MRP, what is and isnt okay

MRP needs a unified vision of what is acceptable and not acceptable. Currently it seems like each admin just makes it up as they go. I got an antag ban on MRP as a changeling, for killing a dude, and then killing a few witnesses, and then protecting myself. I also blew up some changeling related stuff, like incin and gibber. I got it reduced (when explaining the circumstances of the murders, because they werent just lmao xd random) but a single explosion (near grav gen) prevented it from being removed.

Jump ahead in time. Today, I am playing, and we have a dude in a mech who is just merc’ing people, the botanist made deathnettles and is just killing whoever he crosses, there are like 6 explosions at random across the station, not in strategic spots, but just wherever. Of course, the admin on at the time doesnt care. Doesnt matter. No traitor greentexted that round. in fact, I am pretty certain most of them werent even trying to.

Which brings me to my point. As it stands, MRP is a mess when it comes to rule enforcement, making it effectively just LRP V2, with longer slower shifts. Some admins will hit you hard if you kill a few people who saw you absorbing someone, meanwhile some admins are cool with straight up murderboning on MRP. The line needs to be drawn in a more clear way. The admins should make some guidelines for enforcing rules on MRP or something, or get a seperate set of admins for specifically MRP so that LRP and MRP rules dont bleed together.


Just to be clear, the antag ban doesnt bother me that much. It was a sloppy chain of events, and I did deserve a minor antag ban. My issue comes to this not being regularly enforced. I am actually more in favor of that. This is not me salting about my ban, since its already going to be reduced.

Ngl the fucks who don’t enforce the fact that murderboning on MRP is literally illegal are annoying af.

Especially when you have some that know like, one rule, and others that don’t know what MRP is despite going on it to admin.


Me when me antag and can’t murder people as antag:

I agree with this actually, I think we need a clear defenition of the MRP rules and to what extent things are ok, would make it easier at countering greytiders and those who try to push the rules at the expense of the other players

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YESSSS. Especially when things get a bit more high-pop because that’s usually when there’s a bunch of greyshits who wouldn’t know roleplay if it hit them upside the head.


I am bumping this, because today, through all the constant lag, disconnecting, and server crashing, MRP has basically been LRP. Antags mass murdering and not even doing their objectives, one time, CE and another engineer, neither of which were traitors, delammed the SM into a tesloose. Its been absolute chaos today. This issue really needs to be addressed.

Not that we could have reported anyone today since ahelping crashed the server at the time. kudos on that fuck up.

Bumping AGAIN because apparently even a few admins treat MRP like its LRP. this round consisted of initial greytiding and captain ordering a meme shuttle, and then after gangs was a thing, and sm delammed into singulo, a senior admin took it upon themselves to become the singulo and eat as much of the station as possible.

If the higher up staff has already decided that treating MRP like LRP is going to be the standard, stop lying about what it is. If its LRP 2, call it that. Dont pretend like it is.

y’all need to understand that when my cargonian NAP is violated, i feel a need to retain my social position

I just found out
There’s a council ruling
That states if your department has access to a means of murderboning (like atmosians plasmaflooding)


atmos flood
killer tomatoe spam
gold slime spam
killer virus
killer nanites
god bless mep specific rules tbh :flushed:

so basically you’re not allowed to go around the hallways with a stechkin, shooting everyone you see, but as the lawyer, you’re allowed to emag into the armory and take dual wield laser guns and do the same thing because technically your department (the security department) has access to murderbone items


I don’t think that example is valid windows, but basically everything alfred just mentioned is. I’d probably assume delamming the SM is also allowed, along with a smoke dispenser filled with lethal chemicals and potentially a miner bringing a megafauna to the station.

if im cargo can i murderbone with autorifles

too boring and also easily countered luhmayo, just use the ol’ SPAM 20000 URANIUM TOOLBOXES AND ABSORB THE RADIATION TO BECOME CHERNOBLIN

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Yeeeaahhh… no, that definitely doesn’t count.

What isn’t ok: Making two epstein jokes in the same day

This rule is to allow people to shine with their role when they finally get dat antag

roll scientist traitor
make gold slimes
throw gold slime extracts
never speak a word to anyone

roll viro traitor
only emerge from your domain for chems and mats
make hyperdeath disease
shoot someone with syringe of hyperdeath disease
never speak a word to anyone

god I love roleplay

its a shitty rule for sure. What really divides it from LRP in that case?

Greg is honestly right. Almost every role has a “mass destruction ability” that they could use to bypass that rule. The only roles that can’t use this one would be medical doctor, quartermaster and cargo tech, all service roles excluding botany, roboticist, HoP, and maybe chemist (depends on whether filling the smoke dispenser with lexorin counts as using a mass destruction ability).