Grods new unique xeno race (now in development)

The beginning

Hello! As many of you are now aware,Grods - new xeno race is in development. My initial thread made in march, is now massively outdated as what i posted there was only an initial design. I wanted and needed to updated it but its easier to make a new thread instead.

Grods on github


How they came to be:

Grods originally came to existence as a symbiotic organism between the crowns and sentient bugs from faraway planet. The crowns are extremely intelligent and technologically advanced beings, however they are frail so they decided to form a symbiotic relation with much stronger and resistant bugs. Hundreds of years later bug people absorbed all the knowledge they could from the crowns and the crowns developed a way to grow their own powerfull shell (or assimilate existing one) that ressembles bug people bodies. And this was the start of creatures we know now as Grods.
Thanks to Nanotrasen endless effords they are soon to be seen on your station!

The crowns:

  • They stationed on the bug people head and their look ressembled a very beautifull crown, so the bugs started calling them that. Their original name is unknown.
  • The crowns can live by themselves for thousands of years, if their body gets old, they will change it to a new one
  • Their reproduction means are a highly secured secret


  • Constist of the crown and the body
  • Grods body is dependant on the crown and cannot live on its own
  • Grods are asexual (However they can get involved in purely romantic relationship) and they don’t have a specified sex (they usually use we/they pronouns)
  • Grods want to maintain the view other races have of them so they wear hats to hide and protect the crown. Taking of their hats in presence of other races is considered a taboo.
  • They consider it insulting if someone calls them “parasite”
  • They are usually calm and polite creatures.
  • It is not a common knowledge that grods consist of the crown and the body, and they avoid telling this secret to other races.


Grods ressemble huge caterpillar/bugs with a crown on their head that they hide under hat.

Naming convention (early draft):

Their names are quite convoluted and they are much different from standard known naming schemes.

`-written letter from greek alphabet+'+3-5 letters sylabe + the/of the + adjective/noun →

Eta’Thra the Divine/ Mu’Leuk of the Divine / Iota’Shi the Elegant / Alpha’Bshuk the Architect`

Numbers 0-9 are excluded because of their long life span. the higher the number, the longer their lifespan is.


  • Grods can swap stance between interaction and mobility stance. Interaction Stance grants you a second pair of hands! But it comes with a drawback of taking extra damage and being slower.
  • Grods are unable to wear a lot of regular clothing (uniforms and suits) but they are given their own options (departamental top hats and vests) and they have their own variations of shoes and gloves to cover all of their extra limbs.
  • Grod cannot be slipped by water, don’t stub their toes, and are resistant to low pressure environments.
  • Grods can’t be defibbed or clonned.
  • The crowns can willingly leave their body take the form of crownspider and look for a new one. Be carefull tho, because dying in this state is permament! (or at least to some extent)
  • The crowns can be planted into botany pod in order to grow new body as well as they can enter any brainless body and assimilate it to their own.
  • If grod receive brain damage the crown will receive some damage as well. Be sure not to overdo it on meth or you might end up dying permamently!
  • Grods are vegetarians

Additional balance changes and informations:

  • Grod take 1.1x brute damage, 1.2x burn damage, 1.3x heat damage, 0.7x cold damage, and 0.8x toxin damage.
  • Interaction (4 arm) mode increases the brute mod to 1.4, and slows grod down by 10%
  • Crownspider has health proportional to your Brain’s health, and taking damage in Crownspider form will damage the brain.
  • Crownspider will now deal a minimum of 30 damage to your brain above a certain threshold.

Changes yet to be implemented:

  • Grods take damage from weed killer spray.

All balance changes are an early draft and they might be changed at a later day. We will gladly hear out your ideas and suggestions!

And now if you beared with me untill the end enjoy some grods spritework!

The crowns customization selection:

4 hands wielding

Grod captain vest and tophat


Special thanks to @Kapu1178 // @Racc-Off for making it work and bearing with all my ideas!


Bro, this is it, this is the race thats gonna make me switch from Human


Ah yes, youngling crown, very good, my favorite past time.


Ugh, MORE filthy xenos? The god empereror does not approve.

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Grod ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

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I adore grods please let me give you dollars (american) for 4-armed catepillar spess boy


They’re quite fancy looking with that tophat! I’ve been peaking into the GROB DEVELOPMENT EXCLUSIVE AND SECRET DISCORD from time to time and it’s nice it’s getting an updated post, good job Naevi on the sprite and everyone else that’s been working hard!

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aaaah you actually listened to ruko’s suggestion of not giving it a cool ability solely to nerf it in every possible thinkable way making it uninterestingly to use for literally everyone. that’s amazing.

that was my biggest complaint about grods, how you gave them four arms solely to go “but actually they’re slow but actually they take more damage but actually they can’t block but actually they can’t wield guns but actually they can’t -”

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Well the increased damage modifier and reduced walking speed is there but as i said above the balance changes are still up in the air and we wont really know how well it works untill we can actually test it in players hands.

I believe Kapu decided it will be for the best to give them even more fragility on crownspider as a counter to their 4 hands. I think he will also have easier time explaining said balance changes as i have trouble understanding the code.

i did da thing


Horribly broken backpack looks like a scorpion tail

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their backpack sprites aren’t started yet.

Is it me or when reading this j imagined crown to be the size of a headspider?

Otherwise a fantastic idea, hopefully there are different color or variations of them (color would be easier)

i can already hear the moth jokes

Human players giving eachother highfives and doing backflips in celebration of another race to insult and torment


Until they realize that literally every captain, HOP and HOS on the station will switch from felinid to this new race.

Heads of staff are not exempt from human racism, they will know their place.

I can’t wait to play as my new grod character:

Dank of 420 Weeds


we all know what’s going to happen if you add numbers to a name