thus needing oxygen.
Ultimately an incomplete answer and i guess i’m wrong on this one.

From what i remember QM isn’t a head, he is under the HoP. Locker should have his nice cape and cargo’s budget card.

Isn’t it the same as how borgs wear hats ? He can wear so many things i would just give him a link to the wiki because that’s a lot. But the world is cruel so it’s not ALL of them.

Alright then, I shall proceed to metagrudge ask some of the more harder and obscure questions since your hours are rather high and this is your third app.

  1. I wanna execute my assassination target in style, could I maybe slice their throat or something?

  2. What are some ghetto ways to traverse space without a hardsuit?

  3. What are the deadliest toxins botany can grow?

  4. How do I make ghetto lube?

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Oh yeah that’s really the fun questions ghetto stuff !!!
My assistant hours are useful i swear !

Alright i did do that by accident one time, i believe it was by aiming at the mouth with harm intent and a sharp item such as a knife. Probably need to grab too but i’m not sure. As i said not great antag knowledge x)

A fire suit available in emergency fire lockers should do the trick. Be sure to wear it properly but you may get a bit chilly in the emptiness of spess. Get some hot chocolate.

Well in my opinion it has to be the amanitin from the destroying angels. Both the ammount of toxin damaged and the very incidious delayed damage attribute are very effective.
Also a bit more complicated but fun i the mint toxin from the lavaland mushrooms literally gibs fat people so yeah, although much more complicated to use this one is the deadliest.

2 Glowstick and glass, crush it in a mortar made with wood with a pestle made of iron. Add 40u water to the solution and you should get a mix of phenol, hydrogen and our space lube. Also locating a chem master in random maint room would allow for much better solutions, without the impurities.


Aggressive grab, but you’re right.

Yep. Plasmeme helmet can come as an alternative to the fire helmet.

Mhm, but you shouldn’t forget about the coniine from deathberries with its high oxygen damage and Bungotoxin’s heart damage.

Ayep. Don’t forget about the cooking program in the holodeck though, it comes with a condimaster.

Overall good answers, I’ll +1.

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Forgot about that one, this knowledge will come in handy for future shenenigans.

No. Warden distributes these.

You haven’t graduated from tritium burning then. I also saw no mention of fusion. You will continue to have limited knowledge of atmospherics, the sm, and related gas mechanics if you don’t get over that hurdle.

This person is looking to this authority role with a “loot first” perspective, which we should put in the effort to dispel. You are correct in that they aren’t a head, but that was also a red flag. We aren’t admins, but we are staff, and we should put in the effort to try to limit player mistakes.

You are correct on his items.

He is very limited in what he can wear.

Overall, Your record is very impressive, however you should put in an effort to expand your knowledge on your lesser played roles. Having zero playtime in roles will kneecap you severely, which is what I targeted with my questions.

Your latest behavior also has me questioning you somewhat, also the fact that this is your 3rd mentor app, whilst having 600 hours, poor diversity in your roles, and being here for four years already.

I will vote -0.5

I don’t believe that knowing absolutely everything is necessary to being a good mentor. It is true that i do not know much about engineering but we all have our specialties, as i said above mine is medical.


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I do love posing me some questions. Pretend these are mhelps you get in game:

  1. How many units of romerol do I need to infect someone, is it like a virus where 0.1 units work?
  2. Someone just brought the body of a traitor to medical, can I revive them?
  3. How do I make a heretic blade
  4. I’ve seen a miner become a vampire before, how do I do that?
  1. Why are my shoves slaps?

  2. How much does hypodermic prickles transfer on throw?

  3. Where can I get soap?

  4. Can I cryo as a lavaland elite?

(totally did not accidentally press enter before actually writing all my questions)

Tried to check code for 1h for that and with my poor understanding of it it didn’t specify any required ammount to spawn the oozing tumor in the brain. So any ammount of it should work.

This is more of a question about rules and these should be asked in Ahelp, not mHelp. But if no admins are online know that a traitor shouldn’t be too much problem to revive, they are still crew and should be treated as such, just buckle the body to a bed, put some cuffs on it and call sec to make sure you can revive them and or inform them of where it is.

(noooo not the antag question !)
Not sure what you mean by heretic blade, if you talk about the rust thingy you need to first take the rust route on your codex and find a knife to use the spell to turn it into a rust knife.

It was probably done with a ruin that can spawn in lavaland. Look out if you find any “strange mirrors” in a ruin.

Probably because you aren’t using the right intent, be sure to select the disarm intent to the bottom rigth corner, it’s the blue one. And also with an empty hand.

It probably depends on potency. Higher values should transfer more.

There are many places to get soap, either in janitor s locker, randomly in maint. Or even in the bathrooms. You can also make your own by crushing mices and using the organic slurry that you get along with some lye. Need 2 mices along with 10 lye to make soap if memory serves me right.

This is more of a rule question and shouldn’t be asked in Mhelp but Ahelps. But to be sure, always Ahelp when you want to leave as an antag.

They say they are on disarm intent.

Alright answer but I was really hoping for the numbers. (it’s 20% of potency in units iirc.)

Yep, very good answer.

This was both a mechanical and a rules question. Lavaland elites are physically unable to cryo, being simplemobs. Tolerable answer.

I will give my vote after you give your second answer to question 1.

That’s a bit weird. I’ve never slapped anyone but maybe it works by targeting the mouth or head. Try to shove while targeting their torso.

They are targeting torso.

Are you sure the hand is empty ? This sounds like when you use the slap emote and it gives you this item that you have to drop to stop using.

Their hand is empty. They say when they tried shoving themself they got the message “You’re slapped by Fangarctia Simplex!”.

That’s weird normaly auto inglicted stuff shouldn’t say your name but “yourself” or something like that.
I give my toungue to the cat, can’t find this one. Well applying the scientific method here may be recomended, like trying to remove some of the clothes, with all the whacky stuff you can wear it may be that. Also going unconscious might hard reset stuff like that so maybe sleeping would fix it but yeah. I really don’t know here.