Bad Admins

Alright so this is a post trying to expose what I think is admin power abusing and bad admin conduct.

I was playing rev round, I got fire axe after asking captain to give it to me for protection. Long time later, in the middle of a crowd I start getting strangled and was knocked out by a player that goes by the name Dimas Valozk. He curbstomps me 3 times and steals my fire axe saying something along the line of “Gibs me dat ******”. He left me to die as at this point I was full whitescreen. He was implanted so I thought he was non-antag, and I ahelp it. Guy may also have been metagaming, because I got the better of him later on and was dragging him away to take my axe back, and a guy comes out of nowhere and defends Dimas and later kills me. Anyways admin says that he’ll watch him next round to see if he’s metagaming (honestly this seems like the admin was just trying to get me to shut up) but doesn’t say anything about the self-antag. I ask if he was non-antag a bunch and no response from admins. “IC Issue” Round ends. Bring up the question again after reboot if he was an antag. “IC Issue”.

Dimas is somewhat of a meme on Beestation, I thought because he was notorious for griefing or something. So I decide to investigate who Dimas is. I search Dimas on forums and find out he’s mentioned a bunch of times.

Some examples:

A Dimas appreciation thread started by a forum mod (admin?) and commented on by Head Admin and Council.

A “Where is Dimas” thread, where an Admin replies with what server he now plays on, which is odd to know about an average player.

A thread that shows that Dimas is apparently a member of staff:

-“If Dimas and Toxic got staff, that means something.” - Ruediger4

So considering all the evidence with Dimas self-antagging and the admins not caring, the admins don’t enforce the rules on people they like and/or other members of staff.

Oh and just to add hypocrisy onto it, the next round I robust him (beat him to death after him fighting back, he just never hit me even though he’s supposed to be one of the most robust people on the server) for breaking into EVA and get bwoinked for it. I’m accused of metagaming (which makes sense considering what had happened) even though I didn’t know it was Dimas until the bwoink.

A member of staff self-antags, leaving someone to die and it’s an “IC Issue”. When I attack and kill someone for legitimate reasons (breaking into EVA, even if it’s a bad legitimate reason according to admins) it’s worth a 2 week ban. To quote Beestation rules:

Escalation may ‘speed’ up or outright be skipped to step 3 to 5 IF :

  • The trespassing occurs in highly secure areas (Vault, Armory, AI Upload/Core)
  • Trespassing into areas which are vital for the station’s wellbeing (atmos, SM)
  • Trespassing into areas that are part of Command areas (Bridge, EVA, Teleporter and such. This includes head of staff’s offices) or are isolated from the station (No one goes to viro, let’s be honest).

Tl;dr: Dimas (staff) broke rules, admins don’t care, admins are hypocrites.

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LOL i’m not even staff what are you even on about my guy


you can’t be mad at dimas, if you are then you are bluepilled and unbased

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As for the meta communicating, I think it’s just people know who dimas is and tend to come to his rescue

If I see him in trouble I rush to his aid

I don’t think he needs to meta communicate

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Dimas isn’t staff, and I honest to god hate the guy. We’ve litterally permaed him from the discord and game at one point.

:b: R U H Just make an appeal and a report , then we can laugh if everything you say was a lie or you could get jostice so win win

Dimas is a mentor, and that is what Rue is referencing in that post youve taken out of context. Mentors are technically the lowest level of staff.

Dimas is also renowned as one of the most robust Bee players, hence why people took his side over “Shitter with a fire axe of the day 50”

Youre taking ignorance, and reading into it as a crime.

Dimas was a TrailJanny at one point, Shark-Sie. But he got demoted because he someone ahelped him killing them and he replied to the ahelp with, “Stay mad.”

Actually, I only DSAY’d “stay mad” after they salted being killed after they tried to kill another scientist


yea, but the second time you got kicked off of trial jannie was a hell of a lot more fucking deserved

The person in question has no less than twenty four separate bans. He’s also well liked by a number of players, who tend to side with him in fights.

Dimas moment is considered an official religion tho

tfw open forums after 2-3 days of playing Civ 6 to find this.

Dimas and Toxic were Trial Admins back when I was a trialmin myself.
Mostly dimas, guy got like 3 chances and epicly failed them all.

Also also Dimas is literally one of the most known regulars, even if it’s for all the right or wrong reasons. Same with Alfred Collins, same with Owen, same with Oga, Nyyla, and a few more regulars. Though the latter ones mostly due to good stuff. Collins and Owen just for being robust fucks.


alfie cowwins is still a good uwu

To be honest you need a deep knowledge of the bee lore to understand the importance of Dimas or the robustness of Good boy


Seeing Good Boy in Hippie is scary.

Even worse if he rolls antag.


to be fair i probably would erase all my notes too

maybe i would too
bottom text

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Although dimas isn’t even admin, the topic is important. The admin-chain provides them basically power without any restrictions. Any appeals or discussions are only attempts to get a mercy from admin. NOTHING limits admins. Admins ALWAYS will agree with their admin fellas. It sounds kinda stupid, but if you will investigate a bit you will understand that everything holds on admin power and nobody can change their opinion but them. I think we need reformation of admin-system.