Let's say I'm coding an emag nerf, vote on would you want it to be

Let’s be honest the emag is too good. Basically free AA, can convert borgs to your side and upgrade them, can make other machinery lethal, etc etc.
And I honestly feel like it’s deserving of a nerf, specifically how good it is at handling airlocks. I’ve talked around and gathered some different ideas for what it could actually be. Here’s some of them.

Emag nerf options
  • Leave it as is
  • Limit its total amount of uses
  • Split it into two items : Emag and Airlock Override
  • Give it a limited amount of uses that recharge overtime
  • Make it require the airlock wires to be acessible
  • Make it require a progress bar to hack doors, with protected doors requiring more time or maybe not even working
  • Make it have a fast auto-repeating progress bar for unlocking doors that has a 25% chance to succeed but ramps up 5% with each failed attempt

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If you have another example please add it in the comments.

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Main issue is that the emag completely ignores protected wiring on the airlocks.


also nerf sleepy pen to only accept specific chemicals

That’s a whole another topic.

WilsonPH try not to make the game worse challenge (Impossible)


ai player

opinion invalidated

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Ah yes the classic “remove stuff” is better decision. The more stuff get nerfed here and there the more things really uninteresting. Maybe code something that is new and not change what makes the thing unique?

I am not being rude, just hate the decision of everytime things out of control nerfing would be the first solution. This is a sign of laziness and uninspiring decision.


Why don’t you try?

because it is hard


not gonna lie but in tg it just made emags being very rarely used then before where it was the common traitor item

I am not the one doing this thread to nerf more stuff. Nerfing over time made this game as bland as food without seasoning.


Tbh not like you’re playing either :person_shrugging:

I am right now and going to make things fun :slight_smile:

Whoever told you to put this here unironically, should be slapped.

Just because the stupid kid(TG) has homework, doesn’t mean we should copy it


Feel free to link us your github account, donor status, or mentor status exhibiting how much you have contributed here.

I’m sure you have tons of PRs that have benefited us… right?

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Repeating what I said on the discord

I find that what balances out the emag’s door hacking here is the fact that it leaves behind very obvious signs of emagging, and unless the tot is super careful, you can use a forensic scanner around the room and use the prints to find out who broke in, or at the very least use the fibers to narrow down suspects

To be honest your sights should be set on this lmao

And as I said I’m not touching that, I’m mainly trying to adress it breaking open any and all airlocks at a single touch unless they’re bolted/depowered.

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I don’t even see removal as an option in the poll.

I do think the complaints about emag being too strong are kinda overblown though. It is hella useful and strong, but it’s not game-breaking or overpowered. Requiring that wires be exposed is a pretty minor compromise and makes sense without taking much away from the item.

I’d really like if, for doors specifically, it didn’t bolt them open but instead removed access checks from the door. That seems like a fair trade for requiring high security doors to be very slowly accessed.


Damn, should’ve put that as an option. Well, if you manage to scroll this far, as a vote, like this to vote for ‘emag now permanently sets the door to emergency access instead of bolting it open’.
Buuut tbh that’ would be a buff unless implemented without a downside, like a progress bar.
I’d argue that emergency access airlocks are far less suspicious than permanently opened ones, especially if it turns the emergency access lights off.

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