Why are we beta testing Corgstation on lrp?

The station is a mess. No watersource no fire extinguisher no beaker box no chem machine at xeno.
Xeno freezer airlock is just above the consoles so you open it by accedent all the time and entrance airlocks dont cycle properly.
No wallsafe in cap office, the cap spare is supposed to be in the bridge safe but there is none.
Botany is tiny (only 10 trays!).
No map of the station on the site!
I only played a few rounds on corg so there is probably much more.

I think you meant to post on Corgstation feedback thread - #120 by Cheesepizza2

heyyy you linked to my post nice

test on sage
people complain golden is being forgotten
test in golden
people complain they are testing an unfinished map

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Corgi station has lawyer’s office and court completely isolated from everything else

Service stuff is not in the center for some reason

All departments are clumped up in one side, and a giant chunk of maintenance and random garbage tossed on the other side

This can’t really be fixed without changing half of the map (I think Bacon admitted that he completely forgot about court and law office).

Okay, and? Service is in the middle only on Pubby and Kilo (kinda), Pubby is rarely played and Kilo is out of rotation.

This is incorrect? There is engie and sci on left side, command north, sec, cargo, medbay, service on the right. How is this one side?

change half the map or pull it out, idk, only thing I like about corgi station is arrivals shuttle going in the station, anything else is sub par compared to other stations.

On BoxStation, MetaStation, Delta & Pubby, Service is inbetween all the departments, you literally can’t go from any department to another without crossing through the bar and kitchen

Service being in the middle is the only reason any shit happened in it

all departments on top right side of map, everything else bottom left

Court is almost never used, I don’t really see why would you change a lot for such a useless area.

Are we playing on the same maps? Service on Box is next to medbay, nowhere near between departments. Service on meta is close to engineering/sci, nowhere near being between departments. Service on delta is close to nothing, just has it’s corner. Also, you can make the same argument for any other department that it’s ‘inbetween’ others lol. On the other hand, what is truly inbetween all departmens for all (except for Pubby) maps, is command area, doesn’t it bore you?

Again, this is simply incorrect. Did you even take a look at the map from a distance?

Corgstation PR was merged for both servers what are you talking about

I’m fine with court being outright removed, but the lawyer’s office ain’t no joke, damn you!!!

On box station, if you go to medbay from ANYWHERE ELSE you will pay from the main doors to the bar and medbay’s corridor is the most busy corridor.

On meta station, the bar’s entrance is also in a high traffic corridor

On Pubby (or was it Delta), the bar is between sci and medical

On corgi, the bar is literally thrown the farthest away from any other department and even getting to kitchen / botany requires you to go out of your way

Service relies on heavily trafficked corridors.

I strongly urge you to play on Corgi more often, you’ll find that the you’re either in the half of the station that is there for antag bases and shit, or in the single hallway that connects all departments (except service)

played on corgi only once or twice, all i remember is there’s one hallway in the top right that connects engineering, command, security, cargo, and medbay, and all those departments stretch upwards and to the right

bottom left seemed to be 90% maintenance

You can delete the entire bottom half of the map and it will barely affect the round. There’s something quite wrong there.


There is law office on Corg lol, below court.

Service relies on people coming there, also it really isn’t that far from anything when you take a look at the map from a distance.

I do play on Corg, I am fixing Corg at this moment. I know how this map looks like, what’s good and what’s bad in it.

I didn’t say there’s no law office, just I didn’t know why the law office was thrown away

On most stations, people go across the bar not because they want to, but because it’s smartly placed.

One corg, you have to go out of your way to get to the bar

Yes, this is an issue, this leaves the main service area ded.

How do you not notice this, then?
The farthest department away from the rest is service, yet it’s closest to every non-department anything on the station.

I notice that service isn’t in the middle of the map, but I do not think this is a bad idea. If you want another Boxstation, just copy it, switch some departments and done.

Literally every station has service in the middle of attention for a reason, Mat

Again, I wouldn’t say service is in the middle of attention on every other map, Delta is a good example.

The “middle of the attention” varies depending on the job and actions a player takes, but if you travel from one department to another, there’s a very high chance you’re gonna go past service.

Delta’s bar is usually devoid of action or interaction because of this, Delta’s bar should probably be swapped with the kitchen and the map would become a lot better.

Glad someone else noticed that delta’s bar sucks

As much as I dislike box, one of the best things about it is that since everyone spends their time on the right side of the map, people will always see the bar if you’re actually bothering to do anything.

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A repositioning of the departments sounds more like a way to treat the symptom instead of trying to deal with the actual cause: Bar and Kitchen are almost pure RP elements. The only time you visit kitchen is if you fear getting slowed due to the debuff. There is even less of an actual gameplay incentive to visit the bar.
So instead of trying to reposition the bar and chapel for Corg how about this:
Channel that effort into Bar and Chapel. Give players actual non-rp reasons to visit them.