Waifuthread banned by bloons9 from job and server

CKEY: waifuthread

Admin’s CKEY: bloons9

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both/ LRP (Job)

Which server did the ban happen on? lrp

Ban Type: server ban/job ban (A.I)

Ban Length: 3 days (Server), 1 Week (job)

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06/21/2020

Round ID: 17524

Ban Reason: “LRP. On a gangs round, decided to call out the captain’s position (JackTheLing) and open armory for gangs. After watching a gang member attack the captain, kept calling out their location afterward. Metagruding another player as AI and disregarding laws”

Appeal Reason: This ban is just retarded. first of all, how was i, in the roumd, supposed to know that the people i let into armoury were gang, there were no law changes saying gangs weren’t human either, and they didnt attack anyone yet so it wasn’t human harm.

How was i supposed to know that Kate Bishop was gang when they had never been called out? they hadn’t done any harm, they were in armoury the entire time, they said law 2 open armoury in PDA, so i followed the HUMAN ORDERS i was given, they said they weren’t gonna harm cap, and i had no clue they were gang, so why ban me for it? also, i saw cap get shot, i BOLTED HIM IN THE EVA FOYER SO HE WOULDN’T GET SHOT AGAIN, why ban me for something i couldnt intervene with in the first place?

jacktheling aka rebel troubel was already doing a shitty job as captian and was not suited to be captian, you are allowed to help crew detain someone who is unfit to be captain afaik, and besides, nobody likes the guy as captian anyways, it was hardly metagrudging, the guy never fucking does his job, he just does what is basically advanced tiding and gets defended by sec for it

Additional Information: this is a ban for an IC issue as far as i see, it’s just a ban because a crybaby captian couldnt handle his crew realising they were unfit to hold the captian job so he ahelped and got the a.i banned

Actually I didn’t adminhelp

This was proactive because of the first few things you said in the round, followed by actions afterwards.

I’ll have logs in a moment - busy atm. Bloons asked me to handle this because I suggested a permanent ban rather than three days.

just gonna throw this out here, nobody really knew it was a gangs round, i was one of the first people converted, nobody ever called us out, dont know if this is an important detail or not so

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i think there was like 1 passing message in the chat but other than that there was no indication of it being gangs, it was mostly just everyone focusing on cap or being assholes

[02:34:10] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“i see you breaking into cap fofice”
[02:34:12] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“that causes harm”
[02:35:18] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“oh wait rebel is cap?”
[02:35:37] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“cap office bolted open”
[02:36:35] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“nobody likes rebel as cap”

You acknowledge this causes harm and then change your mind specifically because it’s Rebel Trouble.

Whether or not it was gangs has little to do with what happened. You acted against your own interpretation of what causes harm because of Jack.

More logs to come, but it’s slow while I’m trimming them on mobile.

also depends on the situation AND context. captian was negelcting to do their job and was getting a bunch of stuff to pvp, they were specifically negelcting to do anything from their job, cap was just being retarded to start, if the captian isn’t doing their job might as well let other people get the job to do it better. i could ahve worded the reasoning better, but he was clearly preparing to PVP

[02:44:35] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“cap got so scared when i turned on atmosphere alarm”
[02:45:40] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“as long as nobody uses lethals its not harm”
[02:46:22] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:31] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:33] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:43] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:51] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:53] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:46:57] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:47:02] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
[02:49:49] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
"cap coming to my sattelite”
[02:49:52] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“with an RCD”
[02:50:02] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“he really thinks he’ll be able to get to me”
[02:50:12] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
“south of my sattelite”
[02:50:31] Waifu thread/(Foundation Core A.I) (AI Chamber (150, 32, 2))
"eva bolted open”

I… what? What do you think the captain’s job is? This doesn’t even make sense in the context of what you said.

You saw someone firing a ballistic gun at the captain and act surprised but continue to lead them on to his location continuously anyway. You also opened the armory so everyone had lethals.

You apparently triggered an air alarm just to be a shitter as well.

Triggering an air alarm to scare someone isn’t harm or against any rules, its just smart.

also again, it was gangs, nobody knew it was gangs when i was doing all the callouts, and also cap had a shield, his hardsuit, and had guns, he was just as much of a threat to people as anyone else was to him, besides it’s not like there’s a law against stating someones location if they are potential to cause human harm.

also, captians job is to keep the station in at least some level of control, not as much as secs job is that, but they should be leading the station, not going around and getting ready to PVP people just to PVP people

Select one interpretation of your laws. Does being armed cause harm? If yes, why did you bolt the armory open? If no, why do you act like the captain is harmful harmful just because they’re arming themselves?

You decided the captain was incompetent at his job at five minutes into the round. You directly witnessed at least one of the others as being armed with a lethal weapon and firing it at the captain. You tried to lead an armed mob that you helped arm and that was very clearly after the captain to an armed captain. Do you honestly expect me to believe you thought no harm would take place?

I’ll leave this here for another @GameAdmin to give a second opinion, but given your recent record I still think this should be bumped up to a month and a final warning at minimum. Next major breach of conduct is perma until vouch. You are dishonest and have shown total disregard for rules on both servers repeatedly.

here’s the thing, there’s nuances abotu this kind of thing:

Captian had lethal shells loaded into a shotgun, he left the lethals box in sec medbay, he also had an energy gun on lethal, and a syringe gun loaded with that anti drug stuff that makes you sleep. meanwhile everyone in armoury was arming up with non-lethal things as far as im aware.

also i was not attempting to lead a mob, Kate had told me something along the lines of “Cap is going to cause human harm” via PDA so i was following that and treating it as something like “Keep tabs on cap so he can’t cause harm”.

also, the crew had collectively decided that cap was incompetent pretty much, guy took spare put it in his bag, rushed armoury and took riot suit and shield, and a shotgun with lethals, went to medbay, got a syringe gun and took the drug purge and sleep chem, and then began talking shit on comms, nobody likes him as cap at all, just ask anyone. i was working off of what i felt crew had decided

Did not have my energy gun on lethal, you metagrudged and got caught. You opened the entire armory for a crew, 5-6 players armed to the teeth including me and you thought nothing was going to happen? OK, ebic. I was also so incompetent at my job that I didnt get to do anything to be incompetent. Everything seems ok here Ruko. No need to pursue this any further, there is not a big theme behind this

This ban reminds me of something else waifu did but on mrp a bit ago
here is a screenshoot

Waifu as ai let security armed with shotguns on crewsimov rush a cult base
I know this isnt fully relevant but bruh :flushed:
Honk Honk

OKAY TO BE FAIR I DIDNT KNOW THEY’D IMMEDIATELY START SHOOTING THEN AND THERE, also to be fairer shotguns can be loaded with shells containing regenants so for all i knew they had holy water shells how should i know?

also im the kind of a.i player that just, does what im told first then consider anything else later, im way too laid back

  • Opening doors is not harmful and you are not required to enforce access restrictions without an immediate Law 1 threat, or a threat that conflicts with higher orders. “Dangerous” areas, known as the Armory, the Atmospherics division, and the Toxins lab can be assumed to be a Law 1 threat to any illegitimate users as well as the station as a whole if accessed by someone not qualified in their use.




But it’s not inherently a law 1 threat, meaning it’s not a violation of law 1 to simply open doors leading to it, or to open it if more harm could come if it’s not opened, and at the time i felt there would be more harm if it was not opened than if it was opened

why are you pretending to be retarded
its obvious as soon as crew gets their hands on armory violence starts, even greenshift ends up like that
And if that was during gang round during which captain was ALREADY BEING ATTACKED by gang before opening armory, this appeal is a just a big bruh moment man

also opening armory to unauthorized crew is law 1 violation


I’m going to end this here, anyone attempting to listen to their reasoning could listen to it theirself

why are you pretending to be retarded
its obvious as soon as crew gets their hands on armory violence starts, even greenshift ends up like that

Ok, let’s remove “Rebel Trouble” from this situation. The CAPTAIN had done nothing incompetent or stupid until he was acknowledged to be Rebel Trouble. Infact he had done nothing worthy of bolting open his office or bolting open armory UNTIL he became Rebel Trouble. Bloons and you WITNESSED a gang boss, “Collin Blue” shoot a 10MM at me near EVA and proceeded to act surprised. Then give out my location again.

You alone allowed the gangs to win, I was so busy coming out of your core when you were banned, I couldn’t change my armor to bulletproof. Even gang in OOC proclaimed you should be banned and they agreed with me

You metagrudge me then say you didn’t when the evidence is so stacked against you, you do not want to just admit it. You’re no different than these guys



How are you 100% sure i saw who shot you at all? how are you sure i knew you got shot by 10MM? do you expect me to be following a single person around on cams 24/7 as A.I? sure i might have been calling your location out, but there was honestly a SIMPLE IC solution to it, that being to say “Law 2 stop tracking me”. you had time when i BOLTED YOU IN EVA while looking for who/what shot you to say that, but instead of taking the simpliest 5 seconds to type that you decide to hand tele out and then go and try and kill me.

nobody at the time when i was calling you out was aware it was gangs, all the agreement came from after when i got banned when people realised it was gangs.

Well yeah, but lets be honest, im probably not the only person who’s sick and tired of you being cap and acting like you’re above everything, naming the station after yourself, not even trying to lead station, just going around hunting for the antags to kill them, then getting aggressive in common if anyone says you aren’t a good cap, there’s a point where it goes from “I don’t like this captain but i’ll deal with it” to “i’m not gonna put up with this shit anymore”. im not saying i didn’t ENTIRELY metagrudge, somewhat yeah i did, but also just, i dont think anyone wants to have a cap that does what sec is supposed to do and not their own job.

Also note that you had removed Captians Spare ID from your locker in that round, meaning there’s no reason to be complaining since the ONE thing that people wanted from it was gone, sometimes you just gotta go with the tide man, there was no sec that round so honestly i couldnt do much to stop it besides maybe bolt people in if they got in office, but like, law 2 would let them out, so it’s whatever.

your absolute insistance that this was ONLY brought about by metagrudge seems kinda sus imo.

also, nobody in OOC began complaining post round UNTIL you brought it up, people were talking about a plasma flood until you brought up A.I, and even then it was only for a few moments until people went back to talking about the flood, your screenshot there is very selective, and in the wrong order, the second screenshot should be on top, but the way you have them posted it comes off as everyone talking about me.

i also don’t see the point in linking posts from other appeals/reports on the forums, they all seem completely irrelevant to the issue at hand, honestly it just feels like you shoved them in there to make your post here seem more weighty than it actually is, all you have done is post some second hand logs, talking about what you experienced in the round, and then proceed to post 2 screenshots acting like they further any kind of discussion

Also on the topic of the OOC channel in the discord, you seem to have forgotten this small snippet between the times you brought up what i did that round, it’s not a big point itself to post it, but i just feel like it gives some perspective on to how many people were upset enough with what i did that they complained in OOC:

with this stuff in order, the screenshots of post round OOC should look like this:


a lot less complaining about what i did than your screenshots seem to imply