Daily Mentor Facts

Mentor fact #1: Upgrading the laser in a microwave will increase the amount of chemicals of a microwaved food. With T4 parts, a single donk-pocket will have ~10 units of omnizine!


Mentor fact #2: Did you know that plasmamen can actually be killed by rads. They aren’t rad immune but they have a high threshold. If they get hit by a fusion particle they get irradiated and take some toxy damage.
(Yes i know this is the second one for today but since its the first day I think it would be nice to have this one as well)

this was supposed to be daily mentor facts
now here we are!
two facts in one day!
we’re ruined!

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Its a two for one special. Its the first day after all we may as well incentivize them to read more.

Daily Mentor Fact #3
There are hidden achievements in the code that take time to find, such as this one!

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Daily Fact #4
You can groinstomp male characters for extra damage. Simply do what you would do for a curbstomp but aim at the groin.

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To sign a paper write %sign

You get a medal for breaking the game, good to know.

Wallets (found in dorms) can hold multiple IDs. They gain the access of all of them, but only show your first ID.

They’re a discount Agent Card. Great for having multiple IDs of slain victims, hiding AA, and can even store emags. Sec won’t bother to check your wallet.


Mentor Fact #6:
There is a 1 percent chance of a burger turning into a steamed ham when made.


Mentor fact #7: you can use a sharp object to cut out the stuffing of a plushie and put a grenade in it. You can trigger it by stepping on it or interacting with it in hand. Works well as a IED on a 0 second fuse.


Mentor Fact #8: Foam darts may be harmless on their own, but you can use screwdrivers to remove their tip and replace it with pens/laser pointers to make them deal damage.


But can you put a sleepy pen in to make it into a syringe gun?

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how would a laser pointer do damage?

I think it does 5 brute dmg extra, along with 25 stamina if riot dart.

Normal person fact #9

One of the best ways to cool down a room with too much heat in it, is to add a space heater. The extra released thermal energy will cool down the room at an impressive rate.


kate fact #10
chemicals dont react inside of a person until they revive, puting 200u gunpowder, 20u napal, and giving them 20u of anything that heats them up creates a ticking bomb upon revival.


Based doctor skips revival and puts them in the cloning machine.


jimmy bricket facts #1

all things that work on downed people work on people buckled to beds

thins includes crotchkicks