RDS88 Mentor App

Your CKEY: RDS88

Your Discord: N/A

How long have you been playing ss13?: 700h logged on bee, I don’t really play any other servers.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Nobody I know, and due to unfamiliarity with the forums I wouldn’t know where to ask without sounding like a wannabe presidential candidate.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I play a lot of scientist, mostly xenobio, with some botany from a while ago, and have semi-recently picked up virology, with similar experience in chemistry and mining, but I wouldn’t be able to set the SM if asked and atmospherics makes my head hurt. My lack of sec and med experience is more for not liking those, but I am somewhat familier with operating both jobs.

Playtime for RDS88

  • AI 6h (0%)
  • Assistant 147h (20%)
  • Atmospheric Technician 7h (1%)
  • Bartender 24h (3%)
  • Botanist 64h (9%)
  • Brig Physician 2h (0%)
  • Captain 13h (1%)
  • Cargo Technician 12h (1%)
  • Chaplain 3h (0%)
  • Chemist 21h (3%)
  • Chief Engineer 20m (0%)
  • Chief Medical Officer 1h (0%)
  • Clown 4h (0%)
  • Cook 4h (0%)
  • Curator 2h (0%)
  • Cyborg 6h (0%)
  • Detective 2h (0%)
  • Geneticist 10h (1%)
  • Barber 1h (0%)
  • Head of Personnel 6h (0%)
  • Head of Security 60m (0%)
  • Lawyer 60m (0%)
  • Medical Doctor 18h (2%)
  • Mime 20m (0%)
  • Quartermaster 1h (0%)
  • Research Director 17h (2%)
  • Roboticist 8h (1%)
  • Scientist 174h (24%)
  • Security Officer 6h (0%)
  • Shaft Miner 27h (3%)
  • Station Engineer 10h (1%)
  • Virologist 32h (4%)
  • Warden 40m (0%)
  • Living 713h (100%)
  • Lifebringer 7h (1%)
  • Ash Walker 13h (1%)
  • Servant Golem 6h (0%)
  • Free Golem 4h (0%)
  • Hermit 1h (0%)
  • Translocated Vet 30m (0%)
  • Hotel Staff 3h (0%)
  • Ancient Crew 2h (0%)
  • Space Bartender 10m (0%)
  • Beach Bum 1h (0%)
  • Skeleton 10m (0%)
  • Lavaland Syndicate 4h (0%)
  • Ghost 90h (12%)

Looks nice with high playtime, also pretty chill in game.

Long playtime, good player, almost perfect record.


Lots of hours, and it’s good to see that you have atleast 1 hour in each of them

When I sadly gave you your first note a week ago, it broke my heart to note a 800h perfect record.

  • 812 hours (721/91)
  • One note (Expires in 3 weeks)

T: +6

+1 because why not

+1 good at xenobio and decent at virology. Also i have a question do you know how to set up the sm?

+1 Chill person and 800 hours

did i not precisely say i couldnt do that in the app, but here goes i think
replace pumps with volumetric ones i think
Set scrubbers on to siphon everything, and set filters to filter only n2o back into the loop
put plasma tanks in the rad collectors and turn em on
wrench the n2o into the loop
turn on emitters
die because i did something wrong

usually when i set up the sm i replace the pumps with normal pipes. I make sure scrubbers are all set to siphon and extended. I set the filters to filter n2 aka nitrogen into the loop. make sure the plasma tanks are in the rad collectors. and then turn the emitters on. Ive never done it how you do it so im not sure if that would work.

i don’t do it thats the point but thats sort of what i said except maybe i got n2 and n2o mixed up and also pumps yeah the pumps are my mistake lesson learned

i did say atmos made my head hurt

bumping because its been a day since last reply at +9


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