Daily Mentor Facts

daily blood facts.

  • the minimum blood loss needed to start causing oxy damage is less than 80%
    however the oxyloss from bloodloss at around 70% is usually harmless as it is low and it gets outhealed

  • saline glucose is a substitute for blood yes. but disapates after some time. requiring a proprer transfusion in patients who have lost to much blood.

  • dont ignore the + - properties of blood they are there for a reason. basically - can donate to a + but a + cannot donate to a - even in an otherwise compatable bloodtypes

  • O is a universal donor AB is a universal recipient
    (do remember that AB+ can only recieve from other + types)

  • iron gives a little bit of blood when digested. bloody marry(the drink) gives enough to sustain a person with blood defitiency

  • etherial blood is a cheap alternative to teslium the shock time is random and unpredictable
    but the stun is good. you can also make more of it with 1u plasma 3u ethanol 1u eherialblood
    but you do need some to start with

  • oozelblood. by far the most plentifull of them all
    oozeblood has a semi random healing property but it also deals 1-10 tox damage at random intervals
    mix with tricozadrine to make regen jelly a tricozadrine alternative with no OD. everyone can use it
    a well fed oozeling can producce industrial quantities. enough to outheal 2 IV drips draining it

  • the great bridge is a good blood vial farming spot

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Fact of the day: The morph space building contains not only a few m1911’s, but also a clear PDA in the storage room

Daily mentor fact.

Crossed put mustard on his leg on a whim.


how do i break into the AI sat to steal/Destroy AI?
Simple 60u of thermite breaks down reinforced walls, any less and it wont work.

It’s better to make iron uranium EMP grenades than buy an EMP kit, because shitcurity will murder you.

If the Emp is large enough, crowbar open the depowered, and kill/steal the AI.

Be sure to cut comms!

You need 3 60u of thermite, a toolbelt of tools, and space suit, and emp grenades to steal the AI

I think that it’s 50u unless there was a very recent change.
That way you can store it in the smaller beakers.

Daily Mentor Fact: you can use a jetpack as one of the tanks for a Tank Transfer Valve.

Daily Mentor Fact: Francinum doesn’t like this thread.


Due to spaghetti, IPC can be fixed through hardsuits.

I do not condone or support any action taken with this knowledge. :clap:t6:

Spaghetti is sure is tasty though.

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IPCs are walking shticode



everybody dies when they get hit by a fusion particle, even borgs, it goes through everything, smh!


You can augment yourself with nobody’s help. You can augment your arms and legs by amputating them and doing proesthetic surgery to augment self. Only body parts you can’t augment are chest and head. Chest because you cannot amputate it and head is rather obvious. Augmenting your arms makes adding implants much more easier as long you know how to perform surgeries with tools.

Akshually, it’s possible to do organ manipulation (and likely other surgeries) on organic arms, legs, mouths and eyes.

Oozelings always have maximum hygiene/are always clean. This means by default they are happy, as compared to other races which have neutral mood by default.
iirc the happier you are, the more damage you need to take to go into Crit. This means that by default, oozelings are harder to Crit than any other roundstart race.
If you make sure to keep full too then you’re even happier, and hypersensitive is really good on oozelings because the above two things makes it very hard to make you sad, so hypersensitive usually just makes you extremely happy, and therefore rather hard to Crit (I think maybe 25 extra damage to crit with all 3 of those things)

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Wanna squeeze every beecoin outta your round?

For the roboticist optional objective: “Ensure there are at least 6 functioning cyborgs when the shift ends.
If you cant get enough Posibeains or humans who wanna ascend, just make Six AI shells.

ez pz

AI of All trades

Wanna squeeze every beecoin out of your round?

For the cargo optional objective: “Ensure there are (15-30) pets on the station”
Anyone wearing a pet collar in their neck slot counts towards the total

ez pz


Contracting tip: Subverting borgs/ Ai can go a long way, emagging a medical borg allows you to easily kidnap your targets, I know from experience because yesterday a traitor emagged a medborg, kidnapped me, and contracted me

you can put bigger beakers inside of machines that require beakers to be made (cloner pods and chemmasters are the most commonly used ones) to increase their chem storage, you also can put beakers inside of rpeds for easier upgrading of said machines


The Syndicate Tome Gives you “holy” datum making you magic immune while also allowing you to use it like a bible to create holy water and it doubles as an 18 damage burn weapon with level 1 blocking on walking while still being able to heal if you use it on help intent.

It will however display the owners name when examined.

This makes it very useful for Nukies for only 3 tc they gain and easy way to heal their comrades with a click and a robust melee weapon (not that they need one)