Francinum Admin report

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Francinum

Your Discord: TheMaggotGuy

Offender’s CKEY: Francinum

LRP or MRP server: Probably MRP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 02-01-2021

Round Number: 26653 (as well as on the forums)

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

  • Maintain a decent standard of professionalism when operating within the community. Insulting, harassing, or intentionally targeting anyone in our community is not tolerated.

IC and OOC punishments are separate.

  • IC consequences have no bearing on OOC punishments. (Adminbussed and banned a user for saying a word they think is an insult)

Incident Description: Banned and adminbussed someone based on a 2 year old Urban Dictionary entry because “trans joke in game”, insulted the majority of the player base (anyone who joined in the last 2 years), and appears to have clipped a lot of comments from their staff feedback thread. There’s also the earlier time they accused me of IRL racism because I cut off a Lizard’s tail once.

Someone with such a weirdly toxic justice boner who insults his own playerbase and deletes comments on his own feedback thread probably shouldn’t be given this much power simply because he made NSV.

Additional Information: Literally also wants to ban people who say “Seethe”. That literally isn’t a slur.


just so you know, if anyone starts shitposting im closing this thread until it gets processed


Those were part of an off-topic argument.

Top definition


A useful word to use when you’re on an imageboard and the person you’re talking to is a suspected ■■■■■■.

Person 1: Traps aren’t the same as ■■■■■■■s.
Person 2: Dilate

They were also not the admin that removed those comments, nor did they ask for those to be removed.

That is false, part of my comment was clipped my Francinum and reason stated as “go talk to kasual and headmins about it”.

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After going through all of the linked “evidence”, maggot is pretty clearly misrepresenting each bit of it to make Francinum look bad. There’s no actual issues with his behavior in any of them, from what I read. Maggot’s pretty clearly grasping at straws here, and this report has no merit.