"Swarmers ate the ore silo!"

Pirates, Morph, Swarmers, Spiders, and Xenomorphs.

What do all of these have in common? Their number one priority are nearly every time the ore silo. The stations bread and butter to keep it going. Yet it is so… undefended. Four of these groups of creatures can even vent crawl directly into it and immediately smash it. Pirates usually only have one or two walls to destory from space.

Why isn’t the ore silo more defended? I had a small discussion after a game with some people in OOC after swarmers ate the ore silo. I suggested putting it inside AI upload as there are turrets there while someone else suggested making your own turret inside the ore silo.

My question is. What do you think?

-Would it be meta to assume “Yeah, there is gonna be some vent crawling scum sooner or later”?
-Would it be safe to say “We all surely do rely heavily on this ore silo. Perhaps we should add a turret in it or such, at least weld the vents together before it is destroyed or whatnot?” on shift start.
-Would it hurt to buff the ore silo room a lil’ bit in all maps? Fland doesn’t even have vents and has quite a few walls from space to it.

For crying out loud, the dang nuke is in there!

This was written with a bit of rage.

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Yes, it would be meta to assume that



Assuming that there will be a vent crawling scum sooner or later would be metagaming, wouldn’t it? Feels like that’s the definition of it. But you’re saying it isn’t?

Oh yeah, sorry, messed up my reply

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I suggested placing a sec bot in the vault

This is so common that Nanotransen would design their station to avoid them.

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This isn’t a normal occurrence for NT.

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To be fair, it is the same thing just phrased differently. lol

It really isn’t.
I still think the station shouldn’t even have an ore silo and cargo should fulfil material requests as needed.

This also serves to decentralize the storage of materials as they get distributed (Because nobody is going to go to cargo to build one thing, they’re going to go because supplies are low in general)

It also serves to prevent one department (other than cargo) from completely blowing all of a specific, valuable resource such as diamonds or bluespace crystals. And cargo doesn’t really have much to build out of them, so it would more than likely be a case of emergency selling because of a critical need of something else.


Feel like only pirates and morphs have a IC excuse to beeline towards it. Pirates have one because the materials themselves are extremely valuable and will line their pockets for the ages (also it’s in the literal room where credits are kept), and morphs have a reason because well they gotta eat and the vault has plenty to consume. Actually while typing this out, the vault naturally is a pretty secure place to make a nest in, despite there being a motion camera, so really there are decent reasons for most antags listed to destroy the vault. Either to sell or consume what’s inside and/or to make room for more nest stuff.

I don’t think swarmers really should consume it, as from my own experience the iron is buried under the other materials and usually aren’t accessible (which also confuses me a bit why swarmers can’t eat other metals). Better off leaving it undisturbed so the crew can build more and therefore make more things to consume. This is more of a strategy and thing to think about though rather than a game rule suggestion

that is right comrade we need to decentralize the material wealth of the station and wrestle it from the hands of the bourgeoisie we must spread it among the united workers in order to protect us and our common interests from the pig sow vent crawlers

Glory to the Station!


Put the ores right back in the hands of the people!!!


Spiders and Xenomorphs shouldn’t be targetting the Ore-silo lol, that’s like they’re meta-ing because they know sec/station can use those materials to build weapons, i don’t ever think i’ve seen neither of them do it.

It’s not like t-comms that you can argue Xenomorphs intelligence + ‘‘the electric interference in the air is coming from this area… it’s affecting our hivemind we should destroy it/sabotage it’’

I don’t think it would be bad to reinforce the vault as a gimmick like, with proper RP behind it, you pimp it a bit, reinforce it, etcetera but shouldn’t be the norm to do every round, it would certainly be cool see a different Vault reinforced by players as a gimmick but if it’s done every round it would get boring as well as being meta

@Ruko ?oresilo and Francinum waves you at the distance

xenomorphs or spiders knowing about and going to the ore silo is metagaming, they were literally born 5 minutes ago and it’s impossible for them to know about it.

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it’s only one of many “improvements” that I think detracted from the game as a whole in the name of convenience.

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Since, like spiders, I was basicly just born yesterday, I would like to know!

What is Strange refering to here?

Ruko doesn’t like the roundstart ore silo.


Well I haven’t experienced the game without it. But I find that maybe I could agree! You can’t put all your iron from robotics into the machine round start or else it will disappear haha

Francium is an old staff member (maintainer and admin both) that wanted radical changes in Bee’s game design to better suit its stated purpose. I mostly agreed with their general views, though not always on the exact details.

One of the many things we agreed on was removal of the ore silo - it’s come up off and on since at least early 2021. (As well as rolling back many other features that removed player to player interactions in general and resulted in departmental endgames being reached in 30-40 minutes without outside assistance)

They’re now hosting their own server, Daedalus Dock - that’s why the “waving in the distance” bit.


Interesting bit of history! I really like to learn about these things!


I shall treasure my ore silo for the time being. Until it inevitably explodes.