Ruling on abductors stealing

In-game misconduct:

Title: Noted by Pixelman77 about abductor conduct


Offender’s CKEY: Pixelman77

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 05-12-2020

Round Number: 24741

Incident Description: I was an abductor agent. We have completed our quota and decided to make a bold move - take on multiple people(Im pretty sure it was 6 or 7) in brig. To my suprised i managed to pacify all of them. As some of them were separated by id locked door i took HOS ID to acess them and noticed one of the people i sleeped is captain so i took their id as well. Then warden came and managed to chase us off with a laser gun. After that we have decided to get a bluespace bodybag from medical to make the abduction process easier and abducted some players which is irrelevant to the report here however. Next we abducted an assistant in library who somehow came into possesion of head of security gun and used it against me during an abduction - i obviously did not returned the weapon to them as it is was used against me and assistant running around the station with a gun is in no way beneficial to our cause. Finally Pixelman77 bwoinks me saying abductors should not be robbing crew members,demands we should return the items(We did actually manage to return hos id after the bwoink and security thanked us with laser blasts as per usually :confused: )
I written everything i belive to be relevant to the report and remember, however my memory is not the greatest and i applogize if i omitted something of relevance

While im not seeking any action against the administrator i disagree with their ruling on the case.
No rule was broken and i do not find anything wrong with abductors taking items beneficial to them or items that were used against them. Im writing this report mainly in hopes of estabilishing a clear abductor policy
PS - I appologize for my awful english


heres for readbility

Yeah this is an interesting case. The assistant in question was a traitor who was tasked with stealing the gun. Problem is, it was left on the abductor ship so it was now impossible to get.


I think the abductors shouldnt of got in trouble, but the gun should of been returned to the assistant. Simple case of antags rubbing against each other making things impossible

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We really do need a clear policy on abductors, wiki says you should not harm crew but you can cause a zombie outbreak, which is pretty much harming the crew.
Gonna need headmins on this one.


I mean I blame the assistant why use it against another antag and risk losing it that’s the assistants fault and the abductors never sought out to steal it they just prevented it from being used against them again

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If we follow this logic, anyone you abduct that has a weapon or armor should be stripped of those items for the abductors to keep in their ship.

Abductors are meant to be running science experiments on the crew, not taking an active part in the round.


fair enough but he actively used it on them and hunted them

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The abductors kept a unique item because of how it could be used against them in the future, when they have the ability to teleport around the station and disguise themselves as any person.

Abductors are meant to be running experiments on the crew. Changing the conditions of an experiment (by stealing all the sharp objects players have) isn’t going to give you useful results for your experiment (and makes the game unfun for other players).

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(I was an abductor so expect bias)

  1. Item wasn’t in the bag or something, it wasn’t purposely stripped. It was dropped by them after they tried stunning the agent with it.
  2. You can’t teleport items back to the station, we tried.
  3. Abductors are allowed to eliminate things like the AI if the AI is a threat to them, so I don’t see the problem with antagonists getting an antagonist item.
  4. They can give people custom objectives and organs that can EMP, kill, spam slimes and spiders etc. but aren’t allowed to influence the round in any way.
  5. The antag objective I can see why you wouldn’t want it taken, that was fair but the fireaxe and spare ID should be perfectly fine. Fireaxe isn’t an antag objective and can only be used as a weapon against them (and was obtained when someone using it against the agent was stuned), and the spare ID which gives access to antagonists which I don’t see the problem with either.

Sure they are meant to be ‘silent observers in lore’ the same way they can go ham and kill anything that is a threat to them, they can teleport around the station but are expected to not have AA.
In my opinion, they should be treated like regular antagonists with the no murderbone part and have the part about killing AI if its a threat removed, since the alien headset blocks abductor vision anyway. (Really it should be like clockie teleport and just block them from teleporting into the AI core)

(and makes the game unfun for other players).

How does taking a fireaxe and AA make the round unfun but teleporting next to the AI and killing it in an uncounterable way is ok.
The antagonist objective should have been returned, the agent shouldn’t have been noted for taking it, the same way IAAs who can’t murderbone won’t get noted for taking AA or X-01.

Whatever the case, abductor agent you were still incredibly based capturing 10 people in security simultaneously. Godspeed

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I agree that it would be nice to have a revamped and clear policy on abductors

These past few months, specially when MRP was rolling abductor every single extended shift a lot of different situation were presented

I’ve personally seen 2-3 times Abductors go ham on the shuttle and try to stun/sleep as many people as possible, usually done when they’ve completed their objectives

I’ve also seen cases where abductors spams the comm console and start to do shuttle ping-pong

And i’m not against Abductors doing crazy surgeries on the crew but some of them even went as far as removing the eyes of crewmembers and dropping em on a far corner

In any case i just hope this topic brings the attention to the head admins so the community know what to do/not when playing Abductors

Also, most of the times abductors get picked by the same group of players that are ghost the wholeround/admemes, not that is wrong but just wanna mention that the abductor meta got developed by these players

I’ve removed eyes as an abductor:

I watched the warden on the camera console put someone in perma, straightjacket them, blindfold them, and muzzle them, which takes them out of the round entirely for a considerable length of time. I thought that was bullshit, so I abducted the prisoner and the warden, stripped all that bullshit off the prisoner, removed the warden’s eyes, radio and ID, and released him in the prisoner’s cell while I put the prisoner back on the station. I thought that was fair considering how shitty he was being, and the wiki’s quick guide says to do whatever surgeries you want.


Abductors can scan IDs, correct?

if they’re meant to begin with an agent ID, then something is wrong in spawning code because as of recently, they do not.

Abductors don’t have IDs


Arent abductors like, antags? Free game and all that jizz?

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Abductors do not have an agent ID, nor any ID for that matter.
The only way they can get their hands on one is taking it from the station.

they do on some other servers

that’s where the confusion comes from I think, it definitely should be added

it be making so much sense that ppl literally think it’s how it always is

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No, they don’t start with an ID

Normally what I’ve seen was people crabbing the HOP’s or Captain’s ID to clone it, which is perfectly fine in my opinion as it makes their job easier, sort of as a way to run freely about the experiment. Personally I think if the antag is using their objective against another antag then there is every reasonable possibility that they will have their objective taken away from them.