|tsmeowdev banned by Hilaris (nya~!)

Itsmeowdev (meow meow)

Admin’s CKEY:
Haliris (nyaa~)

Ban Type:
Griefing (purr)

Ban Length:
1 month (meow meow)

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):
2023/03/25 (nya~)

Round ID:
43291 (purrfect)

Ban Reason:
Turning people into cats (meow meow)

Appeal Reason:
Meowster Haliris, me want to appeal my ban for turning people into cute and fluffy cats. While me understand that it might be seen as griefing, me only meant to spread some nya-s and bring joy to the station. Me promise to be more careful in the future and use my powers for good, not just for playful mischief. Please consider lifting my ban so me can once again bring some smiles to the crew’s faces. Thank you! (nya nya)


Ohai there, nya~! Me happy to give ya some additional context for my appeal, meow meow! Turns out, there was a super icky virus going around that only non-catpeople could catch, so me thought it would be a purrfect idea to turn everyone into cats to keep them safe and healthy, nya~!

Me understands that this might have been seen as griefing and caused some disruption, but me just wanted to help, nya~! Meowster Haliris, can ya imagine how fun it would have been to have a whole station full of cute and fluffy cats? It would have been a meow-velous sight to behold, nya~!

Anyway, me apologizes for any inconvenience or distress that me actions may have caused, nya~! Me promise to be more careful and communicate better in the future, nya~! Thank you for considering my appeal and me hopes to be given a second chance to be a paw-sitive part of the station, nya~! Meow meow~!

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I hate this thread so much I replied just to say how much I hate it. Thanks


Ohai there, Meowster Haliris! I wanted to kindly urge ya to respond to my ban appeal as soon as possible, nya~! I have been waiting patiently for a response and would like to get back to playing on the station, nya~!

I understand that you have many responsibilities and other matters to attend to, but I kindly ask that you prioritize responding to my appeal and any others that may be pending, nya~! I want to make sure that justice is served and that everyone is treated fairly, nya~!

Thank you for your time and consideration, Meowster Haliris, nya~! Meow meow~!

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Worst thread they have ever seen, tonight, millions will die.


Meow meow~! Me swear that me not on drugs and me not being held hostage, nya~! Me just have a speech impediment that makes me say “nya” and other catgirl terms, nya~! Me hope this clears up any concerns or doubts, nya~! Thank you for your understanding, meow meow~!


This thread is frankly RIDICULOUS, clearly nothing is taken seriously anymore…

I mean for real, Hal. How could you do this to someone so harmless? They practically radiate goodwill and innocence (and I have to admit their speech is very charming and soothing.) I hope this obvious error is rectified as soon as possible.

Ohai there, Pirill, meow meow~! Me want to thank you for understanding the situation and recognizing the harmlessness of my behavior, nya~! Me appreciate your kind words and support, and me agree with your take on this issue, nya~!

It’s unfortunate that some people may not take my speech impediment seriously or may misunderstand my intentions, but me grateful for those who are able to see past it and treat me with kindness and respect, nya~!

Thank you again for your understanding and support, Pirill, meow meow~! Have a pawsome day~! Meow meow~!


I’ve located a picture to describe this thread.


Well I think I’ve seen quite enough for one night. mwah Goodnight everybody!

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Wall of shame please


That would be unpawductive and meany, nya~! Me thinks that is a bad idea, nya~! Me just wants my appeal prawcessed as soon as pawsible nya~!

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Entire thread.


Just gonna say that as bad as this is on the forum some people speak like this in game :skull::skull::skull::skull:


Damn, this is real, real…

therapyless behavior


Wait is this what the meow on itsmeowdev means.

Real Image of ItsMeowdev.