Dimas Appreciation Thread

This thread is for appreciating Deemusz Moments and loving our lord and savior, Drumas Volksburg…or was it Dumbass Volleyball?

Dimas Valozk. You have an actual: literal fucking dent in your skull. I was on station for literally one minute: and just got into my office (HoP) before you came in and arrested me for being in the HoP office. I asked you to check the manifest: but you decided we should stand there for ten minutes before you left me naked and handcuffed in a hallway that had no air. You have no business playing a head role: because you have genuine: real-life brain damage: you unbelievable retard.

Very nice Drumont copypasta. Also, mind giving me admeme on forums, Rue?

i dont really like dimas i met him like once at the game, he was pretty slow, but its ok, anyways GUYZ I WANT TO HIT THAT 1K PLEASE LIKE ALL MY REPLIES, HIT THAT HEART BUTTON NEAR MY REPLIES

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haha beggar cant even hit thta like button , BEGGAR LOSER

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Dimas once kicked in my departments front door with hulk because I didn’t give him botnis upgrades 3 minutes into the round

Ping Crossed on Disc, I can’t give Admeme as far as i see

Holy fuck you are still alive Dimas

Is that a fucking TTV-


filler text filler text

diams :)))) diam epcis

Dimoose for headminn

I’ll never forget the time he went to space and forgot his internals.
Truly, based and robust.

valids mad valids mad


Dent in skull torture (DST): dimas torture or dent torture is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the literal dent in your fucking skull. This may involve directly painful activities: such as genital piercing: wax play: literal dent spanking: squeezing: ball-busting: dent valozking: urethral play: tickle torture: erotic electrostimulation or even kicking.

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i still laugh at that one time as syndicate comms agent i fooled him into thinking i was a rouge sec officer who stole his krav maga gloves and had him run around the station shit talking me untill cap told him i was not a member of the crew.