Our Lord Spungus (Lemon Hoarder#0704) Discord Banned by Space Ghost

Discord ID: Lemon Hoarder#0704

Admin Discord ID: Whatever Space Ghost’s ID is

Ban Type: Discord

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 1/25/2023

Ban Reason:
Appeal Reason:
I asked, quite frustratedly after having essentially been given the admin equivalent of “hoes mad” for a response to a naming suggestion I was told would be looked at (If I can’t make my stance heard on discord I’m doing it here). The straw that broke the camel’s back apparently was me asking what part of the following screenshot was civil and respectful, specifically Haliris’ response.

I feel like this was in fact a valid question to ask, because, no, I don’t feel like that was a civil and respectful response. I found it patronizing and fucking rude.
Additional Information:
I don’t understand this admin team’s rabid fear of changing guidelines that most other servers don’t have. Sure, most servers enforce some quality of naming tomfuckery, but Bee has the most strict and tightly-enforced naming guidelines I’ve seen. Nobody has been able to give me a reason as to why this is except for “it keeps meme names out”, while there are at least two forum topics dedicated specifically to either adjusting or laxing the name rules (This and this). Every time someone tries to get this changed or highlight how utterly stupid the system is, it’s like white blood cells swarming a virus, except the virus is beneficial to the host. Admins say “cool story bro” and leave people’s effort in the cellar to get moldy, until the system can lock the post, and everyone can forget about it ever existing until the next time someone who is actually trying to roleplay gets appearance banned for their name not conforming to the guidelines to the letter. Then it explodes, the community becomes the most active it will be for months, and then it dies down again until the next incident.

I just want someone to either show me there’s progress being made or say that there is no and never will be any progress. Someone who has the power to do so.

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Going to be open about the fact that I’m not even going to read this until 24-hours has come and gone. For both our sakes.

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Alright. So, let’s break this down…

Extreme over exaggeration. You yourself said you had to write a college application essay.

Further still, you were actively targeting Haliris and he very clearly didn’t want to have that discussion with you. Rather than respecting that, you kept pushing and pushing so he plainly told you that he wasn’t interested and suggested you do the thing you said you should have been doing.

You were being extremely aggressive, disruptive, and overall quite rude for no reason. I don’t think he was trying to be patronizing, I think he was just trying to get you to leave him alone.

You didn’t even wait 24-hours before starting to throw a childish fit in Discord. We don’t operate on your time nor were you ever actually promised anything.

No, the straw that broke the camel’s back was you repeatedly disregarding my request to step away and cool off. Instead of doing that, you got angrier and started telling people to, “fuck off in the nicest way possible.”

I gave you repeated warnings in our general channel along with multiple short-term timeouts to try and force you to walk away and cool off. After each timeout expired, you came back even angrier and proceeded to make the situation worse for yourself. It got to the point where other people in chat were even asking you stop. I then gave you an actual formal warning urging you to stop, which you also disregarded. I gave you a final warning to step away and cool off, as seen above, and you continued to push forward.

After being banned, you rushed to the forums to create this appeal which only showcases your lack of self-awareness and maturity.

I do not think you are capable of acting appropriately in our Discord community and as such I am unwilling to lift the ban.

Just to add, statements like the below make me question if you should even be allowed to engage with the community at all. Let alone Discord. I wholeheartedly hope you are able to reflect on this interaction and improve from here. I really do not want to have to escalate our response.


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