RukoFamicom Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator RukoFamicom (Ruko).

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.


I really do want feedback, positive or negative. I’m doing my best to improve everyone’s experience when I’m on.

Sentient Ian for life

Never met him or dealt with him
But gay cause he’s a jannie

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Never met him or dealt with him

I have a feeling this is true for a lot of people. I changed my character name regularly to avoid meta recognition. I’ve not even played as anything but ghost roles for the last month though.

I don’t know him IC and I rarely speak on forums, but from I’ve read in appeals and reports, he really treats being admin seriously, digs logs and proves people wrong if logs say so. Really an Admin we need, keep the good work!


Seems pretty chill as an Admin, dunno about as a player because of the aforementioned reason

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I am growing fond of Ruko, they seem level headed and honest. Probably the best new admin we’ve had in sometime.


extremely intense vib e

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Honest about areas he’s unsure of as well as speaks with conviction about that which he is. Diligent with analysing the logs and is humble enough to admit a mistake. Keep up the good work.

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Pretty chill guy, sorry for bein unrobust pirate.

As someone who’s now been on the other side of all this:


  • Quick on the buttons.
  • Quicker reply times than most admins.


  • Bwoinks first, investigates second
  • Uses admin prison if you get into combat while your ahelp is open. Kinda good (keeps person safe) but kinda bad (denied me that sweet, sweet mothbartender cultist fight).
  • Hard to tell when professionalism is actual or feigned at times.


  • Quick to jump on board with another admin’s decision, even if that decision is incorrect.
  • !!! Puts words that people didn’t actually say into direct quotes! That stuff shows up in notes and public ban reasons, you know.
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Bwoinks first, investigates second

I do try to time it when it’s convenient for the person I’m bwoinking, and doing this is also the main reason I have fast reply times - I don’t need to log dive if the reporting person and reported person give the same or similar enough story. It’s very quick and easy to clear up a simple misunderstanding about rules if that’s all it is this way.

Hard to tell when professionalism is actual or feigned at times.

I try hard to act/stay professional when I’m acting as an admin rather than a player/person, but if you see my personality come out in discord you’ll know I’m really a clown at heart. My frustrations still slip out from time to time as well when they shouldn’t.

Quick to jump on board with another admin’s decision, even if that decision is incorrect.

Quite literally what I’m supposed to do as trialmin. I’m supposed to bow to what my more senior admins (literally all of them at the moment, including other trials) have to say on matters I’m not sure of. On top of being the newest admin, I’m also probably the most overall inexperienced in the game - I bring a lot of other server admin experience, but not SS13 experience to the table.
There was quite a discussion in the admin channel about whether what you did should/shouldn’t be allowed before @Xlyana came on and shut the whole thing down via seniority + past ruling experience. There’s even a council vote that’s gone up to confirm Ashwalkers need to be added to the list of “Antags allowed to do whatever they want” alongside Nukies and Wizards.

I’ll try to be sure I use exact direct quotes moving forward instead of paraphrased to shorten ban description length, because you’re right. I’m not making notes that I’ll always be available to explain.

bruh if ashies get a murderbone card i will be so happy.

i havent been bwoinked by ruko but from what i see on the ban page he is a good boy

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he spawned me 5 drakes when I asked him to :flushed:
kinda based :flushed:


Seems a goodmin don’t think he’s given me the bwoink yet
But he’s a good log monkey and I like that
These newmins are better than the old mins that can’t take a joke

Ruko can take a joke on the old discord so gets a meme

Ruko log diving to prove Aeder did big bad


Bump after no feedback for nearly a month

one of the best mins i know

Really reminds me of Caecilius

Embodiment of a jew :flushed:

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Actually a genuinely nice guy despite having an anime PFP. Does his job well and jannies MRP. I just wish he didnt do his job as well because I need to greytide when no admins are on too :flushed:

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