This game is garbage

it is sad that you all love living in shit as deep as the developers shat upon this game. grow some balls. fix this game. it was clear that you weren’t doing it so I did my best. its a shame to see you call this “good.” if this is what you like try looking up two girls one cup. no really put on your favorite bra, your silkiest panties and go continue to eat shit.

only posting this because ooc ban. and you should know that this game is garbage

:moth: :speech_balloon: “Human mad” (x24)
also don’t insult my fashionable underwear

This game is garbage
Keeps playing it
Is mad their melee balance ideas were rejected
Can only use “I will sue” as a threat when there’s no grounds for sueing

Say sike.

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Did they really threaten with a sue?
really do be a bruh momentum

“Sue as a baseless threat” Yikes…

they are my ideas, I can sue you into the stone age.

bruhhhhhh… Yikes…

I will NOT condone the behavior I have been EXPERIENCING.

oh boy indeed. you shitters better love what you have earned.

I do not understand why you are so mad.

When you die in Arma 3 from being shot once, do you get mad that the game is bad?

When you die in games with high TTK, do you blame the high TTK?

Could it just be that the game is not for you?
I understand that you may enjoy it, and there are many different codebases that have faster TTK; Baystation for example, although HRP, has a much stronger medical and attack system.

when you die in counter strike to one shot its ok, because you can do that. in this game right now you get one shotted while carrying a toolbox that kills in 9-11 hits. kindly explain what the fuck was going through your head when you thought this shit was a game.

w h a t

This is quite clearly a game based off my experiences.
I control a virtual avatar in a virtual world, doing virtual things, on my computer.
That qualifies as a game, no?

You may not enjoy the current system of combat, sure; however, you can certainly kill people quickly if you put in the effort.

There are also numerous other codebases that offer a wide variety of more lethal options and more balanced combat; TGMC, Baystation 12, other such things.

it’s based as a multiplayer role playing game, we be out here pretending to be anthro moths that heal people using what is basically magic chems that heal all wounds on touch where wizards exist, nar’sie exists, bluespace exists, and all the other manner of dumb shit spess game has, we don’t need a lower ttk, and from the looks of it, no one WANTS lower ttk.
Just, go play some other game

I’ll quote a SS13 video

“I’d like to see you try”

a game is a competition. even if someone is suppost to have an advantage the gap is too wide. thus you all are cowards. “BUFF MELEE BECAUSE UNROBUST COWARDS ARE AFRAID OF BEING THREE SHOTTED BEFORE THEY FUMBLE OUT A STUN.” what I mean is you should not be losing as bad as you clearly are. you are just bad at this game. git good. and balance this otherwise wonderful work of art.

suck that logic bitch

You say

But the work of art is already here, the rest of us see it, you’re just looking at it wrong

look if you want this to be a pub that’s cool. I love pub servers. but this “game” is so freakishly geared toward not allowing skill that its ridiculous. there is no GAME.

Thinking the game is all about stuns and 3-shooting people with weapons

You know combat is deeper than that, right?

  • slipping
  • spacing
  • chems
  • choking
  • throwable weapons
  • electrocution
  • brain damage
  • making someone’s experience so bad they kill themselves instead
  • fire
  • bombs

I’ll close this if this goes down the ‘Melee Balance’ thread route again, just fyi.