RandyJenkins banned by Moccha

CKEY: RandyJenkins

Admin’s CKEY: Moccha

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both?

Ban Type: Game

Ban Length: 2 weeks

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 11/24/19

Round ID: 9463

Ban Reason: Metagruding Dimaz, Killed him as a non-antag for getting inside eva. After he was already in crit kept beating him until he was dead. And even boasted it in OOC. Authed by SuperDork55. Appeal it on the forums.

Appeal Reason: The rules say someone breaking into EVA is valid, so I attacked him and then he started fighting back instead of trying to talk so I beat him into crit and killed him. Should I have let him kill me after I started the fight? I also didn’t know it was Dimas when he was breaking into EVA, I just saw someone break into EVA and that made him valid to me so I started attacking him. Evidence of this is when I got bwoinked, I said that I did not kill Dimas. This is because I didn’t know it was Dimas I fought. Suspicion of metagrudging is valid considering what had happened last round but even if I did have a grudge against him how can I be wrong for killing someone who’s valid?

To be clear about any grudges I may have against him, I resent what he did to me (detailed in the linked post) and I also resent the fact that he got away with it too (I’m going to make a post about him getting away with it because I think it was unfair and deserves a ban). While I do resent his behavior I think that metagrudging would be petty and stooping to his level of shitter-ness which I look down on and strive to not be. Though he did this to me I’m willing to forgive him because it’s just a game and I wish he wouldn’t do stuff like this again because then the game would be better for everyone including Dimas. The point of the game is to have fun and killing random people isn’t fun for the people who are killed most of the time.

Also the ban reason isn’t all correct. Moccha accuses me of bragging about killing Dimas in OOC which I did not do. What I did say in OOC was how my ticket (about Dimas) was rejected and how I think it shouldn’t have been.

Additional Information:
I made a post which is somewhat relevant to this appeal linked below.

I would first like to ask a few questions,
First how did you get into eva in the first place?

Second why did you kill him instead of critting him and calling sec? Considering how the hop was already there shooting disablers at him and din’t pose a threat to no one at any momment?

And third why do sec’s job?


I got into EVA by following Dimas in. I walked by and Dimas had just crowbarred the door open.

I critted him and then hit him extra times which was unnecessary I admit, although he was in the hands of sec and I figured if he died which he ended up doing (I don’t remember him dying I just beat him to really low health) he could easily be recussitated.

Sec on LRP usually gets overwhelmed really quickly, and a lot of crimes go unpunished. LRP is really chaotic and when I’m not an antagonist I wanna try and help the station be not as chaotic and help security. The dude had an engineering hard suit on so there was no reason for him to even break into EVA besides to help other people get EVA (possibly helping antagonists) or to steal an RCD.

maybe the man just wanted a jetpack, but either way dimas should probably have a say in this

I got into EVA by following Dimas in. I walked by and Dimas had just crowbarred the door open

So were you following dimas before he got into EVA?

I saw the whole thing go down, and all i saw was you keept beating him while he was on the ground and then dragging him away from a medibot who was tending him, as well as dragging him away from the detective who was already arresting him

It’s almost if I, an engineer, need magboots for the SM you fucking brick

I wasn’t following him before he got into EVA, I walked by EVA and he was hacking the door open.

@Oshibka yeah that makes sense, my bad dude. The whole thing was unnecessary. It was an interesting fight though. Did you end up being revived?

@Moccha yeah I dragged him away so I could get the extra hits on him. I probably did this out of the frustration I felt from last round.


meta grudging

No that isn’t metagrudging, I didn’t know it was Dimas until the bwoink as I explained. I was frustrated that I got self antagged. If I knew it was Dimas and killed him for no reason then that’d be metagrudging.

i find it hard to believe you didn’t catch his name at all before the bwoink

Not going to lie but i say that the ban stays the same. You did a few major oopsies in this one and i want you to use the time out of the server to learn from it. Come back when you are chill.

Alright, where do I go to talk about Dimas in the prior round?