[Unknown CKEY] Player Report Adam Adamovitch

In-game report:

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Your Discord: Shiraizawa#0314

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Adam Adamovitch

Server (Sage or Acacia): sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 07/31/2022

Round Number: 39628 && Another one like a week ago

Rules Broken:

1.You Must Roleplay

.1 You Must Roleplay
.3 Follow Space Law and the Standard Operating Procedure

2 No Powergaming

“Powergaming” is considered to be the act of prioritizing “winning” rather than sensible roleplaying.

3 Do Your Job

.1 Know how to do your job
.3 Let people do their own jobs.

Incident Description:
I leisurely start my shift as a paramedic right next to a syringe gun on most shifts, so I grab it as a choice of my tool to administer Formaldehyde to fallen crewmates. I ask for it from Chemistry, grab syringes from the storage then just have the syringe gun on my belt. Adam comes running to medbay, asking me why I have the syringe gun. Since this isnt their first time doing it, and I couldnt bother because someone was showing up red on the suit sensors, I tell him to stop as I dont have time, to which they instantly flash me and trying to cuff me. Later on, they say its ok to have it with permission, yet when I tried to tell them I do have it, even with the CMO next to us, they decided to just arrest me instead. This isnt the first time they have done this.

In a former round, they arrested me and searched me because I refused a search on green, which they tried to do because I had the syringe gun. I told them what its used for, they did it anyways. After the whole fiasco, they tried to confiscate it and fine me because its an “Inherently Dangerous Weapon/Contraband” and because I dont have a right as a personnel of medical to use a medical equipment, just because antags use it to poison. They specifically said that Its the second most dangerous weapon and I can instantly kill anyone. After I told them its not listed in contraband, they didnt take it.

Logs from my POV

Adam Adamovitch says, “Isabelle.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Kinda busy.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Someone died.”

Adam Adamovitch says, “You are running with syringe gun.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Man.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Dont start this.”

Your eyes sting a little.

Adam Adamovitch blinds you with the flash!

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Ask the cmo.”

Adam Adamovitch is trying to put handcuffs on you!

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “I have permission.”

Ignores-The-Pain has knocked Adam Adamovitch’s legs out from under them with the telescopic baton!x2

You shove Adam Adamovitch!

Melody Cassidy beat Adam Adamovitch with the telescopic baton!

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “I swear to god.”

Adam Adamovitch throws the telescopic baton.

You’re hit by the telescopic baton!

Ignores-The-Pain draws Personal Tiny Self Defense Gun (Wielded) from the chief medical officer’s cloak!

You shove Adam Adamovitch!

Ignores-The-Pain fires Personal Tiny Self Defense Gun (Wielded)!

more fighting

Adam Adamovitch asks, “Are you ok?”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “SSSaysss the flasssher.”

Ignores-The-Pain exclaims, “What are ya doing!”

Adam Adamovitch says, “Elisabeth is running with syringe gun.”

I leave to help up an unconscious viro

Adam Adamovitch asks, “Why would you?”

You point at Adam Adamovitch.

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Fuck you.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “All i sssee isss a man in black.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Learn spacelaw.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “Running around.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “Flassshing people.”

Adam Adamovitch says, “I was trying different clothes, sorry.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “You are a genuine dicksucker.”

Adam Adamovitch says, “So.”

You point at Adam Adamovitch.

Adam Adamovitch asks, “Could you tell me CMO whats the reason behind paramedic having syringe gun?”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “I let the para-med have the sssyringe gun caussse sssometimesss patientsss are absssolute ssshit.”

Isabelle McConaughey asks, “Why do you care?”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Its not contraband anyways.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “Asss sssome one who hasss done paramed work.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “So fuck off.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “You cunt.”

Captain DonkCo says, “Oh my god.”

Captain DonkCo says, “Adam is dumb.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “I can tell you that.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “Alssso.”

[Common] Captain DonkCo says, “We got a dumb security officer.”

Ignores-The-Pain hisses, “They need sssome form of ssself defenssse.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Its just to deliver formaldehyde by the by.”

[Common] Captain DonkCo says, “Adam preventing paramedic from having a syringe gun.”

LOOC: Adam Adamovitch: i checked up with admins and i can arrest you with no problem elisabeht
LOOC: Isabelle McConaughey: first of all, fuck you, second of all, its green, third of all, thats not my name

Adam Adamovitch says, “If you have persmissiont.”

Adam Adamovitch says, “Its a bit different.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “Man.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “You didnt even wait.”

Isabelle McConaughey meows, “You instantly flashed me.”

More salt from me

Additional Information:

Im sorry for the salt, I was mad because shitsec back at it again when I can only play for a little time these days.


don’t attack sec for cuffing you??

edit: holy shit the salt

fucking yikes, rule 1 be excellent to each other, you got flashed and arrested for having a syringe gun, it’s an IC issue at most, please chill out.


@Tentakuru player report against you

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thanks for tagging


I see where this is heading.

Be civil please or we will be forced to lock this threat till a admin handles it.


So. Someone will have to explain to you that syringe gun is a gun. It’s not a medical tool used for healing. Exactly like I said one of most dangerous weapons. If you want to inject formaldehyde to a body, you can use normal syringe. That’s what they are for. Or maybe make and use medipen if you cannot wait 4-5seconds of loading injection.
There’s absolutely no need for you to carry around a syringe gun, unless there’s some good reason like maybe wizard murderboning and you have syringe with mute poison so they won’t be able to cast spell while muted.
And you carrying syringe gun 2min into shift, something I was told by doctor or chemist, is good enough reason to search you on green, as I was security assigned to medical, before which I asked if you would allow me to. That was on first shift.

Round number of other shift week ago is 39555 I believe if I didn’t make mistake. I wrote it as I considered reporting you for powergaming, but in the end I thought it’s not worth it.
Admins can check my behavior on that round as well.

I did handcuffed you and took your syringe gun and was actually nice to let you go, since I understood that you were not aware it is a weapon on first shift. I could have and and next time most likely will arrest you and put you in a cell for 10 if I see you carrying it without good reason. As you and CMO were attacking me I got information that cultist presence was confirmed and just let it go as there were more important things to take care of.
For the record when I was attacked by CMO I did wear khaki trousers and red bandana from security wardrobe vendor, so I guess they could not identify me as security, but really all it takes is examining me.

From my perspective you were rude, aggressive and breaking Space Law, as I did best to uphold it while trying to be polite and professional. Logs you are showing are more proof of you breaking rule 1 when you don’t comply to security and 7 with your insults.

After first situation with you I asked on discord if what I’m doing is right according to space law and one of mentors said it is. After today’s shift I ahelped and asked if what you are doing is powergaming, admin replied it is not since you don’t make death syringes.
I also asked if I can arrest you for this and if I can arrest you if you have CMO approval for carrying it, since I don’t believe CMO has authorty over me in matters of security.
I was replied that I can.
I’m mentioning it to prove my sincere desire to properly roleplay security and comply with rules.


Maybe dont instaflash and cuff someone when they are talking?

Please, praise please tell me where in spacelaw carrying a syringe gun is illegal.

Every single fucking time I tell you the reason. And its a good enough reason considering people dont epipen corpses, ever.

Following your Logic, a simple chair is a weapon since it can be used as one. And Contraband wiki states “This is a catch all for dangerous equipment that is not explicitly listed elsewhere. Primary use is the deciding factor here, not capability”. Thinking that anyone is out to get you with death needles and the syringe gun is only used for that is very much metagamey. Arrest all miners for having KAs, all cooks for wielding knives, all curators that choose a katana and all meddocs for having a scalpel or saw, afterall, those can be used to kill others too, right?

Self defense. And not once you were hurt by us. Also, we werent the only ones dunking on you.

It is a tool. Not a weapon to metakill valids. However, It can be used for that too.

Doesnt explain that other seccie having full blown riot gear 5 minutes into the shift while still on Green. And bear in mind, during this shift, you didnt ask ONCE for a search, just straight up went to arrest and confiscate it while still on green.

Repeat Offender, just like how you are a repeat pity reporter. I broke my vow of not replying to you, I wish you would never reply to me though.

This Post is not about you, nor does it concern you.
You are being very hostile for somebody not involved. Please post again if you can be respectfull and have something of Value to add.
Otherwise please refrain from peanut posting

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I would like to add here seeing as a part of the report is roleplay:

I have played many shifts with Adam and have always had amazing roleplay with him. In my opinion they are an excellent roleplayer most of the time, i am unsure how this round played out but any time I have seen them it’s been pleasant enjoyable RP

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With CMO permission it is not against SOP or space law.

Without permission, there isn’t much room for debate: the syringe gun is an exceedingly powerful weapon.


Thank your for this, now 1.3 is invalid.
The rest I still stand-by were violated.

I’ve seen you carrying dangerous equipment on your belt slot, it is justified to arrest you first ask questions later. And also how many times do we need to have the same conversation?
Second officer found bloody ritual dagger, so getting riot armor probably was justified, but even if it wasn’t I don’t see how is this related to this conversation.

This is false analogy. None of weapons you mentioned one hit kill and all of them are most of the time used for crewmen doing their job. I have yet to see a doctor heal someone with syringe gun. And even syringe with no reagents causes harm. 6 brute damage it is.

It’s not self defence. Being arrested by security is not assault. I’ve used non lethal means to capture you. There was no danger to you by any means. If you don’t agree with arrest you should have asked for lawyer, make complain to HoS or Captain. Or ask CMO to do that on your behalf.

First shift we had this conversation you told me you don’t need permission to carry syringe gun as paramedic.
Second time your explanation for carrying syringe gun it doesn’t match permission your have obtained from CMO.

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Oh woah, except you didnt do that. You did ask ONE question, to which the answer was not satisfactory to you, so instead of talking it out, you decided to arrest on green, without a warrant.

Guess what, the syringe gun cant kill in one hit either. It’s the syringe that kills, not the gun itself. But wait, I didnt have any death needles… And woah, i was using it, as a crewman for doing my job. Just because you havent seen someone use it to heal, doesnt mean that all anyone can do with it is genocide.

Doesn’t matter since I still had the permission. Even if it was used for the reason they told you I had it, the permission was given. You however at the time, didnt know the reason for the permission, didnt care if I had it even though I said I did and thats the problem.

The problem here is once again with assuming that something is only used for murdering others and that others are only out to get you and not engaging in RP to clear this misunderstanding. (Even though in this cult round, I was indeed out to get you, but doesnt matter from a fail RP point)

I’ll deal with this report

You have been permanently banned from other servers for hate speech/bigotry, don’t use slurs (yes this may be a kindergarten-level homophobic slur, but this behaviour is not welcome here. You’ve been warned).

The issue here, is that Isabelle DID have the CMO’s permission to use the syringe gun, and that an officer was wearing riot gear during green alert (changed to blue 11 minutes after Isabelle is detained).

(Isabelle McConaughey) “CMO”
(Isabelle McConaughey) “May I use this medical eqipment?”
(Ignores-The-Pain) “sure”
(Ignores-The-Pain) “just dont do anything crazy”

After isabelle tells Adam to talk to the CMO, everything is cleared, and they let you go (the whole situation lasts around 4 minutes).
Issues were:
during green alert they were wearing riot gear, and didn’t follow SOP when arresting someone (so steps 3 and 6 specifically)

As security officer you must follow SOP.

Report processed