The OK Tier Guide to Medical

Updated the: 06/07/2023

The OK Tier Guide to Medical

This guide will not go over much basic knowledges that can be found on the wiki, and will instead focus on real experiences that may occur, how to deal with it, and other tips.
This can still be useful for new and more experienced players.

What you should always do

Injecting people without killing them

Before injecting people always check their blood’s content by using the health analyzer in reagent mode and also the patient’s race. You do not want to OD someone on epinephrine while trying to save them or give an oozeling anti toxin, but the race things will be covered later.
Most damage healing chems OD at 25u, except atropine which is 15u
Keep this in mind.

Always epipen a dead body

Epipens have formaldehyde in them, which prevents organ decay in dead bodies, since the heart fully decay in only 2 minutes it is very necessary if you don’t want to waste time repairing the heart with surgery or getting a new one.
That’s why i recomend having on you a bottle of formaldehyde, even if it is heavily diluted in water or saline solution for slime people, it will still work if the body has 0.1u in it, and sincea dead body doesn’t metabolize this 0.1u will stay and keep preserving the body until it is revived.
Of course don’t OD people, check if they were already epi penned before with your health analyzer.

Priorizing which patients to treat intelligently when you have too many injureds to treat them all at the same time

Sometimes the patients just keep coming and you can’t treat all of them. What you need to do is to diminish the time you will need to treat people, and dead people are always much more tedious to treat than living ones.
If you are wound tending a body or doing anything else that isn’t preventing someone from dying and a critical patient comes in, drop your tools, check the patient’s blood stream and if you can, inject epinephrine.
Them dying would just mean more work and time to treat them, time that you don’t have.
The cryotubes are your friends, use them to treat patients while focusing on other things, be sure they have cryoxadone, if not they will just turn off (Light goes out).

Never drag a bleeding patient

If you are dragging a patient and you notice that they’re leaving a big trail of blood Stop immediately
By doing this you are depleting their blood at an incredible rate and might kill them and render their resurection much more tedious.
Double click their body in grab intent and with an empty hand to perform an agressive grab, then drag the patient’s sprite onto your sprite to carry them in one of your hand slots.
This is both faster and prevents them from losing all of their blood.

Comunicate with your colleagues

Organise yourself on who is treating who. You do not want to waste time and or ressources getting stuff and medecine to treat a guy while someone else is already on it, point at a body with shift + middle mouse clicking on the body and ask if anyone is on it.
Ask if someone needs anything if you don’t know what to do. You may help with cargo bounties or other things.

Bully people into turning their sensors to Tracking Beacon

People forget, make it so they wont. The CMOs are best suited for it since they have the loud volume on teir radio, but asking AI can work too. It is not just a door opener.
Bonus point if you pay the clown to scream with his megaphone for people to turn their suit sensors on, providing him with a hand held crew monitor so that he can slip and mock people who don’t have their tracking beacon on

Use Medibots
  • Give health analysers and medkits to the roboticist and menace him ask him poiltely to make medibots, medibots have their appearance changed depending on which type of medikit they were made with (Only if the roboticist builds it by hand instead of using the crafting menu).

  • Using the robot monitoring app to summon your army of medibot is a good way to deal with many injured people (Such as near blob/spacevines fight). Also call your army into the escape shuttle at the end of round and deactivate patrol mode if they have it so they stay here.

  • You can unlock/lock medibots by using your medical ID on them.

  • Placing medibots in stationary mode outside medbay is good pratice, you can also have some placed some other remote places like engineering, sec, departure, bar/kitchen area, and also lavaland (Heavily frequented zones or zones a bit far away from medbay so that the poor engies can treat their minor injuries without having to make the big voyage to medbay).

  • Only if you have enough medibots stationary in key places should you put some on patrol.

  • Don’t forget to synch the medibots from time to time to multiply their operating speed by up to 400%

Each race's particularities


Perfectly normal, they have blood of different types. But remember that O- will be accepted by each blood types without rejection. More on how to get blood in the tips.


Euthanize ETHANISE Same as human.
You can use chocolate or hot chocolate to make them vomit, it helps with getting rid of chem at 10u of chem removed per 5u of chocolate ingested.


Plasmamen have some features that you need to remember.
They do not have a heart, making defibing them without special steps useless To defib a plasmaman you first need to instal a heart with organ manipulation.
You could also use the revival surgery to not have to install a heart.
Plasmamen catch on fire if exposed to oxygen, this can be preventing by placing them under a running shower or placing them on a stasis bed to stop all metabolzation of their organism, this also prevents them from catching on fire.

Moff + Bees

Mothmen and bees have wings that can burn if caught on fire they can’t fly anymore.
Mothmen can regenerate their wings by using their Cocoon ability. They just need to be sufficiently satiated and not interupted while cocooning.

Oozeling + Slimepeople

Oozelings use ooze as blood and slimepeople use slime jelly.
They both take heavy toxin damage from chems that’s suposed to treat it Even epinephrine.
But their toxin damage gets treated by chems that normaly give toxin damage.
They will still take toxin damages from OD’ing
Slime people can’t generate slime jelly if they have no liver.
Oozelings lose blood at an incredible rate if they have water in their system, 5u is enough to bring an oozeling down to 65% blood.
Oozelings lose limbs as they lose blood.


Not too special on the medical side.


They have L type blood, a blood they all share in common and which is shared across their whole species.


They use liquid electricity as blood. Their charge level is their nutrition, not their blood level. You need liquid electricity to replenish their blood (or saline glucose temporarily), puting them in a charger will only feed them.

Scenarios you may experience during your shift

How to treat radiation damages

Engineers may come at the beginning of the round with a little bit too many rads from setting up SM. Put them under a shower and give them Potassium Iodine, depending on their level of radiations using petentic acid might be useful if they are starting to glow but it is much harder to make than potassium iodine. A screwdriver cocktail might be also useful to treat rads (only for engineers).
Some mutadone might be needed if they started to mutate because of the radiations.
Rad storms are also a common source of radiation damages.

Treating patients with low blood

Sometimes patients may lack a lot of blood, under 70% and they begin to take a little bit of oxy damage, under 30% they become unrevivable. If the patient can still live you can regenerate his blood by giving him iron and feeding them slowly regenerates blood as they metabolize. Bloody mary cocktail is also very useful if you ask the bartender.
If the patient is dead and unrevivable you will have to use an IV drip to directly inject blood back. IV drips accept both blog bags and beakers.
Saline can also be used to replenish some blood while injected with IV or a syringe. You can OD on it at 60u but OD’ing doesn’t do much, it just makes you metabolize some salt and sugar.

Need organs or limbs but none are available ?

You can print artificial organs on the medical fabricator. But if there is no mat or electricity there is still a place you can get organs and limbs from.
Bodies that spawn at roundstart in the morgue are sacks of free organs and body parts. Bodies put in the morgue don’t have their organs decaying over time so they are still fresh.
Monkey organs and limbs can also work, although with our new kapu limbs your patient may end up as a patchwork monstruosity by the end of it.

Patient keeps taking damages i don't know why

The patient may have damaged organs or a stealth virus, check organ state with the health analyzer and administer the proper medecine if an organ is severely damaged or perhaps need a new one. Or get a virus analyzer from the virologist (or print one) to check for stealth disease.
If the patient is an Oozeling or Slime person be sure that they don’t have toxin healing chems or water in them.
It may also be due to bad genetic mutations, try to see if they have mutations with your health analyzer and use mutadone.
It could also be in rare cases a zombie infection if they keep getting toxin damage but for RP reasons you should only use this knowledge if you are the CMO or the science departement, as zombie virus is supposed to be a secret syndicate weapon

Why can't i perform surgery ?

There might be another part of the body thats has an unclosed surgery ongoing. Try using the cautery on each limb until you start mending the concerned body part. Then you can start another surgery.

The bodies i'm working on keep taking burn/brute damage

You are most probably playing as a cyborg and are helping in a desperate situation to revive crew.
Be sure that you are working in a safe environment, not too hot or cold and or without atmosphere or oxygen.
You can fix temperature issues by using one of the space heaters you can find in maint and oxygen/low pressure with air or oxygen cannisters you can also find in medbay, just go slowly while releasing gas, you don’t want to make the pressure too high either.

Stasis Bed VS Operating Table

Operating on tables affects the operating speed. If the ground gives a 0% bonus, stasis beds and normal beds give around 20% bonus speed, and the operating table gives around 50%.
So in conclusion if operating on a critical patient that can die any second it’s better to do that on the stasis table. But if it is a longer surgery (like brain recalibration) or many different surgeries (fully augmenting someone) then the time saved with the operating table may be interesting.


  • To get blood you need to do that at roundstart and not when you will need it. Make body scan of people you want to have blood for (use people with O- blood for humans) and make a soulless clone to pump blood from. Be sure to give your blood bags iron injections from time to time to speed up blood production. Before you could just duplicate blood by using unstable mutagen but it was removed.

  • The fastest way to do surgery is by using the operating computer, desinfectant (sterilizine), alien surgical tools and operating on someone unconscious/dead and on an on an operationg bed. But you won’t often have alien tools so the second fastest is with the upgraded surgical tools, they aren’t just multi functions !

  • Using the cryotube will take longer or may not work on people wearing isolating outfits like hardsuits, winter jackets and such. So get them naked !

  • Your emergency box has free space left in it, fill it with spare epipens.

  • Ointments and brute patches are fairly useful as they heal instantly if used on others.

  • Get your hands on the upgraded surgery tools if possible, they make operations faster (very useful to tend wound) and act as multiple tool, allowing to free up space.

  • Puting stationary medibots outside medbay is good practice.

  • If you plan on renovating medbay by adding some stasis beds and operating computers please give it enough space, you don’t want the place to get overcrowded when everyone is operating on a body or treating people.

  • People bit by romerol zombies can be saved if you remove the weird fleshy tumor that grew in their brain with organ manipulation surgery.

  • Puting people infested with xeno larvae in a stasis bed stops the larvae’s development, preventing it from growing and bursting out.

  • When reviving people on a stasis bed and giving them chem Unbuckle them from the bed if you want the chems to work or they wont heal since the stasis bed stops the metabolization of the reagents, same for healing their oxy damage, i like to give CPR until i can’t do it anymore before unbuckling them.

  • Cryoxadone works on oozelings.

  • The integrated medical tool implant makes surgery faster than with basic surgery tools. I need to compare its speed to upgraded medical tools.

  • Borgs can instal software by asking crewmember to upload softwares on a data disk and then inserting it in the borg, this will allow the borg to download the software from the data disk, install useful software or donk soft arcade.

  • It is good practice to have a stockpile of synthflesh ready in case shit really hits the fan and you have to clone 10 people, so do it early into the shift.

  • Toxin is quite slow and annoying to heal, be sure you have some superior anti toxin chems ready to use, or you can also get some in the toxin medkits available at the medical fab room. Cryotubes are also good for that.

  • The operating room is useless, move the organ fridge near the stasis beds, or wherever you often treat and operate on patients.

  • If you don’t know what to do steal the organs, blood and limbs of the bodies in the morgue, might be useful for cargo later or a patient. But an unupgraded organ fridge has fairly limited space. You won’t be able to put more than 2 peoples worth of organs and limbs in an unupgraded one. Be sure to keep at least some bodies intact in case someone needs an emergency new body and cloning is impossible.

  • You can splash a brain with mannitol on agressive stance to repair it without needing the patient to be alive or have a body.

  • The cleanliness of a place you are operating on doesn’t affect the success rate of each steps of an operation, not even operating on the ground, either coder broke it and never fixed it or it was removed.

  • Although cleanliness doesn’t hinder any surgeries it is better to keep medbay clean to prevent the spread of contact type diseases and to make the work of your fellow much more mentaly bearable.

  • People transformed into fly people due to teleporter mishaps have their species hard rewritten as fly people so cloning their brain wont bring them back as their original species.

  • IPC may start speaking spanish or galactic uncommon after being EMP’d. This lasts for around 2 minutes.

  • You can boost your healing speed as mediborg using the hypospray. For that simply inject kelotane, antitoxin and bicardine in a person to produce tricodrazine inside them. Then inject the other healing chems you want to use. Tricodrazine will work along the other chems to treat the damages faster. Of course you can t inject all 3 chems or they will mix together into tricodrazine.

  • You can heal earing damage by wearing earmuffs, and sight damage by wearing a blindfold.

This marks the end of this guide, thank you for reading it.
If you have questions and corrections please ask them in the comment and i will probably add the answers to the guide.
I will keep working on this guide from time to time when i encounter an interesting medical case.

Does this imply i am to administer ethanol?

Euthanize using alcohol i think it means

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Yes it can be done with ethanol i guess xD

To note, chocolate can serve as an emergency reagent purge if the felinid is still conscious.

We don’t have that surgery

I’m fairly certain that instead of toxin damage, water instead makes oozelings rapidly loose blood volume

You should also mention hacking a suit storage unit to disable its safeties. It’ll clear all rads at the cost of mild amounts of burn damage, depending on its parts.

Either adds a bit of salt or sugar or deals some brute and burn

Should probably mention that monkeys and monkeyfied humans are also an excellent source of organs and limbs, and there’s plenty of them in Medbay.

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Incompotent/lazy/busy chemists? Swing by a Get-more Chocolate corp vender, buy the “high energy bar”, you know the one that fuckin electrocutes you, those are intended for ethereals, feed them to low-energy Ethereals or grind them in an All-in-one grinder to inject to dead ones.

Consider getting the Warden and HoS to get in on this, it makes their lives of finding out who is dead easier.

Or just ask botany, they can produce hundreds of units of LE in the form of jupiter cups.

that is good too.


Also blood filters work really great against removing chems, especially if it’s the chems that transforms people into gondolas and such.

The surgery tool implant is pretty useful, largely because I don’t think you can fail steps like you can if you do it by hand and in dirty conditions.

As medborg, you can do organ surgeries using your organ bag to store and insert organs( feel like people don’t pay attention to that)

The chemical would actually be euthasol

source, I work in a vet clinic

True but i’m not sure it has its place in this guide, it’s just a surgery, not really a know how.

I’m not sure you can fail surgery steps on bee, did surgery on the ground last shift and i didn’t miss a single time. But if i remember correctly the medical tool implant makes surgery faster.

Do people really not realize that ???

For euthanasia? Sure!
But we’re talking about Ethanasia.

Actually, the chem that causes Gondola transformation, Tranquillity, causes a disease that is cured by pepper spray.
Sure, if they still have the chem in them, it’ll remove it, but it won’t make any actual difference.

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Even though im somewhat of a medical main last time not only have i killed an oozeling with a fire extinguisher but also, a plasmaman due to my sheer incompetence left his body while i was holding him in my hands. It made me resign on spot and quit the game for a while :<

This condensated guide will surely come in handy, thank you but while im here, if an oozeling falls victim to a bad fire extinguisher prank and has absolutely no blood, how does one go about saving them WITHOUT cloning?

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If you ever have an oozeling with incredibly low blood, stuff them full of food, any type of food should do as long as it doesnt have water.
The fatter they are, the faster their blood will recover

You barbarian.

Also you forgot to mention social ethics:

  • no stealing patients of other doctors (Especially if they are learning the ropes still)
  • Whenever someone is cloning a patient, berate them about the dangers of cloning tell them that you are the original and that they are probably just a clone of a clone, then grumble, walk away and watch your job being taken by a cloning vat that goes “BEEPEPEPEEP: [NAME] completed cloning cycle in [SOURCE] at [AREA_OF_SOURCE].”.

It’s complicated there because if the oozeling is so low that he can’t live long enough to process reagents help replenish its blood the only way that i can think of is either an ooze transfusion or pray that an IV drip of saline-glucose solution is enough.

But if they can live at least 20 seconds (so that means it has at least 30% of blood or normal defibrilation will fail) with the help of reagents that treats lots of oxy damage (thinks perfluorodecaline which is enough to keep alive someone who has no lungs alive, also the toxin damages it creates is actualy beneficial to oozelings), try to use a cocktail of stuff that regenerate blood like an injection bag of 30% Iron + 30% Bloody Mary + 30% Saline Glucose + 10% sugar to boost their blood regeneration to the max.

Also oozelings regenerate very fast blood if they have the well fed bonus, that’s why sugar (or any food really but sugar is easier to get in chemistry) is useful in blood regeneration.

The well fed bonus actualy helps all species tgenerate blood faster.

I will do some experiments later to get more precise numbers before puting the answer into the guide.

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Kinda false, you can’t perform certain surgery on stasis beds, like the experimental ones.

Aye that’s implied a little bit it the “Comunicate with your colleagues” part.

Ethics is secondary, keeping people alive comes first but i agree that cloning should be done only as a last resort for economical and ethical reasons.

Cloning was actyally nerfed pretty hard a while back, really liked the change since all the other revival methods are more engaging than just puting the body in cloner and waiting.

Clone damage is fairly easy to heal even without clonexadone, cryoxadone also works on clone damage albeit slower than clonexadone.
Also pretty sure cryoxadone has had it clone damage healing buffed since now you can fully heal 40% clone damage in like a minute with just cryoxadone. Will have to test that later for more precise numbers.

Pretty sure you just need an operating computer next to your SUPERIOR stasis bed in order to get the surgeries available but i will test that just to be clear.

Also there is this guide on how to revive oozelings, the comment section has some more information on them if you need.

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