*OFFICIAL* Nick Dorito Memorial Service Thread

Ladies (admins) and Gentlemen (chad mrp players)

Today the admins have dealt a devastating blow to the community. Our beloved Nick Dorito has been killed off due to budgeting shortage and due to admin incompetency for over a year.

Here we gather to pay our respects to our favorite bald little spess man.

I’m upset that my time seemingly has come to an end here on Beestation so abruptly after over a year. Whether or not i decide to rebrand into a new character after the absolute shit show that was today is something i will decide on a later time after my ban is expired.

I will miss all the memories created with everyone on the server over the past year. From the several Nickenings where i ran around as a ling and stung everyone with a transformation sting that turned them into Nick Dorito, or the time where i went to defuse a bomb in cargo shuttle and blew up cargo, or when i dusted a man as captain for killing Ian only to be met by a blob of people outside SM and die, there are countless funny memories i had on this server and it was a pleasure to spread the laughs and the fun.

That’s all i ever wanted to do, come and play this game, and have fun. Despite communal outrage admins refuse to listen or to have a conversation and it’s honestly quite disappointing. Only towards the end of all this, after 3 hours did an admin actually private message me to talk about all this.

Jannies you have a community here, a one full of funny and cool people. I’m not exactly talking to my situation in regards to when i say this but i would recommend listening to the community more, they are quite literally what keeps this server and community going.


I agree with the instance where Nick mentions for the staff to listen to the community. Like someone mentioned on the Discord this should at least lead into some sort of feedback thread, since us, the players have no longer the council to speak for us ( althought i’m not sure if they ever did that lol)

If i were to point an issue that i currently have with some staff members it’s one that’s slightly related with what Nick is saying, i’ve heard and i’ve personally encountered situations with different staff members where they seem to lack a tact and empathy and just go ham with the banhammer and don’t look back

Obviously that’s effective in cases of like griefers, why we would want to hear someone that harms the gameplay experience of everybody? Get the heck out of here.

But at this point i’m sure staff members specially the old ones that admin a lot in game knows most of the ‘‘regulars’’ and, on one side i understand what Crossed was saying early on when we were having a chat on discord about this that one can’t just start giving free passes, it’s all about consistency and enforcement of the rules, that’s perfectly fine and all communities needs that! But even so there are specific scenarios where the staff member should really get his shoes into the other player (obviously this depends on the context of the bwoink, even if you’re an older player since day 1 if you get caught murderboning with an axe on mrp… rules are rules and that person should probably know that…)

In the case of Nick, i don’t think he or any long veteran player that has a clean/mostly clean record should’ve been treated like that. Because yeah, same enforce for everything but at the end of the day that makes the player that spent many hours playing with us to feel like he was just another 1 hour new account that just joined.

As well as there’s been a trend of the way of handling different situations with bans for older players that ended up in some sort of ‘‘ok but, you got a lot of notes…’’ without even wanting to hear any type of questions

Obviously i can understand that one admin can’t drag out a ticket for 10 hours since there are other players waiting to play but the appeals on the forums doesn’t seem to improve the chances of further talking, I just think there’s a need to analyze the proper context of the bwoink, ban reason, the player itself, the appeal and so.


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Big fucking F.
It hurts like a bitch to lose the name that you’ve been using for so long and I can see why it would be hard for you to come back. Dissapointed in how it all turned out. Good luck in whatever you’ll do next my man.

I saw him in a round after the incident. He joined as cap. Got bwoinked and his appearance was changed right in front of me and he cryod. Then I believe he got banned again for 2 days.


Protip to everyone complaining: Just change your name to John Smith so the server has 60 players named John Smith running around. Make your voice heard without getting yourself banned.


goodbye, nicky d.

No words needed.




Press F to pay respects


R.I.P. Nick Dorito
Taken away from us too soon


i’m going onto mrp with the name nick dorito

for fuck sake, this is dumb as hell

see yall in the ban pages


Okay so boom,

I join Beestation last year in like June with Nick Dorito. This is back when Beestation was just 1 server and that was Golden. Do you guys remember the great gamer word riots? I do.

Anyways I start playing regularly, then Sage comes along and i join in the Great Migration to Sage. I don’t know the timing of Sage’s opening but here i am, a whole YEAR AND A HALF after my first time playing on Beestation with the name i started with, Nick Dorito. A few admins even joined in with the Nick Doritos over comms over the course of the past year and a half.

Now tell me if i was breaking the rules, should i have been informed and talked to a year and a half ago, or a year and a half into my playtime in this community.

Kindly let me know.



Dorito is an actual name. 30 people have it, albeit not many, and many others have similar spellings, like the 1,600 people in Brazil and Italy with the surname Doretto. Big shame you got banned for that man


Rest in peace Nick Dorito - gone but not forgotten. You have died in service to NanoTrasen and your sacrifice will live forever in the annals of corporate history. Godspeed, Mr. Dorito.

–Beestation Golden, apparently


Sage is Medium role play. I understand how there’s this whole thing about the RP level on sage being really low, but keep in mind it isn’t supposed to be HRP, we don’t have to be massive gravel-coated asses for the littlest details just because of “Muh immersion.”

I see characters with names like Ung Glob, Named-Like-This, and it was never an issue. And yes, in my opinion lizard names count as one of those “unimmersive” names, even if it’s in their naming clause, you can’t have someone be named Hates-His-Job and be outraged as a name as innocuous as Nick Dorito. For fuck’s sake, my own character was named Joe BUTTERWORTH until recently and i’ve never even been bwoinked about it. This is either a blatant case of selective enforcement of a rule, or a sign that said rule needs to be looked at and revised.

The naming rule is supposed to be used for obvious case of name shittery like people naming themselves Adolf you-know-who, or obvious zero effort names. Nick Dorito, altough goofy sounding, doesn’t fit these.

@admins Instead of telling the obvious monke-brained morons using Dorito as an example when their characters is clearly named like trash to shut the fuck up, you punished Nick Dorito for being used as an example, despite a long history of it being okay. You are punishing a player for the wrongdoings of others, that is fucked up. Your failure to enforce the naming rule on Nick Dorito earlier should not fall onto him for just doing what he’s been doing for a long time without anyone telling him “no”. You should not be surprised at the backlash you are experiencing for this decision.




I’d say 2020 but it’s actually 10/10

This. It’s a big shame that the admin/staffing community don’t even care to discuss or have a conversation about any of this.

Hangy said in my admin report thread before it was closed and he deleted the post, that the staff said: “They want to be mad”.


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at least hangy is memeing with it a bit instead of acting like this isn’t just some pixel spaceman game banter

Nick Dorito is a long time member of the server and I hate to see the admins screw them over like this. Remember that admins will be all over you for daring to use a funny name on an “MRP” server while ignoring the blatant metagaming, powergaming, validhunting and netspeak that occurs daily on Sage.