TheMrFoX banned by piterskiy


Admin’s CKEY: piterskiy

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

Which server did the ban happen on? Sage

Ban Type: Serverwide ban

Ban Length: 2 months

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 06-23-2020

Round ID: 17583

Ban Reason: metagrudge, liar in ahelp, for more information check Investigation results of TheMr.Fox actions in round #17546 by Piterskiy

Appeal Reason:

Alright… yeah, I did lie about building the bridge, but I did not lie about not knowing that pod people weren’t allowed to blow shit up on lavaland or kill anyone on lavaland, I used to see pod people from lavaland carrying 100’s of .357 revolvers doing complete massacres before.

And yes I did manage to find my way back after I was killed as miner, but I did not know the location from where I had to go from the pod people spawn it was by pure luck that I managed to find the syndi base.

Now the explosive (water/pot) rice was really broken I am not sure why it wasn’t exploding on impact maybe server lag, they kept exploding with a 2 second delay so my explosive rice were more like delayed mines.

Although one or two guys literally walked on the rice and somewhat died from it, the other dropped his sniper rifle, I picked that up and finished off the last one.

Note, all this happened right before round end and did not make any big impact on anything.

I think 2 months seems a bit long considering I was already given a 2 week ban from almost every single ghost role out there, I do apologize I should had told you the whole story after all.

Wait hol’ up

Lemme see if I understood

You got beaned by killing the lavaland nukeops?

Or for killing some crewmembers with nukeops gear?

everything explained at Investigation results of TheMr.Fox actions in round #17546 by Piterskiy

So Vanilla got banned

For killing lavaland syndies.

As the podmen.

They are not included anywhere on the council ruling for escalation regarding ghost roles.

Ediit: I know that the ban was mostly due to ‘metagrudge/lying in ahelp’ but is it really metagrudge if the lavaland syndies are already an antag ghost role by default?

Though the lying bit is another can of worms but, the metagrudge part sounds like doesnt belong here

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Plant people flavor text doesn’t say they’re peaceful beings, free golem text does.

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it was metagrudge
we killed him for trespassing as a miner and 20minutes later he comes back with explosive rice and attacks us

and you didnt find syndie base thanks to “PURE LUCK”
it was like 6 tiles away from podmen spawn airlock

well it seems like i was wrong about lavaland pod people being peaceful, though the metagrudge/lying part is still present.
i’ll lower the ban to one month and completely remove jobban on ghost roles

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Posting this here just so the record on what podpeople are told is archived with this appeal as well as the other.