Now that the dust has settled vol.4

What did we think of CAAs?


dust has yet to settle


CAAs were cool and fun, I got to be one twice. Both times warden players broke SOP and got demoted. I just can’t understand it, all the wardens have to do is stand in the brig and no complaints will be made.

Some people are upset lawyers aren’t a thing anymore but to be honest they were just security assistants with no authority or respect. I feel bad for people who will miss them, but I sure won’t.


Hah, that reminds me, the last round I played was as a warden, Me and the CAA’s shot the shit and got along, talked about how executing stuff randomly isn’t a good thing, that “executing monkies” doesn’t count and went over how such brutality is stupid, even helped the two CAA’s in brig get out when A.I. electrified and escorted them when shit got dicey.

They’re bad. Old lawyers could do excatly the same stuff, but it hinged on them being good roleplayers. Now it’s just a role for people who relish in being micromanaging bullies. Not a new problem, but old lawyers you could just ignore without them dragging you to the bridge demanding demotions.

No antag lawyers is a shame. They were low-impact but very fun antagonists usually.

I like the new federal agent role


Fundamentally incorrect. It hinged on security being good roleplayers(rarely happened). You could be the best roleplaying lawyer ever, and security would say something along the lines of “No, lol”. They had no real teeth, so even good roleplay would get you nowhere.

Is the barrier of entry low? Sure, but this is a new player friendly server. You shouldn’t have taken a masterclass in acting and years of experience roleplaying to even have a chance to make an impact.

Now security actually has to be mindful of how they act, or be punished. This is an excellent way to ensure that the cadre of security is broken up without requiring people to partake in the other matters of security.

This is good because playing HoS, especially one which tries to keep security in check, is one of the most stressful things you can do(I say this from experience). You have to:

  • keep track of what’s going on with records
  • keep track of the behavior of officers
  • coordinate responses to issues
  • be capable in your own right as an officer
  • act as an arbiter of the law
  • process forensics to support arbiting

In the average round, you get to choose three, and can (maybe) delegate the rest in hopes that the people you delegate to are actually competent(IE: an officer keeps up on sec records, detective actually gathers forensics effectively and can explain the significance, warden helps coordinate responses to smaller issues).

They’re lawyers that actually have impact. Losing antag elligibility is really the only way to ensure that they are taken seriously outside of rules.


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Pretty sure CAA are only around to report sop violations to make admins jobs easier

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They’re supposed to handle SOP breaks without being dickheads, handle HR complaints, and all of lawyers previous jobs. Here is a link to the SOP since its rather hard to find

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Not a replacement for lawyers at all. The RPing “power” of lawyers is replaced with meta protection, basically round start CC official with items of a lawyer.
Also there should be only 1, not 2 imo.

The meta protection is necessary, if they didn’t have it no one would pay attention to them. See lawyers and current detective. I agree 2 might be too many though


Is any of this supposed to make me like the role any more? It’s soft griff job with unnececcary power.

CAAs have been a worthly edition to Bee and gives a role that was basically ignored by the rest of the crew and gives them some purpose.

The only negative feedback I’ve seen from them are by sec officers that are butt hurt that someone isn’t allowing them to shitsec as they please.

I will say, CAAs get an insane amount of access compare to what lawyers used to, I think it’s good that they have it (it’s important to remember that CAAs are meant to enforce SOP all over the station, not just in sec) but it might be a good idea to limit their access just a bit.

It does need some admin apporved SOP guildlines. The one that Axel made is a good start but admins don’t use unoffical guildlines so any issues that happen during a round don’t have any reference to go by.

I personally think they follow the same level of responsiblilty as a HoP would were you don’t want them being played with the wrong hands but from what I’ve seen CAA players have been decent so far.

The only sad thing to see is my 120+ hour count on lawyer being gone. RIP :pensive:


Also, very bad office placement for a person with mindshield and basic access to all of departments.
Consider relocating their office and giving this office to lawyers again.

EDIT: actually having CAA and lawyers together would be a great addition to bee because there is finally someone who is able and probably willing to run a court.


So reporting space law violations and SOP is griefing? Remind me next time I see you as security to ahelp you for griefing then.


I don’t even think CAAs need an office for most stations (most of them don’t have the space for another office). If it were me, I would have them spawn in the confidence room in the bridge and have lawyers back in their own office. Have the fax machine be access locked too.

I also agree that lawyers should still be around however not in the current state of the server due to the player limit.

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You scare me. In a good way. If CAA’s get perma-added I hope to see you around as one from time to time cause damn you are more than qualified


This should have been an ahelp. Another reason why CAAs are shit, right there. You wonder why shitsec never stops yet you never ahelp anything.

I am typing up a player report as we speak don’t worry. It’ll mostly be a link to what I posted before since its pretty damn comprehensive

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