Investigation results of TheMr.Fox actions in round #17546 by Piterskiy

themrfox was a miner that round, he was doing his job, all good, but then he decided to raid syndicate lavaland base. check out how it ended below

[2020-06-22 16:52:30.686] SAY: TheMr.FoX/(Maple Nakimato) “might as well raid the syndi outpost” (Mining Office (69, 161, 2))

[2020-06-22 17:06:04.532] SAY: TheMr.FoX/(Maple Nakimato) “at least you guys can go outside now” (Syndicate Lavaland Cargo Bay (190, 81, 5))
built a bridge to syndicate lavaland base using rcd

[2020-06-22 17:06:57.296] GAME: TheMr.FoX/(Maple Nakimato) has died (BRUTE: 229.4, BURN: 4.4, TOX: 0, OXY: 0, CLONE: 0) (Syndicate Lavaland Cargo Bay (191, 82, 5))
first death as a human

he then later came back as a lavaland podman(weird that his ckey changed, i guess that’s because he got a new body? that confused me a bit while logdiving)
[2020-06-22 17:23:20.580] ATTACK: themrfox/(Broccoli) has thrown the rice (Syndicate Lavaland Primary Hallway (182, 78, 5))

[2020-06-22 17:23:42.930] ATTACK: themrfox/(Broccoli) has threw and hit efemu/(Tate Bratton) with the rice (NEWHP: 51.9) (Syndicate Lavaland Primary Hallway (187, 66, 5))
probably rice with deadly chems in

[2020-06-22 17:25:33.653] ATTACK: themrfox/(Broccoli) has shot qai07/(Curtis Chapman) with .50 bullet (NEWHP: 9) (Syndicate Lavaland Primary Hallway (185, 66, 5))
but it probably wasnt very effective, so he started blasting with real guns(sniper rifle)

adminhelp came right after
[2020-06-22 17:26:45.589] ADMINPRIVATE: (censored)/(censored) “uh can lifebringers invade syndie lavaland base?” (Syndicate Lavaland Cargo Bay (190, 76, 5))

them came in my bwoink
[2020-06-22 17:26:39.201] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): what are you doing
[2020-06-22 17:26:57.709] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): I am invading the syndi base as plant man
[2020-06-22 17:27:08.209] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): have you read the flavor text?
[2020-06-22 17:27:38.455] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): what did it say? I didn’t see it actually…
probably liar, trying to look innocent(it actually worked(based))
[2020-06-22 17:28:15.505] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): lavaland plant people are peaceful beings and they cant conflict with anyone else, unless self-defense
[2020-06-22 17:28:43.021] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): they did start to fire at me but I don’t know if that counts as self defense
again, liar
[2020-06-22 17:29:05.618] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): you built the bridge to syndicate station?
[2020-06-22 17:29:13.052] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): it was already there
pure liar
[2020-06-22 17:30:12.858] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): but you rushed in?
[2020-06-22 17:30:31.283] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): because I had no O2
[2020-06-22 17:30:57.858] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp)->TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli): why you even left your place
[2020-06-22 17:31:32.503] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): I wanted to explore the nearby area but then I came across the bridge and this place
[2020-06-22 17:31:53.456] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): couldn't resist to check it out and then the fight started
[2020-06-22 17:33:10.145] ADMINPRIVATE: PM: TheMr.FoX/(Broccoli)->Piterskiy/(Art Knapp): I'll keep it in mind though I didn't know pod people weren't allowed to harm anymore except in self defense
[2020-06-22 17:35:45.413] ADMINPRIVATE: Piterskiy/(Art Knapp) has created a global temporary 2 weeks role ban from 7 roles for TheMr.FoX. Roles: Brainwashed Victim, Deathsquad, Drone, Lavaland, Mind Transfer Potion, Posibrain, Sentience Potion Spawn Reason: as lavaland podman, left his place, went to lavaland syndicate station and literally killed everyone
the ticket ended here, the round was about to end, but then i saw a few messages in OOC, it didnt fully save:
[2020-06-22 17:35:50.417] OOC: efemu/(Tate Bratton) “who was that lifebringer” (CentCom Docks (177, 86, 1))
and there was a second message, it was something like “was it the miner we killed earlier”, and you’re goddamn right, my man.
i decided to check round’s manifest log, and guess what i found?
[2020-06-22 16:14:12.035] themrfox \ Maple Nakimato \ Shaft Miner \ NONE \ ROUNDSTART
i then later decided to save this round’s id to investigate later

the investigation ended well, im banning themrfox for two months for pure liar in ahelp, metagrudge, and overall he just should know better.

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You banned him from lava land roles for 2 weeks, but you changed your mind and want to set it to 2 months server ban? Why not handle the lying in that ahelp? Also, there’s a player report format.

did you read the thread? i didnt know he was lying when i handled the situation. this is not a player report, read title of the thread.

I see it in player reports category, it’s a player report. If you’re this certain this player is guilty, why open it up for discussion? Even the guy admitted it in OOC that he did this intentionally. Wouldn’t this have been better off if you talked with other admins in the discord, rather than open it up for discussion to the public.

You also already made up your mind, so there’s quite literally no room for discussion.

Also, pure liar isn’t a thing, it’s just liar.

thanks for letting me know

actually, you’re right. this thread is just ban reasoning and evidence.