How do you want to see MRP enforced?

This thread exists as a sort of successor to this one: MRP, what is and isnt okay

What I’m here to ask today is exactly how do you want MRP enforced? I’m asking for input from ALL sides of this debate:

From those that want MRP “back to its good old days” how far do you want new rules enforced? To the letter? Should I be going after people just because they’re avoiding interaction with others? I don’t know what sort of pro-activity is acceptable on the “you must roleplay” rule before I’m enforcing an HRP mindset personally. Are you willing to take it upon yourselves to actually report the petty things you see?
Player walks up and shoves you for no reason and leaves, that’s arguably bad RP and likely valid-hunting, but should I actually go after that as an admin?

From those that (at least used to) prefer LRP but choose to go to MRP because it has people - I really appreciate those of you who are adapting and trying to act more according to the rules despite having them more or less forced upon you by the shift in population… So I have to ask, where does the fun end and boring take over for you? Would you prefer to return to LRP if the population rose back up again, or do you find yourself liking the new scenery? Should we host regular events on LRP just to cycle population back over to it?

I feel like the inital “LRP-tide” has passed and the end result is a server somewhere between what LRP and MRP both used to be. It feels to me like neither of the original halves are happy with the end result and I’d really like some clarification on these concerns

if you bwoink someone for shoving someone then your retarded :flushed:
also yes
also giv megafauna me no get needed ones for crusher on LRP :flushed:

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To reply to my own prompt: I actually want most of the rules lessened a bit honestly with one exception. I’m always talking anti-murderbone (like with the ashwalker ban incident a bit ago) but I think antagonists should have a lot more freedom than they do as a whole… however I think this should go hand-in-hand with a stricter enforcement of the RP related rules in particular.

I have no problems with a traitor, regardless of objective, blowing up the entire station at some point, including the evac shuttle. They’re an enemy of Nanotransen and they have real reason to do so even if it isn’t an objective, but some effort has to go into their character building up to it.

Player sets up several parts of the station with explosives and demands their objectives in exchange for the rest of the crews life and station integrity, forces evacuation. As it stands, a player doing this will get banned if forced to blow up the station because unnecessary damage was caused to the station.

What I do have problem with is any player, traitor or not, being silent the entire round - never interacting with anyone in a meaningful way.
Or a player not acting as a character at all, just speaking plainly and only when the game dictates they have to respond.

TL;DR I want RP, but I don’t want hugbox - what I’m enforcing right now is hugbox, but not much on the RP front.

Additional note: I don’t think the council understands what the original MRP players enjoyed and/or want from the server. I’m not sure any standing council members ever preferred or spent much time on MRP before the population shift - I’m open to correction on this.

Original rp was great, we didnt need all the hug box rules because everyone played the game to have fun and nobody was an ass for the sake of being one. Almost all the time we would have 0 admins online and everyone, including the traitors would be cooperative and work together towards some crazy goal we would have


I feel like the hugbox rules are more stifling than helpful as well, and it’s more up to the enforcement of RP without crossing the line into forcing HRP on everyone, do you have any thoughts on that line of thinking?

The hugbox rules are a direct result of people from LRP transitioning over after the great DDOS purge and taking the mentality of break in first ask questions later with them.

I want to have a round where i dont need to repair cargo windows in the first 5 minutes because some assistant busted the windows after disposing of himself.

I want a round where i dont need to worry about someone stealing the hand teleporter just to break into the HOP office to get AA for no reason. (im happy to give you AA but fill out the fucking form i dont appreciate you breaking in like a cunt)

I want to actually talk to people and not be ignored at a desk because i decide to try and RP instead of following everyone else and just learning how to hack the doors the first minutes into the round.

I have been actively targetting players for non-antag B&E at roundstart. That is one line I set down on my own for helping, but I also don’t have the power to see everyone at once… and likewise I don’t expect (or want) you to ahelp a broken window

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i wouldnt ahelp a broken window but the point is that person should use the tools available to him to get out. the ai, PDA messages, Common chat.

but commonly people just unga smash the delivery’s window without a word and there is no chance to talk or even ask why because then i have a security issue because the next assistant can just smash the next window then they are right into cargo

and on B&E at roundstart.
hacking should be a harder process or at least have different wiresets for different door types.
command, public,cargo ect

I believe all acts of violence need to make rational sense. A traitor, for example, should never purposefully reveal their status. So mass violence which is very likely to do so is foolish. We need to keep in mind that SS13 takes place in the future and we see transmissions going in and out. It does not make sense for a traitor to blow their spy-like cover and put their lives at risk should their identity as such be leaked. We live in a time where live stream feed exists for the average internet user today so it would be foolish to assume that security footage and radio transmissions isn’t uploaded constantly to a distant and secure offsite facility. There is a strong RP reason for many antag jobs to not murderbone.

Even roles like Changelings should always try to keep their very existence a secret. In my mind it’s a complete failure for them should their existence even be known. Because let’s say a changeling is known to be among the crew. He escapes on the shuttle presumably with others. Did they really win? Sure they may have completed their objectives but you’d have to assume that all crew would be quarantined and tested. Even if all the changelings did in-fact die the normal crew would be quarantined and tested. So if anything the MRP server should be harder on these types of antags not easier.

As for silent and anti-social characters, I disagree with you. That is a personality type and one would think that some people even more so in a tense place to work such as a space station could easily contribute to this behavior. They should be crew that is unhappy with their post and have resentment to the station and crew for not wanting to be there.

there’s silent and antisocial and then there’s mute.
its the mute ones i have an issue with.
mime lives matter

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As for silent and anti-social characters, I disagree with you. That is a personality type and one would think that some people even more so in a tense place to work such as a space station could easily contribute to this behavior. They should be crew that is unhappy with their post and have resentment to the station and crew for not wanting to be there.

You’re right, it is a personality type, and one that’s well suited to several jobs on the station that tend to be sealed away by themselves especially. It’s not a personality type characterized by kleptomania and seeking people to wordlessly start unprovoked fights with others or seeking other people at all for that matter.

It’s not characterized by someone who doesn’t want to RP at all either, and we have traits to mark yourself as this type of character too.

As you said before, the problem is a mindset one, not a rules one. When we were only 20 people strong, even the antags didnt greytide despite a non-existent security force. Every player who was on MRP was there because they CHOSE to be on the MRP server and play an MRP round. No amount of rules will change the mindset of an LRP player because they are just that. An LRP player who’s on the wrong server.
If we want to fix the problem from its very root, we should actively try to get people to stay on the LRP server, then anyone who actually wants to MRP will have to take the extra step of hopping into another server. With higher population and maybe a whitelist on MRP, LRP will become the default server for anyone who’s not actively into MRP.

Anyway, as for the original question of this thread, I would say that trespassing is the biggest offender. This is especially true for science, medbay and the kitchen. Most people will simply break into science for that sweet BoH or into medbay storage for a health analyzer and a surgical saw. I dont know what others think about this, but I would ask to make these offenses ahelpable. At least dont break into the kitchen to make a pizza just because the chef was busy grabbing a corpse and you were too impatient to wait.


and maybe a whitelist on MRP

Council shot this one down I’m afraid. I expected and wanted it to happen, but they either don’t believe it will help or it can’t be implemented in a meaningful way.

if i wanna play street fighter on mrp why wont you allow me to? I do not wish to reform like @anon60218928
increase chance for wiz round
make blood miner 1ass drake 1colo and bbcom be a 100%spawn >:(((

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MRP is no rp.
If you try to rp you get shot like a dog. Actually nevermind RPing, right now you get tased and harmbatoned for having a flash and/or being in the brig as a detective. Couple rounds ago some retard jumped the kitchen counter, took a knife and started slashing me while i was cooking for no reason, turns out he wasn’t even an antag.
People actually think 1.5hour round on mrp is too long so average one lasts from 20 to 50 minutes.

So can we please kill MRP for a week, or at least switch the servers.

there are brief flashes of what it used to be and that is sad

Okay. If the whitelist idea is dismissed by the council, why not just remove MRP from the server browser? The main problem is that MRP always has the critical mass of players to stay above LRP on the list.
All these morons that just tide everywhere doing dumb shit are people that see the list as: “Para… CM… Goon… Oh! Beestation! Hop in!”
The majority of players simply DO NOT READ ANYTHING IN THE NAME OF THE SERVER BESIDES “Beestation”!!!
Any other solution I see here will eventually revert to the current state. You just cannot keep these people out with writing stuff!
Think of it as of the in-game problem. They won’t be stopped by a note “Authorised personnel only” then why would they be stopped by a little line in the server browser?


why not just remove MRP from the server browser?

Also a nope from the council

Edit: This doesn’t mean nothing is ever going to be done, but ever since the filter fiasco, if the council says no to anything, it means absolutely no. And I don’t think anything that affects both servers is ever getting implemented without asking them again.

well with that in mind i suppose just keep liberally applying the hammer untill it seeps through their thick skulls.

some people may get caught in the crossfire but its a risk im willing to take