Daily Mentor Facts

Bags of Holding can hold other bags. Greatly expanding what you can carry. Use different bags for each type of gear. ie 1 bag for engineering stuff, 1 bag for science stuff etc.

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Bags of Holding can hold other bags of holding too!

Although, you can fit even more the closer to sec you are!


daily mentor fact

juice box straws are a scam, you can get like 10% more juice by stabbing a hole and chugging the juices from the boxes hole

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Daily Mentor Fact

If you have a virus with Pituitary Disruption and Viral Evolutionary Acceleration (the one where it cures itself) and get bucklecuffed to a bed, and wait on the bed until it cures itself, you will become permanently rotated 90 degrees to the left.


Cult xenomorphs are infamous

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pretty sure i heard a cult drake the other day


That’s just someone who drank dragon’s blood and got lucky, no? (No clue if that effect was removed meanwhile)

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Ruko killed it dead in his mining removal pr


if you click a bed with a plushie you tuck the plushie into bed :)

EMPimg a lazzurous injector will make all mobs revived by it hostile to everyone except you. Pretty sure this even works on mobs like Ian so have fun making Ian pissed off. Or do what I like to do and get some lavaland mobs back to the station. Nothing like leaving a angry Goliath or two inside the CC inspectors shuttle


I will admit to not knowing how to do that, do you have to take the boots right off to search them or alt click or something?

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Yea if. A sec want to see whats in your boot, they need to take it off you first

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You can also tuck the nuke disk : - )

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i was going to write a fact here but by the time i opened the forums I forgot :skull:


daily mentor fact: bluezorua forgor :skull:

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Daily Mentor Fact: I am the longest serving mentor still a mentor, and @ivanmixo will never be able to change that


Not to mention all the admemes that started as mentors and are still around with just admeme role added.


daily mentor fact #832159823589352

Vitality runes / revive runes / blood rites are incredibly usefull. The two runes can offer SSD cultists up to ghosts, and vitality runes heal 2 damage of each of the common types every so often. Blood rites can be used to collect blood from the floor and either fire a massive cult laser, a strong spear, or a weaker magic missle, along with healing other cultists. The revive rune can be used to heal a cultist from the dead up to full health, even with incredible damages.