Shiraizawa note appeal

CKEY: Shiraizawa

Admin’s CKEY: HelloMate

Note Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 08-05-2022
why is this even in MMDDYYYY when the game uses YYYYMMDD??

Note: Note issued after this report: [Unknown CKEY] Player Report Adam Adamovitch - #17 by Hellooo. Called another player a “dicksucker”. Do not use homophobic slurs here, you’ve been warned.

Appeal Reason:
I was pretty heated during that moment because shitsec, so I used an insult which is used in the game. Not directly though, as having Tourette’s Syndrome trait makes your character say “COCKSUCKER” as well. Why does that not count as being a homophobic slur, but replacing it to “dicksucker” does?
I only used it as an insult without any other connotations.

Additional Information:
What I’d like is either having the note changed with the homophobic part excluded since I had problems on one specific server about it before and I’ve been working towards not committing the same mistakes again, or the removal of that specific forcesay in Tourette’s.

We expect you to play nice with each other. Bee excellent.

That said im pretty sure this is just a normal insult and not a slur, its not like you said the f word.

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“dicksucker” and “cocksucker” are not something that would be considered ok to say where I am from, but I acknowledge that I could have different standards for what is considered or not homophobic.

It is also true that this word is used in the code, and I would not be opposed to removing that.

If another admin agrees that this is not a slur, but just a common insult, then I’ll just remove the note.
However I do find it demeaning.

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I’ve asked around, and it appears this is used as a common insult in the USA. I do find it demeaning, but it’s probably not consciously homophobic.
I’ll remove the note